Social Welfare

Giving Hope

The International WeLoveU Foundation provides numerous services for the community. Through collective efforts, we are able to help our global neighbors by donating medical expenses and providing basic necessities to families, children and senior citizens in need.

International Impact

The footsteps of the WeLoveU Foundation can be charted around the whole world. Such efforts include support for national events, visits to military personnel, and support for families in poverty and people with disabilities.

In some countries, children do not have school bags, notebooks and pencils, though they want to study. Having this understanding, WeLoveU provides aid to children and youth. These activities include providing supplies to help children receive a better education, support for youth social activities, helping the youth to develop a correct sense of moral values through character education, as well as aid for children with heart disease, intractable diseases, poverty, disabilities, and help for teen heads of households.

Elderly Care

Senior citizens receive an abundance of love from WeLoveU as well. WeLoveU volunteers aid the elderly who are living alone, visit senior citizen homes and even conduct festivities and talent shows to share their delight with individuals who don’t have the luxury of seeing their families as often as they would like.

Through these various social welfare activities, the International WeLoveU Foundation hopes to ease the hearts of all with a mother’s heart, mind and love.

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Social Welfare

Our Supporters

WeLoveU is happy to recognize those who contribute to making a difference in the global village. We could not accomplish our goals without the support and involvement of our committed supporters.

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