Social Welfare

Giving Hope

WeLoveU’s Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah has inspired people around the world to participate in selfless volunteerism through various social welfare projects that benefit the lives of people beyond age, nationality, race, religion and socioeconomic status.

Through collective efforts, WeLoveU is able to help its global neighbors. A few of these services include hosting book drives for children’s hospitals, teaching people practical ways to maintain our planet through a graphic novel, and sharing love with our seniors who paved today’s society for us.

Brightening Children’s
Futures Through Books

The building blocks for children to have a successful future begins at an early stage of life. One of the tools that heavily contributes to their future are books. Fortunately, many families have access to books in their homes, schools and libraries.

Now, children’s hospitals are also implementing reading programs for children and young adults to take part in during their hospital stay. Books enable them to improve their reading skills, learn new words, spend quality time with family, and find strength and hope in stories. In some facilities, they can even return home with a new book.

However, the demand for books in hospital’s is increasing. To ensure children have access to books, WeLoveU and its volunteers are springing into action by hosting book drives

What we do is not only share the books with them, but let them go home with books. I always tell parents the best thing you can do with your kids is read to them. This is a terrific start to have the resources to allow us to do that. Thank you very much for what you do and keep doing it. You’re making a difference in the world every day.

Dr. Stephen Percy, Joseph M. Sanzari Children's Hospital Tweet

Graphic Novel

The #StartDoingGood graphic is part of a campaign under the same title, Start Doing Good. It aims to teach people about the Sustainable Development Goals by simplifying them and practical ways to put them into practice through two main characters, Leopold and Kai.

Senior citizens receive an abundance of love from WeLoveU as well. WeLoveU volunteers aid the elderly who are living alone, visit senior citizen homes and even conduct festivities and talent shows to share their delight with individuals who don’t have the luxury of seeing their families as often as they would like.

Through these various social welfare activities, the International WeLoveU Foundation hopes to ease the hearts of all with a mother’s heart, mind and love.


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