WeLoveU’s Webinar Launches New Educational Program

On Thursday, August 20, 2020, the International WeLoveU Foundation hosted a webinar launching its new educational program. It’s called, “Closing the Homework Gap: Bridging the Digital Divide for Students and Families.” WeLoveU’s program is a direct response to the pressing technology crisis, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Initially, WeLoveU’s focus is on Essex County public schools in New Jersey. Studies show that Essex County students, families and teachers feel the effects of the digital divide more than other counties in the Garden State.

More than 500 participants tuned in to hear from guest speakers Dr. April Vauss, Superintendent of Irvington Public Schools, and Roger León, Superintendent of Newark Public Schools. The New Jersey school representatives shared how the transition to remote learning has impacted students and what’s needed to support them this school year.

Learning About the Homework Gap

The audience at home learned a handful of statistics about the homework gap. It painted a picture of just how serious the situation is for students in New Jersey. In July 2020, the New Jersey Department of Education estimated about 230,000 students still need resources to connect for classes online. Dr. Vauss added that in her district alone, 58% of students didn’t have technology at home.

Research suggests the digital divide has always existed. In the past, school computer labs and libraries were open to students to complete their homework tasks. However, the pandemic has eliminated those options and made the digital divide more prevalent.  

Help Close the Homework Gap by Bridging the Digital Divide

Though brief, the WeLoveU Foundation’s Closing the Homework Gap webinar was a pool of helpful information. All participants learned how to help close the homework gap by donating, whether big or small because every little bit helps. The WeLoveU Foundation will be donating Chromebooks to the Irvington and Newark school districts.

Click here to read more about Closing the Homework Gap and how to help.

9 thoughts on “WeLoveU’s Webinar Launches New Educational Program”

  1. This is such an important cause. If we don’t act now, students will be affected for many years to come. Glad to be a part of this initiative.

  2. Thank you for organizing this event. I have a young sister in middleschool who currently benefits from school resources like these. Before this, her main resource was the public library, however after the pandemic, this weighed heavily on my family and our neighbors who depended on these public resources. My sister is now able to go to school remotely and achieve her full potential thanks to her school being able to provide the resources she needs to perform well. The fact that WeLoveU is partnering with schools that do not have these resources is admirable. Great job, please keep up the great work.

  3. I felt the webinar was a good way to inform people of what’s happening. I don’t have any kids or young nieces/nephews, so I really had no idea this was happening in schools. Now I know how to help. Thanks.

  4. Thank you WeLoveU for setting a great example to close the digital divide. I hope this example spreads not only in New Jersey, but across the United States.

  5. Being personally from New Jersey, I really do appreciate what the WeLoveU Foundation is doing in supporting the children with access to education and enhancing their learning experience. Even during these times of quarantine, the children need the most help now more than ever since they will eventually become our future leaders. If we show them what is important now, they will certainly carry on the same values as they grow up.

  6. JacqueLine Anne Wallace

    I had no idea of how much our schools and students lack. But, I am very pleased to learn that WeLoveU found a way to fill the void. Thank you for partnering with the necessary leaders to Bridge the Digital Divide.

    Please continue to make a beautiful impact in our society.

  7. Learning about the technology gap these students have is disheartening but I’m so happy WeLoveU is partnering with educational leaders. Thank you to all that put efforts toward a quality education for the future generations.

  8. Thank you WeLoveU for organizing such a benevolent program! Although I miss being able to volunteer for in-person events, I am happy to be able to help the community through efforts like this. I am glad to see WeLoveU still finding ways to serve despite the situation.

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