Emergency Relief

WeLoveU strives to share a mother's love by
extending a helping hand to those who need it most.

In an instant, everything someone worked for in their life for themselves and their family can be taken away. There may be many people around us whose lives have changed drastically because of man-made or natural disasters. When disasters or sudden accidents strike and leave their mark, WeLoveU is there to help clean, rebuild, and prepare families and their loved ones for a hopeful future.

Disaster Relief

In August 2018, around 250 WeLoveU volunteers aided families affected by severe flooding in Little Falls, NJ. A heavy rainstorm that slammed New Jersey on August 11, 2018, left the Little Falls community to experience flooding not seen since Hurricane Floyd in 1999.

It’s because of all your help and all of these blue shirts around me that these many hands make light work.”

Little Falls Mayor James Damiano Tweet

The volunteers committed themselves from demolition and debris removal to cleaning off household goods and removing damaged furniture. By helping on two consecutive weekends, volunteers were able to help 24 out of 30 affected homes. In addition to providing emergency relief, WeLoveU volunteers donated 45 boxes of blankets and socks for children and adults.

To date, the International WeLoveU Foundation has helped over 32,000 people worldwide, carrying out relief efforts in 64 regions across 13 countries, with about 7,440 volunteers who have participated in the projects. [intl sit for more emergency relief]


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