The 23rd New Life Family Walkathon in the United States

The 23rd New Life Family Walkathon in the United States on Sunday, July 28, 2019.

Giving Hope to 7 Billion People With a Smile and a Loving Heart!

That was the slogan for the relay of walkathons hosted by the International WeLoveU Foundation in Brazil, Peru, the Philippines, South Korea and now here in the United States. The New Life Family Walkathon that Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah has organized annually for the past two decades in Seoul is now taking place in multiple countries around the world. Each one bearing the same purpose in mind: to console those seriously affected by the devastating climate disasters in Mozambique.

Earlier this year, two cyclones—Idai and Kenneth—slammed the country in Southern Africa back to back, leaving it to put itself back together during this humanitarian crisis. It’s reported that subsequent flooding destroyed $1 billion of infrastructure. On top of the country’s fragile framework and people’s lives turned upside down, animals are also suffering as a result of these disasters.

>> What happened in Mozambique?

Saddened by the news of climate disaster, Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah dedicated the 23rd New Life Family Walkathon in the United States to help those in Mozambique. Together, our steps can translate to love, life, and harmony to those undergoing present difficulties.

We Are Here for You, Mozambique!

On the bright morning of Sunday, July 28, 2019, approximately 2,500 participants checked in, ready to walk! Activity booths with interactive and fun games made it easy for everyone to learn about the 17 Global Goals including a WeLoveU original comic about how to implement the SDGs in daily lives. In addition to supporting Mozambique, WeLoveU launched the #AIMfortheGoals campaign to raise awareness about the SDGs that were established to protect our planet.  

Before the opening address, there was time for a couple of performances by the WeLoveU Foundation volunteers. There were two dance pieces: one dedicated to Mozambique and another one fostering camaraderie to take care of our world together. The last performance was the WeLoveU theme song.

A Special Spotlight on Our Speakers

Right when the guest speakers took the stage, everyone was in for a special surprise visit by U.S. Representative for New Jersey’s 10th congressional district—Donald Payne Jr. Given the Congressman’s tight schedule before the August recess, everyone from the President of WeLoveU to the guest speakers and all 2,500 guests were honored to have an opportunity to hear from the U.S. Representative. Not to mention, Liberty State Park in Jersey City where this year’s walkathon was held is included in Congressman Donald Payne Jr.’s district!

The President of the WeLoveU Foundation then took to the podium after Congressman Donald Payne Jr.’s surprise visit. His introductory message reminded all participants of Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah’s message that we are one family living in a big home called ‘Earth.’ 

Therefore, as a global family, we must encourage and serve one another with the heart of a mother. This was the perfect introduction for the Ambassador of Mozambique Carlos Dos Santos followed by UN DGC Representative Felipe Queipo. 

“It’s a sense of joy and appreciation for the kind of solidarity to say, ‘Mozambique and Mozambicans, you are far away, but we are with you. We want to support you; we want to help you.’”

Ambassador Carlos Dos Santos

The next following speakers that the WeLoveU Foundation had a privilege to have speak at the 23rd New Life Family Walkathon was Climate Reality Project Leader Tim Guinee, and Lindsey Prowse from the French-American Chamber of Commerce. The more each speaker presented about the effects of climate change, the importance of an individuals role in tackling it, and so on, the moral of the volunteers were heightened as they anticipated to walk for such a meaningful cause.

One, Two, Three—Let’s Walk!

By the early afternoon, all 2,500 participants comprised of family, friends and local officials met at the starting line. On the count of three, everyone began taking their steps one by one in support of Mozambique.

To stay hydrated all-day long, all who registered received a glass water bottle. A water sponsor provided free water for volunteers to refill their bottles frequently without using plastic bottles. Reducing plastic use is good for us and our planet. In addition, a majority—if not all—carpooled for this event. Having fewer cars on the road means carbon emissions are reduced and our air quality improves.

It was a pleasant afternoon across from the New York City skyline. Families and friends had opportunities to catch up and talk together while participating in a wonderful cause. Through the volunteers efforts, WeLoveU hopes those in Mozambique can feel refreshed and comforted knowing there are people supporting them from across the globe.

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12 thoughts on “The 23rd New Life Family Walkathon in the United States”

  1. Bristol Gunderson

    I can’t help but smile when I remember this day. Volunteers came from all over the East Coast region to join. We had the chance to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, support a good cause, and become more socially aware about the struggles faced in the global village. I was also so impressed by the water truck! Everyone received a reusable glass water bottle and were encouraged to refill it at the water truck; I didn’t see any plastic waste! Thank you to everyone who made so much effort to organize a great event. I look forward to the next Walkathon!

  2. Bright smiles, beautiful faces and raising awareness for climate change is phenomenal. I would like to gave my gratitude to the Chairwoman for this great organization. This was my second time being in a walkathon, and to hear about the circumstances of Mozambique, I knew I had to participate. I cannot wait to see and hear of future events.

  3. How amazing to see all the efforts of the members of this foundation spreading much needed love to the global community! WE LOVE U!

  4. This was an amazing event and beyond what I could imagine! I’m thankful I had the opportunity to participate with my little ones!

  5. Geraldine Monroy

    This was my first walkathon, but definitely not my last. From the beginning to the end, the energy was so great and I am very grateful I was able to partake in this event for such a great cause. Everyone was very excited and united to bring relief to Mozambique. I would like to give a special thanks to the Chairwoman for always thinking of ways to make the global village a better place and for concerning for everyone equally.

    WeLoveU! <3

  6. It was for a beautiful and sincere cause. In a world where love often grows cold and concern for our fellow neighbors tend to be ignored, the WeLoveU Foundation’s 23rd New Life Family Walkathon supported those in need across the world in Mozambique to help them recover from a devastating natural disaster caused by global warming. If the WeLoveU Foundation hadn’t sparked this initiative, I probably would have still been in the dark about those who are suffering and are in desperate need of help. As humans are the reason for climate change, we can also be the solution but that solution cannot be found in words alone, but in action which the WeLoveU Foundation is all about. All of the sincerity and love of this event really reflected the heart of a mother who puts forth every effort to ensure the safety and well-being of her children.

  7. So thankful to have been part of this event and of this great organization. Thanks to our Chairwoman who has given us the best example to help our global community. I look forward to the great work the We❤️U will carry out the remainder of this year.

    Great job everyone.

  8. This was my first ever walkathon and I had so much fun! From the performances to the food and all the wonderful people. It was truly an enlightening experiences to see what an amazing global impact WeLoveU has made and I was happy to be apart of it. Thank you to Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah for gathering everyone to spread the love this world needs!

  9. I was so happy to participate in this Walkathon. I learned so much about the global goals and was so inspired by the speakers, the performances, and all of the participants to take action! I hope the people of Mozambique find comfort and hope as they rebuild together.

  10. This Walkathon was so beautiful! I was able to spend the whole day with my family as my mom, dad, brother and aunt came to learn about how they could help with Mozambique. We all had a great time as the WeLoveU Foundation members truly gave their heart in every activity.

    Thank you to the United States WeLoveU Foundation for taking the lead in giving love. And thank you to the Chairwoman for organizing this disaster relief efforts around the whole world.


  11. What an amazing experience it was to support and be apart of this organization as well as participate in the walkathon!!! It was a great turnout and I look forward to continue to lookout for these amazing events to follow our wonderful Chairwoman, who makes so much effort in taking care of our global village. Thank you so much!!!

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