Closing the
Homework Gap

Bridging the Digital Divide
for Students and Families

COVID-19 Has Severely Disrupted Education

The coronavirus pandemic has radically changed the way we carry out what we all once considered “everyday activities.” It has sent shock waves throughout every system in the world—including the educational system.

Schools are now experiencing new challenges with distance learning—something the U.S. and the world were not prepared for. According to the United Nations, about 1.1 billion children in 108 countries have been affected by school closures due to the pandemic, and nearly 500 million students worldwide still remain out of reach for remote learning.

While educators around the country grapple with this “new normal” of delivering lesson plans online, students themselves have their own set of obstacles to face. They are now preparing to confront a new learning curve of receiving their education virtually. And for the more marginalized, they face a disadvantage in receiving quality education and a challenge that is out of their control: the homework gap—the inability to learn and complete assignments and homework due to limited access to technology.

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Closing the Homework Gap

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Support WeLoveU in Closing the Gap and Bridging the Divide

In effort to foster communal support of our nation’s youth and to ensure every child has access to quality education, WeLoveU has launched this new educational campaign!

WeLoveU’s Closing the Homework Gap program identifies schools, districts, counties and states in need of computers and donates necessary equipment to facilitate distance learning. The success of this program will bridge the digital divide for students and families and decrease the number of students unable to complete their homework assignments.

  • Connecticut
  • New Jersey

Closing the Homework Gap in Hartford, CT

The program is expanding its reach to assist the Hartford Public Schools in Connecticut. It is one of the largest school districts in the state. Approximately 6,000 students, which is one-third of the student population, are still without suitable devices for remote learning.

To help bridge the digital divide in Hartford, WeLoveU is partnering with U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal, Hartford Public Schools Chief Engagement and Partnership Officer Ms. Nuchette Black-Burke, M.Ed., and Superintendent of Hartford Public Schools Dr. Leslie Torres-Rodriguez.

U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal

“As most of Connecticut’s students return to school with some sort of virtual learning, our most vulnerable, low-income communities are falling behind because they lack access to affordable, adequate high-speed internet connections. As we continue to battle the pandemic and adapt our school systems to the resulting public safety measures, we must also ensure that we find comprehensive solutions to closing the detrimental homework gap.”

Ms. Nuchette Black-Burke, M.Ed, Hartford Public Schools Chief Engagement and Partnership Officer

“In collaboration with our community partners, we can meet the needs of our students and families during this challenging time. By providing supports such as technology to all our students, we can continue to prepare them to succeed in school and beyond.” 

Dr. Leslie Torres-Rodriguez, Superintendent of Hartford Public Schools 

“This coming year, we continue to strive for equity by providing all students with one to one access to a district device for online learning. This is critical to ensure students have the resources they need to access their learning from home. Fulfilling our mission to prepare and inspire all students during this challenging time requires an intentional approach and partnerships. The generosity of the WeLoveU Foundation and efforts of our partners and government to extend access to all students in Hartford will make a difference for our students and families."  

Closing the Homework Gap in Essex County, NJ

Governor Phil Murphy shared, “The [New Jersey] State Department of Education did a survey and found that 259,000 families don’t have access to computers, laptops or smartphones.”

In response to the pressing technology crisis, WeLoveU is partnering with the New Jersey Department of Education by implementing the Closing the Homework Gap program in Irvington and Newark school districts. Your support will impact the lives of children in the Garden State for future generations.

Dr. April Vauss, Superintendent of Irvington Public Schools

"It is not good enough for most or many of our students to have equal access to the digital tools to have a quality educational experience through instructional delivery. We must ensure that all our students have access. This will further our goal in building our community, one student at a time."

Mr. Roger León, Superintendent of Newark Public Schools

“All of our students must have equitable access to technology that allows them to engage in rigorous discourse with their teachers and peers. This type of instruction and classroom dialogue is essential for our students to maintain their competitive edge in the world. The digital divide is not a technology issue, but rather one of equity and democracy.” 

Every little bit helps.

Help close the digital divide and supply Essex County public schools with computers, which will be loaned out to students for the school year and assist in educating classes for years to come. 

It takes a few hundred dollars to provide a Chromebook or tablet for one student.

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Closing the Homework Gap

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