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The Intl. WeLoveU Foundation’s vision is to continue reaching people in the farthest corners of the world through volunteerism. WeLoveU sets out to address and solve pressing issues spanning beyond state lines and borders. Keeping in step with this vision, The #BrightHaiti Project launch in 2018 marked WeLoveU’s first undertaking in providing international aid to Haiti.


The Situation

Out of 10 million people, only 2.5 million have power. What is more, the nation experiences frequent blackouts, which can put a halt to daily activities. For vocational students enrolled in Haiti’s vocational schools, unexpected blackouts hinder their efforts to study.

Phase I

Through the campaign’s slogan Bright Minds Need Bright Lights, WeLoveU’ s determination to raise awareness of Haiti’s need for proper lighting to help students thrive became a work in progress.

The East Coast WeLoveU team personally traveled to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, to hand deliver 3,000 solar-powered lanterns to students at the Warf Jérémie Vocational Training Center.

To supplement the project, WeLoveU dedicated their 2018 East Coast New Life Family Walkathon to fundraise for the second phase of The #BrightHaiti Project.

Six months after the delivery, WeLoveU visited the solar-lantern recipients. The results and feedback from the students became a clear indicator to continue efforts in making a Bright Haiti.   

International WeLoveU Foundation - The Bright Haiti Project


I study accounting. I want to thank WeLoveU for thinking of CEFPROTEC for the distribution of the lamp. We used to have so many difficulties to study or run our regular errands around our neighborhood.Because electricity is so rare in Haiti, it was difficult for us to walk around, especially at night and funtion well. This lamp changed our whole lives and represents so much for us.

The lamp helps us study even in groups. We help other people in the area so they can benefit from the lamp as well and we are sometimes 10 people studying together with the lamp.

I'm from the countryside, and when I have to go there, I always take the lamp to do my chores. When I get to the countryside, many people congratulate me on such a beautiful gift. I don't have the words to express my gratitude towards WeLoveU for such an incredible gift.

Recipients of The #BrightHaiti solar-powered lanterns
Wismail Pierre Louis


I am studying accounting and English. Before the lantern, I always had difficulty studying, especially at home since in Haiti we don't have much electricity. Now that I have this lamp, it is very useful to me. This lamp helps my household. When we didn't have electricity before, we had to put candles out every day. Now with the lantern, we no longer need candles.

We want to thank the WeLoveU Foundation so much. Not many foundations do such great work or think about us, and we want to truly thank WeLoveU on behalf of CEFPROTEC university.
Recipients of The #BrightHaiti solar-powered lanterns

Phase II

Delivering the solar-powered lanterns is just the beginning for students in Haiti.

For Phase II of the project, WeLoveU will be upgrading a school building with solar panels and LED lights for sustainable energy, providing equipment such as computers, and donating school and recreational supplies to students.

Through the support of sponsors and volunteers, WeLoveU is committed to ensuring students have safe access to proper education.