Social Welfare

Giving Hope

WeLoveU’s Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah has inspired people around the world to participate in selfless volunteerism through various social welfare projects that benefit the lives of people beyond age, nationality, race, religion and socioeconomic status. Through collective efforts, WeLoveU is able to achieve and maintain the well-being and happiness of others. 

Through these various social welfare activities, the International WeLoveU Foundation hopes to ease the hearts of all with a mother’s heart, mind and love.

Returning Love to Our Neighbors

The WeLoveU Foundation and its volunteers are keen on returning the love to those who paved the way for our society today and have devoted their lives to their families. To repay them in any respect, WeLoveU has organized activities and volunteer service opportunities to provide support and encouragement. Volunteers have helped neighbors who live alone with yard work and maintenance around their houses. 

Giving Back to Those Who Helped Us

WeLoveU Foundation volunteers have helped neighbors who live alone with yard work and maintenance around their houses. As well, volunteers uplift the spirits of those who are unable to see their families as often as they would like while staying in assisted living facilities. During the visits, volunteers put together performances with singing and dancing. They also craft activities centered around the resident’s favorite pastimes. Not only does this provide comfort to them, but it also relieves the minds of their family members, knowing they’re happy during their stay.


International Aid