Durham Welcomes WeLoveU Volunteers for Cleanup

Durham Welcomes WeLoveU Volunteers for Cleanup

On Sunday, June 25, 2017, thirty volunteers cleaned a half-mile stretch from Railroad Avenue to Elizabeth Street in Durham, NC. It’s a city known for its booming technological companies and institutions. This time around, the group focused on Durham’s suburbs.

Lights, Camera, Clean!

Early in the morning, volunteers gathered at Railroad Avenue ready to get to work. They brought their gloves and garbage bags ready to take on the day. Residents, who live on the streets the group was cleaning, came outside. They watched them as they picked up trash from sidewalks, bushes, and corners.
One neighbor said, “I just moved to the area and I noticed it is very dirty. I am glad to see someone out here working to clean this area.”
In a few hours, the pile of trash bags accumulated into bigger piles. The volunteers collected thousands of pounds of debris. This included old tires, metal scraps, and recyclables pulled from the roads. For only cleaning a half-mile stretch, it was shocking to see how much trash there was.
The members felt happy to help their community in a way all can enjoy. “I started to feel more appreciative of the world that I live in. After joining this event, I realized when you do something for the community, it helps yourself and others around you,” said Andrew, a Durham resident. Also, a clean environment links to a community’s happiness and well-being. Not to mention, these activities protect animals, birds, and plants in the ecosystem from harm, too.

The Big Picture

This event falls under WeLoveU’s Clean World Movement initiative. It’s a worldwide effort to raise awareness of the importance of environmental protection. Especially in a time when we are in the face of climate change. The WeLoveU Foundation focuses on various activities. Starting with disaster relief, blood drives, social welfare, international aid and environmental protection. The bigger picture behind each activity is to embrace the world with the love and warmth of a mother.

Forty Charlotte Volunteers Clean Nations Ford Road

Forty Charlotte Volunteers Clean Nations Ford Road

In the Heart of Charlotte

On Sunday, May 21, 2017, 40 WeLoveU volunteers from North Carolina joined forces to clean Nations Ford Road. Excited to serve their community, the group planned to spend their day cleaning along the busy intersection that cuts through the heart of Charlotte.

This local volunteer service falls under WeLoveU’s Clean WORLD Movement. It’s a global initiative to raise awareness about the importance of environmental protection in the face of climate change.

In 500 regions across 50 countries, thousands of volunteers organize local and state-wide cleanups to cope with climate change. It’s a recurrent topic reported in today’s news. In addition, it’s recognized by government agencies including the United Nations as a pressing issue. WeLoveU performs various community service projects to raise awareness for a sustainable and healthy environment.

Ready to Clean!

To prepare for the cleanup, volunteers ate breakfast together and prepared carpool arrangements. Upon arriving, they grabbed their tools including trash pickers, gloves, and trash bags, ready to work. While cleaning, they found trash like glass bottles, old television sets, and tires.

A volunteer said, “We just started [cleaning] and it is already making such a big difference out here. Sometimes it’s hard for one person to do a big task alone, but it’s always easier when many people unite.”

Moments later, volunteers began carrying larger items together like mattresses and televisions. Motorists driving by honked their horns as a “thank you” for cleaning the area. Pedestrians, too, walking by said thank you and cheered them on.

One neighbor said, “Yes! Finally, someone is cleaning up our streets!”

The enthusiasm exhibited by the volunteers stems from their realization about climate change. It does not just affect one area on the map, but all countries around the world. The Clean WORLD Movement is bigger than what they imagined while cleaning a small area, compared to the rest of the world. Every part counts while coping with climate change.

Jerry Green, the Code Enforcement Officer from Charlotte, said, “We really appreciate your hard work and efforts. I hope that we can continue to work together in the future.”

At the end of the cleanup, the volunteers tossed the trash into a ten-yard long dumpster, filling it to the rim. The area became visibly cleaner to neighbors, who did a double-take at the revitalized field. The volunteers look forward to serving their community in the future by promoting a cleaner environment—one project at a time.

WeLoveU Delivers Beaming Smiles at the 2014 Trauma Mud Run

WeLoveU Delivers Beaming Smiles at the 2014 Trauma Mud Run

The International WeLoveU Foundation answered the call, as seasoned runners and adventurists alike came out this past Sunday, September 14th, for the 4th Annual Evan Lieberman Westchester Medical Center Trauma Mud Run. The 5K race, which was held at the medical center facility, was a fundraiser event for the Joel A. Halpern Regional Trauma and Burn Center.

WeLoveU volunteers and cheerers came ready for the occasion: A race that would be as challenging physically as it would be full of emotions for runners, many of which were running in support of loved ones who passed through the doors of the trauma center. Prior to the beginning of the race, volunteers helped in every way they could, including unloading trucks and joining hands with the event staff to set up food and water stations, as well as with pre-registration for runners before they hit the track.

WeLoveU volunteers staff the registration desk at the WMC Trauma Mud Run

Westchester Medical Center Trauma Mud Run 2014 Westchester Medical Center Trauma Mud Run 2014

The race kicked off with the singing of the national anthem, performed by a member of the WeLoveU Foundation. As runners lined up, the cheering squad met them at the starting line, with cheers that were as loud as they were uplifting, to the resounding chants of “WE LOVE U!”

But the cheering didn’t stop at the sound of the first whistle. It echoed many times from the starting line, as there were multiple heats of the race which started every thirty minutes. Both adults as well as children were able to participate in the race, excited for the opportunity to run for a cause they chose and the center, or simply for the challenge of completing the 5k course.

Westchester Medical Center Trauma Mud Run 2014

Westchester Medical Center Trauma Mud Run 2014

The race itself was filled with various challenges: from running through woods and climbing obstacles, to navigating fire towers and finally plunging through some mud. In the toughest turns of the obstacle course, WeLoveU volunteers were there, with a heart full of love, to deliver non-stop excitement and encouragement to all the runners that passed their way.

“I’m so happy I was able to participate in this event,” said one of the WeLoveU volunteers. “To see the faces of the athletes light up as the passed by, gave me as much inspiration to continue cheering as it gave them to keep on running.”

WeLoveU members were not only on the opposite side of the race, as cheerers or volunteers. Three of WeLoveU’s own volunteers also participated as athletes in the race, each running for a cause of their own. Through their participation, they were able to encourage unity among the other athletes, and helped push runners forward, understanding their struggles from start to end.

Westchester Medical Center Trauma Mud Run 2014

As the runners approached the finish line, covered in sweat, mud, and visible exhaustion, they were met without fail by the exciting chants of encouragement from the WeLoveU cheerers. Contestants finished in good spirits, as they were pushed to the end by the love delivered from the WeLoveU Foundation volunteers. Many stopped to take pictures with the cheering squad at the finish line, and also thanked them for their enthusiasm.

A foundation that shares a “mother’s love” with the community; As a Mother extends her arms and lifts up her child, celebrating even the smallest efforts, WeLoveU volunteers made it their goal to deliver love to all the participants and spectators at the trauma mud run from start to finish. Mission accomplished!

Westchester Medical Center Trauma Mud Run 2014

Under the Shelter of Mother’s Love

Under the Shelter of Mother’s Love

WeLoveU volunteers treat Bergen County homeless shelter guests to a special meal

On Wednesday July 23, 2014, 20 volunteers of the International WeLoveU Foundation gathered to take action for the homeless at the Bergen County Housing, Health and Human Services Center.

Following the example of Chairwoman Zhang Gil-Jah, volunteers wanted to share “a mother’s love” with the guests by preparing a warm, hand-made and delicious meal that had never been seen before at the Center.

Volunteers wanted to create an atmosphere just like home, a place where Mother prepares everything for her children with love and consideration. This is a mother’s touch – she goes above and beyond expectations to deliver gifts and foods to cherish, leaving us with a special sense of satisfaction and undeniable comfort. This is the same feeling that WeLoveU volunteers wanted to share with every guest at the Bergen Center.

With that mindset, they put their hands to work. The day before, volunteers purchased fresh ingredients themselves and brought them to the kitchen of a member’s local restaurant where the meal would be prepared. Starting from midnight the day of, volunteers began to season and cut fresh poultry for two special chicken dishes. Sides included pasta with bacon and basil, peas and fresh garlic, as well as salad with cilantro lime dressing. Dessert, french vanilla ice cream with peaches and raspberry glaze.

WeLoveU homeless shelter volunteerism is covered by the Bergen Record

WeLoveU was featured in the July 23 Bergen Record.

WeLoveU musicians entertain guests at Bergen County homeless shelterMayor Labrosse is interviewed by WeLoveU

Three WeLoveU musicians – one a Juilliard-trained pianist, one a professional trumpet player, and one a Broadway singer – performed an expressive musical ensemble to entertain the guests. The tunes created a lounge atmosphere that evoked joyful feelings and helped guests relieve angst about their current condition.

Shortly after the program began, Hackensack Mayor John Labrosse, Deputy Mayor Kathleen Canestrino, and Councilman David Sims joined the volunteers to show their support for the cause and encourage the movement of sharing love with the homeless. Considering the critical state of homelessness in the Hackensack area, the Mayor was appreciative of WeLoveU volunteer efforts to inspire hope among residents and deliver an extra push to stand up and overcome.

As the hour to leave came near, guests shed tears of thanksgiving and hugged volunteers for their efforts.


WeLoveU Brings Mother’s Love to the New Jersey State Triathlon

WeLoveU Brings Mother’s Love to the New Jersey State Triathlon

WeLoveU Supports Athletes at New Jersey State Triathlon with Mother’s Love

On Sunday, July 20, more than 250 volunteers from the International WeLoveU Foundation came out to support triathletes at the New Jersey State Triathlon at Mercer County Park in West Windsor, NJ. Driving in from as far as Queens and Long Island, volunteers arrived on location at 5:00 a.m. Despite the early hour, they came ready with energy and enthusiasm to encourage over 2,500 triathletes who came from across the country to compete in the largest triathlon in the state of New Jersey, an award-winning feat in itself to make it across the finish line. Days before the event, WeLoveU volunteers scoped the park to map areas of need for the athletes. Places of struggle, like difficult hills, areas far from the finish line, and abandoned corners where encouragement was far away. In these places, chants of all kinds could be heard to help push the athletes that extra distance.

Volunteers prepared special cheers to usher participants through water stops and transition points, from swimming to biking and biking to running. With nonstop enthusiasm, they were hard at work, always with a smile and encouraging chants that could be heard from anywhere in the park. These special cheers of encouragement were the driving force behind bringing out a smile on the athlete’s faces and delivering much-needed hope to them at the toughest times. Among all the cheers, the words ”WeLoveU” became a special reminder and spark, to ignite the flames of perseverance in the hearts of every athlete.

Volunteers could be seen, in a wave of blue shirts, at the finish line awaiting every winner who came across; even to the very last one. They delivered medals and awards on stage to the athletes in winning places and spread the joy and power of love.

Following the example of the Chairwoman Zhang Gil-jah, who encourages the world to fulfill good deeds and share good words, the volunteers made every effort to stand with the athletes in their battle toward the finish line. With the love of a mother, who always encourages her children to overcome the difficult stages in life, the WeLoveU volunteers displayed the power of love in full force during a day of extreme competition, with extreme encouragement and extreme excitement. WeLoveU hopes these words and enthusiasm will be engraved always in the hearts of the triathletes, and would like to congratulate everyone who came out, for being a winner in today’s event!

CGI Racing, the race management company that organized the New Jersey State Triathlon, featured the International WeLoveU Foundation on their blog. Check it out!

Cool Kids Golf Tournament, Edgewood Country Club

Cool Kids Golf Tournament, Edgewood Country Club

On June 23, 2014, former Jets player Bruce Harper requested the participation of the WeLoveU cheer squad to greet golfers who helped raise funds for Heroes and Cool Kids. A select WeLoveU member sang the national anthem and kicked off the fundraiser while the Vice President made an introductory statement about the foundation’s background and about its founder, Zahng Gil-Jah. Heroes & Cool Kids is a nonprofit organization that began serving New Jersey’s youth from 1998. The program utilizes the services of current and former professional athletes whose personal life experiences enable them to train high school student leaders. Through life skills training and other courses, the program helps youth learn to be good examples in the community.


Special Olympics USA 2014

Special Olympics USA 2014

On June 15, 2014, WeLoveU volunteers began their journey at 3 AM to celebrate the commencement of the Special Olympics and share love with more than 3,500 athletes from every state. The members were granted special tickets to the Opening Ceremony at the Prudential Center in Newark, where they assembled colorful cards on the stands for all the athletes to see, spelling out the message “We Love U.”

WeLoveU volunteers also responded to the staff shortage at the bowling and tennis events by gathering balls, guiding athletes, cheering them on throughout their games, and inspiring hope and goodwill for their efforts. The bright smiles and kind words from the athletes were etched into the hearts of the volunteers who were moved by the cheers.

New Jersey became home to more than 80,000 spectators, athletes, coaches and family members during the 2014 Special Olympics USA National Games. The athletes competed in 14 Olympic-style sports at Mercer County Park with the support of 1,000 coaches and 8,000 volunteers. The games were created to empower and encourage those living with intellectual disabilities and to garner support from people throughout the world for showing great “human spirit.”


150 Volunteers Clean Up the Ross Dock Picnic Area

150 Volunteers Clean Up the Ross Dock Picnic Area

WeLoveU Volunteers heading back to the main site after a day of picking up trash at the Ross Dock.

WeLoveU volunteers walking back to the main site after a day of picking up trash at the Ross Dock.

WeLoveU Volunteers Remove Trash and Debris from Fort Lee’s Ross Dock Picnic Area

On April 6, 2014, the Ross Dock Picnic Area in Fort Lee, NJ got a makeover when 150 volunteers from the International WeLoveU Foundation came to clean up beneath the George Washington Bridge, by the beaches and all throughout the park. Considering their global Clean WORLD Movement to inspire environmental activism and selfless service across the world, the members came out with a mission to make a difference in their community.

Volunteers could be seen on the outskirts of the Ross Dock Picnic Area picking up cigarette butts, glass bottles, trash and all kinds of debris. From across the George Washington Bridge, a stream of blue shirts could be seen hoeing with rakes and brooms along street corners, sidewalks and pathways. Working in perfect unity and with smiles on their faces, the volunteers assembled in lines to remove bundled leaves and caked dirt along open spaces of the park. And more than 50 volunteers were tiptoeing among the rocky crags of the shorelines gathering heavy metal objects, pipes, old chains, and even an entire engine.

WeLoveU volunteers hauling out a rusted engine from the rocky shoreline.

WeLoveU volunteers hauling out a rusted engine from the rocky shoreline.

Christina Fehre, a Trail Supervisor from the Palisade Interstate Park Commission, said that the WeLoveU volunteers were able to dispose of trash and liter that had been neglected for the past 20 years. She commented about her experience with the WeLoveU Foundation.

“Just to see the unity, and to hear how their leader inspired them, it inspires me as well to continue to grow and be a stronger leader,” Fehre said.

In fact, this is one of the core missions of WeLoveU; to further inspire and create a world of leaders led by love, following the example of Chairwoman Zahng Gil-Jah. Despite her position as Chairwoman, she can be found working tirelessly with her own hands until the job is completed. Seeing this labor, the volunteers strive to inspire the world around them carrying out social and child welfare projects, environmental cleanups, disaster relief and much more.

Come the conclusion of the cleanup, more than 50 trash bags had been compiled close to the center of the park where the members stood together over their labor. To those participating, the cleanup was more than an ordinary environmental activity, but rather a way to deliver love and establish unity that is rebuilding communities, and creating friendships beyond nationality, race, and socioeconomic status.

The International WeLoveU Foundation can be found in 53 countries across the globe and looks forward to continuing in efforts to bring peace and love to the global village through the Clean WORLD Movement and other welfare activities.

150 WeLoveU volunteers gather with the trash they removed from the park, beaches and surrounding roads.

150 WeLoveU volunteers gather with the trash they removed from the park, beaches and surrounding roads.

WeLoveU Foundation Cheering on Police Departments

WeLoveU Foundation Cheering on Police Departments

WeLoveU Volunteers Cheer on New Jersey Police Departments at the Annual Battle of the Blue

On March 19, 2014, the International WeLoveU Foundation showed its support with a cheering frenzy at the 14th Annual Battle of the Blue basketball tournament to benefit the Tomorrows Children’s Fund. More than 40 vounteers from WeLoveU donated to the cause for children and stayed in the bleachers from 5:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. cheering on the players to keep them encouraged.

WeLoveU’s presence at the basketball tournament was an unexpected surge of energy to the players and it brought smiles to the spectators as well.This is just one of WeLoveU’s missions: to spread love and joy to all people through welfare activities.

“I want to say that this was the loudest event that we’ve heard in a long time. We really appreciate you guys coming out and making a difference,” stated Kevin Barett, a retired police officer and the organizer of the event. “I had several of the players and fans say what a difference it made to have you guys in the stands cheering. It worked out very, very well. I appreciate you coming.”

Kevin Barett showing his gratitude towards the WeLoveU Founation.

Kevin Barett showing his gratitude towards the WeLoveU Founation.

Following the example of the Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah, the members work with their own hands cleaning up the environment, raise funds for hospitalized children, provide relief and comfort to seniors, and contribute to community needs.

Michael Rabboh, a Paterson Police Department Officer held the winning trophy in hand as he thanked the WeLoveU volunteers for their encouragement. He stated, “If it wasn’t for your foundation cheering everyone on, the games would not have been exciting. You guys did a great job and my hat is off to the WeLoveU Foundation!”

The International WeLoveU Foundation has been established since 2001 and can be found in more than 53 countries. It has won presidential merit awards and accolades from across the globe for its environmental efforts and social welfare activities. The WeLoveU Foundation will continue its cheering activities to give hope and joy to those in despair as their good neighbor.

WeLoveU Supports Women, Infants and Children Breastfeeding Education

WeLoveU Supports Women, Infants and Children Breastfeeding Education

On February 11, 2014, WeLoveU volunteers fundraised for and prepared a special breakfast to share with nursing mothers. They woke at 4:00 AM to prepare chicken fajitas and fresh fruits by hand and drove 2 hours to deliver the love to nursing mothers and their children.The effort was for a special breastfeeding luncheon to discuss the importance of using healthy ingredients for nutritious meals.

The New Jersey State Women, Infants and Children program provides supplemental nutritious foods to pregnant, breastfeeding and postpartum women, infants and children up to the age of five. The program services also include education, counseling, immunization screening and health care referrals.


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