WeLoveU Volunteers Visit Residents at The Landing at Willow Grove

WeLoveU Volunteers Visit Residents at The Landing at Willow Grove

WeLoveU volunteers visit and hold consolatory parties for senior citizens who devoted their lives to their families.

A dozen WeLoveU volunteers met at The Landing at Willow Grove to host a senior appreciation event. The Landing at Willow Grove is a personal care and senior living community located in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. The appreciation event held on January 28, 2018, is part of WeLoveU’s social welfare initiative.

Volunteer’s Visit Provides Musical Healing

The itinerary for the day was a list of musical performances because listening to music provides therapeutic value to listeners. WeLoveU made sure to entertain the seniors as many are battling with Alzheimer’s.  Sources suggest that listening or singing songs can provide emotional and behavioral benefits for people with Alzheimer’s disease. In America, 1 in 10 people age 65 and older battle with Alzheimer’s. In addition, it’s important to bring live performances to the residents who may not be able to experience them otherwise.

An Afternoon of Joy

WeLoveU volunteers introduced themselves to all the senior residents; the room was packed. Simultaneously, preparations for the performances also began.

Thoughtfully, volunteers created a  program to include songs the residents consider to be their favorite musical past times. The room’s atmosphere changed when volunteers sang “Endless Love” by Lionel Richie and Diana Ross and also “A Whole New World” from Aladdin, the Disney classic. Senior residents became more and more engaged as Elvis impersonations, dance performances, and impromptu Frank Sinatra requests were added throughout the event. The crowd of attendees increased because news about the event spread throughout the building. 

Fun for the Family

A handful of residents also had family members visiting.  Visitors expressed their gratitude and appreciation to the volunteers who prepared a fun afternoon at The Landing at Willow Grove. In particular, a resident’s daughter was visiting and said, “I’m really grateful that the WeLoveU Foundation is here singing because it makes my mom’s whole spirit change. Now I can leave here knowing I can leave her here happy.”  

The WeLoveU volunteers concluded the event exclaiming their signature “We love you!” salutation to all the senior residents. With warm hugs and bright smiles, they said their goodbyes.  

Volunteers Beautify Carpenter Park’s Community Garden

Volunteers Beautify Carpenter Park’s Community Garden

The Community Garden

On Sunday, November 19, 2017, more than 20 volunteers from the International WeLoveU Foundation beautified a community garden in Cary, North Carolina. The community garden is next to Carpenter Park, a 16-acre neighborhood park. It serves as a common meeting area for the residents of Cary to enjoy.

The community garden recently celebrated its one-year anniversary. The most important part of the phrase “community garden” is community. The neighborhood’s participation is important for the garden to flourish.

Residents can rent planter boxes and plant seeds. Often times, families take their children to the community garden to learn new skills, teach them about the environment and where food comes from. As a bonus, they’re able to keep whatever they planted like fruits and vegetables. Different flowers are also planted and they bloom beautifully in their season.

Time to Work!

At 10 a.m., the volunteers gathered at the community garden. They started with watering plants and removing the weeds. The weeds choke flowers, grass, and vegetables from receiving its proper nutrients from water and the sun. Not to  mention, weeds grow at an accelerating rate. Removing them is essential for any garden to thrive.

Next, the volunteers made mulch. It helps conserve moisture in the soil while improving fertility and health. It even reduces the growth of weeds in the garden, too.

By this point, the garden was starting to take shape and be ready to reap what was sown. The WeLoveU volunteers continued by building hoop houses. It helps keep the gardens warm during the winter and preserve the vegetation.

Planting Hope

Without a doubt, this activity was educational and rewarding for all who joined. Manny, a resident from Cary, said, “Thank you for helping (the garden), my son loves this park.”

Through this activity, WeLoveU hopes the community will join future volunteer service activities. Community support can help achieve great results and maintain local parks. Not to mention, it brings family and friends together!

This volunteer service falls under WeLoveU’s Clean World Movement. It’s a worldwide effort to raise awareness about the importance of environmental protection in the face of climate change.

Volunteers Mark Storm Drains To Raise Awareness About Pollution

Volunteers Mark Storm Drains To Raise Awareness About Pollution

On Sunday, November 19, 2017, volunteers from the International WeLoveU Foundation in North Carolina joined forces with the City of Huntersville. Ecstatic to receive another opportunity to serve their community, they met to fulfill their task. The project at hand involves marking storm drains with decals. The decals read, “This Drain Is Only for Rain. Do Not Dump—Drains to Creek.” This is due to an influx of polluted stormwater entering local streams and creeks

What’s Happening With Storm Drains?

Stormwater is water from rain or melting snow that does not soak into the ground. It flows from rooftops, sloped lawns and so on. As it flows, the stormwater collects and transports animal waste, litter, oil, pesticides, and other potential pollutants. This enters the storm drain and enters the local water supply untreated.

Ultimately, this compromises the filtered water we use on a daily basis like bathing, cooking, and drinking. To resolve this, volunteers worked together to raise awareness about the issue by marking each storm drain.

While some are aware of the local water supply’s filtration process, many are unaware of the untreated stormwater that enters it. This poses a major health concern for the towns depending on water from these local rivers and streams. 

WeLoveU Is Here to Help

Around sixty volunteers arrived at the location, dividing into nine groups spanning over four neighborhoods. The City of Huntersville supplied the volunteers with 150 decals to place on each storm drain. The WeLoveU members dispersed and set out to their assigned neighborhoods. One by one, they placed the decals on each drain they could find.

Intrigued, neighbors came outside their houses. They began chatting with the volunteers and asking about their volunteer service. Even those driving in the area noticed and stopped by to ask what they were doing. They fully supported WeLoveU’s efforts upon learning about the stormwater issue.

A representative from the City of Huntersville said, “We really appreciate your hard work and efforts. I hope that we can continue to work together in the future.”

In the end, the members of the WeLoveU Foundation expressed their happiness to promote a better environment for the community. This volunteer activity is part of WeLoveU’s Clean World Movement—a worldwide effort to raise awareness of the importance of environmental protection in the face of climate change.

New England Volunteers Clean Barrett Park

New England Volunteers Clean Barrett Park

WeLoveU’s First New England Regional Event

On Sunday, November 19, 2017, sixty volunteers gathered in Leominster, Massachusetts for their first-ever regional event. The volunteers met in Barrett Park at 9 a.m. Volunteers who participated came from not only the local Boston area but also from Connecticut and Rhode Island. 

To kick-start the event, they divided into smaller groups throughout the park. Each team was responsible to complete different tasks. Members from the Parks and Recreation Department and staff from Leominster’s Department of Public Works also joined the WeLoveU volunteers. The departments provided materials like trash bags, track pickers, and wood to make wood chips.


Despite the poor weather conditions, the volunteers cleaning Barrett Park finished by the early afternoon.  Supporting one another, they worked together from beginning to end without being discouraged by the circumstances.

As a result, they assembled five wheelchair accessible picnic tables and seven hiking trail posts. They used the wood to make wood chips and spread it along the playground equipment and hiking trails. Meanwhile, other volunteers collected debris tucked away in the wooded areas to provide a clearer view of the lake.

Barrett Park is a central area for the community to fish, hike and host sporting events and summer camps. The volunteer’s efforts garnered much appreciation. Especially since the park is a popular spot for residents.

“People are going to come out here year-round and really see the difference that you all made today. Even heavy rains and high winds could not slow you down today,” said Mayor Dean Mazzarella, who joined the volunteers at the cleanup.

The International WeLoveU Foundation continues to serve its community by raising awareness about environmental protection in the face of climate change. This cleanup effort highlights one of five initiatives the WeLoveU Foundation practices including disaster relief, blood drives,  social welfare, and international aid.

The goal of each activity and volunteer service is to embrace the community with the love and warmth of a mother. By the end of the day, a mother’s love was planted in the Leominster community.

Dozens of Volunteers Clean Nashua’s Library Walk

Dozens of Volunteers Clean Nashua’s Library Walk

In The Heart Of Nashua

Nashua is a city in southern New Hampshire. It’s known for Mine Falls Park, that stretches along the Nashua River. A few minutes away is Library Walk. It’s a trail that leads to a bridge overlooking the Nashua River. It’s a popular area that connects the downtown area to the city’s public library. Families and residents use the trail to take brisk walks, run, jog, and ride their bikes.
On the morning of November 5, 2017, more than a dozen volunteers came to show some TLC to Library Walk. Over the years, broken glass, plastic bottles and trash plagued the trail. It has created a hazardous environment for those who use this trail, especially children.

The Solution  

The members came to help after noticing the community’s growing concern. They contacted the City of Nashua to organize a cleanup with the hope to create a cleaner and safer environment. The volunteers worked together to clear the trail’s pathways from litter. In a few hours, they collected 1,500 lbs. of debris, filling more than thirty trash bags.

John, the Parks and Recreation Associate, joined the event, too. He explained the community will greatly appreciate their community service. Seeing the results, he said he looks forward to work with the WeLoveU Foundation again.

The WeLoveU volunteers renewed their commitment to serve their community. They hope to organize similar cleanups like Library Walk. Together, we can make a cleaner world—one volunteer service at a time.

The WeLoveU Foundation conducts environmental cleanups to show concern and support for neighbors. This effort is part of the Clean World Movement initiative. It’s a worldwide effort to raise awareness of the importance of environmental protection in the face of climate change. The organization also carries out blood drives, social welfare projects, disaster relief, and international aid.

WeLoveU Volunteers Clean Boston’s Historical Franklin Square Park

WeLoveU Volunteers Clean Boston’s Historical Franklin Square Park

The Story

Thirty volunteers from WeLoveU’s Boston Chapter came to beautify Franklin Square Park. The iconic park, located in the South End of Boston, opened in 1849. Many adore and often visit the two-acre park.  For instance, local residents walk their dogs or chat around the fountain during their day. A picturesque scenery of fall, with leaves covering the ground, welcomed them.

In the beginning, the volunteers split into designated sections and started raking leaves. Next, they collected dead branches and garbage that covered the park. Despite the chilly weather, volunteers worked together for about three hours.  

Blackstone & Franklin Neighborhood Association

Little by little, their efforts enhanced the appearance of the park. It caught the attention of those strolling by. One, in particular, was Toni Crothall. She is an At-Large Board Member of the Blackstone and Franklin Neighborhood Association. It’s an association dedicated to the upkeep and improvement of Blackstone and Franklin Squares. The WeLoveU’s volunteer service activity surprised her, to say the least.
“I cannot tell you how much it means to us that you did this this weekend. We love these squares and they are the biggest green spaces in the South End,” she said.

The Results

By the afternoon, the volunteers collected 175 bags of leaves and debris. The dead branches, stacked on top of each other, remained by the parks shoulder, for the city to collect. The goal to maintain the park’s beauty and cleanliness was definitely accomplished. The volunteer’s hard work and community support made it all possible.

The International WeLoveU Foundation, Boston Chapter, hopes to continue working with local neighborhoods. This effort is part of the Clean WORLD Movement. The initiative promotes a safe and healthy environment in the face of climate change. It’s a reminder to neighbors of the impact we can have on our environment when we work together.
More Than 150 WeLoveU Volunteers Clean Wolf Creek

More Than 150 WeLoveU Volunteers Clean Wolf Creek

Ridgefield’s Wolf Creek

On October 22, 2017, more than 150 volunteers from WeLoveU’s New Jersey Chapter came together for a great cause—a cleanup! They joined forces with the Borough of Ridgefield’s Department of Public Works to clean Wolf Creek. The creek cuts through many neighbor’s backyards. The borough asked for WeLoveU’s help to clean the one-mile stretch of the creek; it has remained unattended for several years.

This cleanup highlights WeLoveU’s Clean WORLD Movement initiative. The movement raises awareness of environmental protection in the face of climate change worldwide.

The volunteers assembled on Veterans Park Field near the creek’s entrance at 8 a.m. Despite the early start, coffee and snacks, prepared by the DPW Community Coordinator, awaited them. Afterward, everyone divided into teams to distribute the supplies for the event. These included gloves, trash pickers, trash bags, and rakes. The borough supplied all the tools necessary to carry out the activity safely.

The volunteers, whom a majority reside from the North Jersey region, pruned trees first. They also collected litter, which affects the ecosystem. They formed assembly lines in their locations along the creek to remove larger items.

In a few hours, the volunteers collected three tons of dead branches, weeds, and debris such as rusty pipes, desks, and chairs submerged in the creek. This brightened up the scenery and promoted quality of life for the animals who dwell in the creek as well.

The Community Supports WeLoveU

Michael Sciacovelli, who lived in Ridgefield for about 50 years, commended the efforts of the participants. Mildred Rojas, the Community Coordinator of the DPW, admired the volunteer’s efforts saying:

“I see how passionate you are in everything you do. When you start something you won’t leave it alone until you finish and you showed us that today.”

Councilman James Kontolios who grew up playing around Wolf Creek also joined the volunteers.

“To the Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah, you command a lot of respect; people follow your message, your movement and the foundation you created. Thank you very much. Your initiative in New Jersey is helping this part of the world. You have a lot of fans, me included,” he said.

WeLoveU Volunteers Sweep the Streets in Hempstead

WeLoveU Volunteers Sweep the Streets in Hempstead

A Clean Community—One Project at a Time.

Hempstead, New York is an active and populated town. It’s common for streets to become cluttered due to the hustle and bustle of commuters. It’s here that volunteers from the International WeLoveU Foundation chose to clean on Sunday, July 23, 2017. The Mayor of the Village of Hempstead joined forces with the group. The goal was to keep the streets clean and polished for local residents.

A clean community brings many benefits. It sends a message to visitors and perspective residents of a well-kept town. It also protects animals, birds and plant life from trash and pollution.

Everybody In!

About fifty volunteers rolled-up their sleeves to embrace the day. They dispersed throughout the neighborhood, beginning with the areas surrounding Village Hall. The volunteers grabbed gloves and used trash pickers and brooms. They started collecting trash found along sidewalks and corners.

In the downtown area, you can see the bus station, that is swarming with many people in their daily commutes. While walking along the road, the townspeople greeted the group. They acknowledged them for their efforts saying, “Thank you for what you’re all doing!”

Those interested in the group’s work approached the WeLoveU tent for more information—even asking if they can join the next local cleanup.

The participants’ efforts collected 54 bags of trash. They left the streets cleaner and safer for the residents of the Village of Hempstead to enjoy. Mayor Don Ryan also awarded the WeLoveU Foundation for their dedication and hard work. The members, who take pride in their work, were thankful for the opportunity to help the community.

The mayor said he looks forward to continue working together. This will ensure the village is clean and comfortable for residents and visitors. This event was rewarding and definitely an unforgettable time for all who joined.

Volunteers Mark Storm Drains in Long Island to Raise Awareness

Volunteers Mark Storm Drains in Long Island to Raise Awareness

On June 25, 2017, about 50 volunteers of the International WeLoveU Foundation joined forces in Hempstead, Long Island to raise public awareness about a pressing issue: waste entering the local storm drains. Specifically, they met in the village of Elmont—an unincorporated community in Hempstead.

Two Systems

Long Island has two underground systems: a sanitary sewer system and a storm drain tunnel; each serving a different purpose. The sanitary sewer system protects water quality and public health. A series of pipes and pumps transport sewage from homes, businesses and industries to wastewater treatment plants to clean and return it to the environment.

On the other hand, storm drains collect rain and melting snow and divert to local streams untreated. For this reason, only rain should go down the storm drain. Unfortunately, contaminants like lawn chemicals, pet waste, paint, and soaps used for washing cars enter storm drains. Each of these can have harmful effects on wildlife, forestry, and even the water we drink—depending if our water comes from lakes or groundwater aquifer.

To help resolve this, WeLoveU volunteers planned to mark each storm drain with “No Dumping” medallions. The goal: to educate neighbors about the issue and help prevent contamination from entering storm drains.

The town supplied volunteers with a map of all the storm drains, two types of “No Dumping” medallions and adhesive glue to place them. Additionally, the WeLoveU volunteers created a flyer to give to neighbors to learn more about the cause and effect of dumping into storm drains.

The Big Day

About twenty pairs of volunteers were designated to install the medallions, while the rest handed out flyers to local residents. Overall, they successfully marked more than 200 storm drains. “No Dumping” medallions help prevent intentional contamination of local water supply.

During the event, many neighbors expressed their thanks to the WeLoveU Foundation’s efforts to help the community. Likewise, the volunteers conveyed their happiness to take part in this project to help the community. 

WeLoveU Volunteers Clean Louisville’s Bingham Park

WeLoveU Volunteers Clean Louisville’s Bingham Park

Cleaning Louisville’s 100-Year-old Park

On Sunday, June 25, 2017, twenty volunteers of the International WeLoveU Foundation gathered in Kentucky’s largest city, Louisville, for a cleanup. While most people were just starting their day, they arrived early in the morning in Bingham Park. They equipped themselves with brooms, shovels, gloves and garbage bags. Their goal was to not only clean Bingham Park but also the surrounding neighborhood of Clifton Heights. 

The group split into two teams and quickly got to work. Within two and a half hours, the volunteers cleaned a three-mile stretch in the park. They removed garbage, debris, cardboard boxes, cans, bottles, and tires. During the cleanup, volunteers received words of appreciation and thanks from the community. It was because of the time they took to beautify the neighborhood. By noon, the volunteers collected more than 20 bags of trash. 

The event was conducted in partnership with Louisville’s Metro Council 9th District and Brightside as part of WeLoveU’s Clean WORLD Movement. It is a worldwide initiative to provide a clean and safe environment for people across the globe. The word “WORLD” is an acronym for Water, Oxygen, Region, Life, and Descendants. This time, volunteers focused on cleaning their region. This involves streets and parks in their local communities in order to provide neighbors with a healthy and clean environment. 

Sharing a Mother’s Love to the World

After the event, one volunteer expressed, “I love to participate in events like these because it makes a difference in the environment. Many people don’t realize how much trash piles up until we stop and look at it. I want to inspire others to help not only their communities, but the world, so it can be restored to its original beauty.”

WeLoveU volunteers yearn to accomplish the overall initiative of the foundation and of its Founder and Chairwoman, Zahng Gil-jah. Which is to share the love of a mother, who gives without condition. To this end, WeLoveU volunteers in Louisville aspire to continue helping many neighbors and communities through WeLoveU’s various initiatives to make the world a better place.

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