WeLoveU Hosts Family Health and Wellness Expo in Delaware

WeLoveU Hosts Family Health and Wellness Expo in Delaware

The International WeLoveU Foundation East Coast Region hosts its very first Family Health and Wellness Expo in partnership with Councilwoman-at-Large Rysheema Dixon. 

Living a healthy lifestyle begins at home. With the right education and resources, several health issues affecting Americans today can be managed and in some cases, prevented. However, what happens when information isn’t easily accessible? It can stop individuals from making positive health choices, affecting not only themselves, but their family. 

Acting as a bridge, granting people access to proper health resources, WeLoveU stepped in by hosting a Family Health and Wellness Expo on March 24, 2019, at the H. Fletcher Brown Boys and Girls Club. The WeLoveU Foundation worked alongside Councilwoman Dixon, who they met last fall during the Christiana Care Book Drive; she sits on the Health, Aging, and Disabilities Committee in Wilmington. 

The Family Health and Wellness Expo

Early in the morning, WeLoveU volunteers from Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New York joined forces to transform the Boys and Girls Club gymnasium. They had stations for vendors, a stage for guest speakers and performances, and the children’s play zone.

The Delaware Joint Army and Air Color Guard opened the event by presenting the Presentation of the Colors followed by the National Anthem. After the ceremony, guest speakers came forward, one after another, welcoming guests and highlighting key points about health. Throughout the day, a variety of dance performances entertained the crowd. However, their dances contained an important message to stay active. One performance in particular,Let’s Move!is an anti-obesity national campaign created by Michelle Obama to raise a healthier generation of kids. 

I want to thank the WeLoveU Foundation and Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah for partnering with me to hold this event, and to ensure our families and citizens of Wilmington have access to healthy events such as this. This is our second event together. We actually did a literacy campaign at Wilmington hospital previously, where they donated over 1,600 books to the pediatric department at Wilmington hospital. Thank you for coming out this afternoon. Enjoy all the activities that we have for you today, and enjoy this wonderful afternoon as a family, as we share in addressing health issues.

Rysheema Dixon


Hand-in-Hand Learning Together

Nearly 20 health-related organizations attended the expo, offering spinal screenings, blood pressure checks, cooking demonstrations and more. The Family Health and Wellness Expo was open for several hours. This provided visitors with enough time to thoroughly stop by each station. The vendors gladly answered all their questions, even providing free brochures and contact information.

It’s equally important for kids to lead healthy lives as their families. Children also stopped by each station to learn. When they visited each station, they then moved on to the Children’s Play Zone. At the station, kids had their faces painted, received animal balloons, and played interactive games. 

New Castle County officers and Delaware State Troopers stocked their stations with coloring books, stickers, and drawstring bags for the kids. In addition, the officers and local firefighters gave tours of their cruisers and trucks.

Senator Christopher A. Coons extended his sincere congratulations to the WeLoveU Foundation for enhancing the quality of life for people throughout the world and U.S. Although the Senator was unable to attend, a representative came, delivering a letter signed from the Senator. 

“…Today’s Family Health and Wellness Expo serves as a reflection of all the hard work that the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation has put forth this year and years prior. I am truly grateful for the work that the International WeLoveU Foundation has done in continuing to safe guard our communities through volunteerism, community service and health awareness…”

From the time I got here and I drove up, the volunteers were so welcoming. They helped me get my materials out of the car. It’s just been great to see so many volunteers and people from the community very concerned and engaged in the importance of coming together to have events like this to promote health and wellness in our community—especially here in the city of Wilmington where I was born. I would love to do some type of international or even regional blood drive with your organization.

Nina Anderson

Doctor and Founder of Tova Community

US State Senator and House Representative Award the WeLoveU Foundation

US State Senator and House Representative Award the WeLoveU Foundation

Pennsylvania State Senator Christine Tartaglione and State Representative Jared Solomon award the International WeLoveU Foundation with a Certificate of Recognition.

On March 19, 2019, the International WeLoveU Foundation received a Certificate of Recognition at the Pennsylvania State Capitol Building. About 30 volunteers from the organization traveling from New York, Connecticut and Philadelphia met in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania for the special occasion. 

This milestone came about as a result of years of selfless volunteerism on behalf of the volunteers. Their enthusiasm in participating in these activities stems from the Chairwoman’s example who founded the WeLoveU Foundation. Long before its establishment, Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah has personally interacted with and cared for the needs of the global village. In the same way, WeLoveU volunteers along the East Coast strive to work with the same love and compassion for its communities. 

WeLoveU Is Recognized During House and Senate Sessions

During the House Session, the WeLoveU Foundation was acknowledged on the floor as guests of Pennsylvania State Representative Jared Solomon from the 202nd District. He has history working with WeLoveU on several occasions spanning the last three years. On the House floor, he expressed his gratitude for the efforts of the volunteers during events such as tree planting, street cleanups and restoration projects of recreation centers in his district. 

“I have never met a group so dedicated, upbeat, and eager to serve. They embody everything that civic pride is and should be; a zest for doing good and improving the lives of those less fortunate. If every group was like the WeLoveU Foundation our world would be a much better place. I would work side-by-side with the WeLoveU Foundation, anytime and anywhere,” said State Representative Jared Solomon. 

Once the morning session concluded, John Power, the Vice President of the WeLoveU Foundation delivered a speech. Thoughtfully, he expressed his thanks to the Chairwoman of WeLoveU for starting an organization that has impacted the lives of many people even in the Pennsylvania community. He went on to explain today’s event is in recognition of WeLoveU’s two awards from the Pennsylvania U.S. House of Representatives and State Senate for volunteer excellence throughout the state. 

In the afternoon, the Senate Session began. Pennsylvania State Senator Christine Tartaglione awarded the WeLoveU Foundation while on the Senate floor. 

She said, “The International WeLoveU Foundation makes a meaningful and lasting impact on the lives of those who live in the community.”

Looking Ahead

At the beginning of the year, WeLoveU volunteers pledged to make 2019 a year filled with greater happiness and prosperity for the global village, surpassing last year’s activities. Today’s Certificate of Recognition only serves as a reminder that their efforts do not go unnoticed. The foundation is extremely thankful for such recognition from the State Capitol.

The WeLoveU Foundation and its volunteers along the East Coast aspire to continue working straight ahead towards their goal of fostering a sustainable environment with love. 

Volunteers Spruce up McAlpine Creek Park in Charlotte

Volunteers Spruce up McAlpine Creek Park in Charlotte

A healthy and clean environment is a requisite for a happy life.

What better way to start your week than by cleaning your neighborhood park? That’s how more than 30 volunteers from the International WeLoveU Foundation East Coast Region spent their Sunday on March 17, 2019 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The group of volunteers gathered bright and early at McAlpine Creek Park. The all-inclusive 114-acre county park has a lake, fishing pier, soccer fields, hiking and biking trails, and a dog park. The park’s walkways are lined with tall green trees—easy for anyone to get lost in the great outdoors. 

The McAlpine Creek Park is a common place for families to spend time barbecuing and holding picnics and walking their dogs. Even employees from nearby businesses take walks on their breaks and sports teams fellowship with each other. With so much to offer, the park’s influx of traffic also means frequent maintenance is needed.

Working Together Hand-in-Hand

The WeLoveU volunteers rolled up their sleeves, ready to clean McAlpine Creek Park. For them, cleaning the park is another way to strengthen the camaraderie seen in Charlotte. By showing WeLoveU cares for their neighborhood, they hope more local residents will also participate in future cleanups.

While picking up trash along the Greenway, volunteers met several locals visiting the park in the daytime. A few of them expressed their thanks to the organization for their kind gesture of cleaning McAlpine Creek Park. Little by little, volunteers picked up food wrappers, plastic bottles, to even electrical poles. By the end of the cleanup, the bits and pieces they found along trails resulted in 30 bags of trash!

The WeLoveU volunteers realize that a beautiful community is possible when people come together, cleaning hand-in-hand. In fact, a message the WeLoveU Foundation highlights in the Clean WORLD Movement is that a healthy and clean environment is a requisite for a happy life. WeLoveU believes by working together, wonderful results can be achieved.

WeLoveU Volunteers Work to Restore George Washington Carver Center

WeLoveU Volunteers Work to Restore George Washington Carver Center

The Heart of the Community

A countless number of families in Norristown, Pennsylvania turn to the George Washington Carver Center for recreation, education, and as a place for the youth to learn good character. The long-standing community center has been serving the community for about 60 years as it draws near to its anniversary this June.

To ensure it remains as a neighborhood staple for many more years to come, over 50 WeLoveU volunteers banded together for a cleanup. This activity differs from previous cleanups as it marks the beginning of a series of volunteer service activities at the community center.

Many Parts Working Together

Since the George Washington Carver Center is dear to the hearts of the residents, WeLoveU volunteers set out to bring it back to life through their efforts. The large group came prepared to tackle the tasks. They came with brooms, shovels, rakes, trash bags, and gallons of paint.

Before starting the multi-step cleanup, the participants split into smaller groups. The first thing on their to-do list was to then remove all signs of trash and litter around the community center. Other groups stepped in to fix a hefty list of things: cleaning and replacing gutters, repainting the front lobby, repairing roof leaks, and replacing ceiling tiles in the bathroom and leading up to the outside pool.

While joyfully working, WeLoveU volunteer’s efforts ran into the late afternoon. In total, they filled 60 bags of trash and leaves, summing up to about 1,700 pounds of trash. WeLoveU happily reported these results to the directors and staff members, who were on site at the time of this cleanup.

India, a director at the George Washington Carver Center said, “People say they want to volunteer, but I [now] see people here who care about this facility and the community!”

Future Projects in Norristown

The WeLoveU volunteers left feeling a sense of accomplishment. However, they’re not done yet, as they plan to return for another big project at the center this summer. This isn’t the group’s first time carrying out a multi-step project in Philadelphia. Last year, WeLoveU volunteers completed a two-stage revitalization project at Tarken Park.

The foundation continues its environmental protection efforts under the Clean WORLD Movement. To date, the movement is carried out in more than 500 regions. To provide a safe and sustainable environment, WeLoveU encourages people across the globe to work together.

WeLoveU’s Sawgrass Nature Center Environmental Cleanup

WeLoveU’s Sawgrass Nature Center Environmental Cleanup

Sawgrass Nature Center & Wildlife Hospital

Located in beautiful Coral Springs, Florida, the nature center dedicates to rescuing and rehabilitating native animals before releasing them back into the wild. However, for animals deemed non-releasable call the Sawgrass Nature Center and Wildlife Hospital their permanent home. 

In addition to helping animals, the center provides a variety of interactive educational programs for adults, children, and visiting groups. 

The WeLoveU Foundation East Coast Region mustered up volunteers to give a helping hand to the center by carrying out a cleanup on World Wildlife Day


On Sunday, March 3, 2019, at 10 a.m., more than 30 WeLoveU volunteers traveling from Lake Worth, Florida stopped by the Coral Springs nature facility. The morning rays shined heavily on all participants with their vivid blue polos that read ‘WeLoveU.’

Volunteer Coordinator Heather Nelson welcomed the volunteers, explaining more about the center’s mission and their vision. Overall, the center expressed their gratitude for having so many supportive volunteers. That’s because they rely heavily on donations, grants, and volunteers with the upkeep of the facility.

Nelson said, “It really means a lot because without it, there is nothing we can do. Every living creature on the planet matters, whether it be wildlife or human. What you guys are doing is amazing! It is spreading love and community, so keep doing the work that you are doing!” 

Afterward, she led the group of WeLoveU volunteers on a tour of the facility, educating them on the animals they currently care for. Heather also brought out an owl, showing the volunteers who their environmental efforts will help in the long-run. 

Team Work Makes a Clean World 

After their walk-thru tour, the 30 volunteers organized into four teams. They grabbed their gloves, trash bags, hedge clippers, rakes, shovels, and wheelbarrows provided by the nature center. Each team moved to their designated work site, ready to start!

A team focusing on the gardens removed prolific weeds. Meanwhile, the rest of the teams cleared out all the overgrown tall grass and weeds in areas the nature center will install an apiary for visitors to check out. An apiary is a collection of beehives where honey bees are kept.

Two and half hours later, WeLoveU volunteers tied up a total of 45 heavy-duty trash bags. This simple action inspired the Sawgrass Nature Center staff and visitors alike. 

Executive Director, Allan Rose, responded to the group’s efforts by saying, “We would like to book you to come back!”

He extended an invitation to WeLoveU to attend their 3rd annual Orchid Festival in April. About 800-1,000 people attend from all over the country to browse over 20 orchid, plant, and garden vendors. At the festival, volunteers can set up an area to spread awareness about WeLoveU and its initiatives. 

Volunteer Coordinator Heather Nelson said, “For us, it means everything! It is amazing to see people that really care about wildlife and about our environment, who are willing to come out when it is 90 degrees outside and trump through grass, snakes, spiders and bees to help us out.”

UN SDG #15 & #17

WeLoveU’s partnership with the Sawgrass Nature Center and Wildlife encompasses the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals specifically Life on Land and Partnership for the Goals. By collaborating, ambitious targets of the 2030 Agenda will be achieved. The nature center’s passion for protecting the animals and WeLoveU’s dedication to preserving the environment brought forth wonderful results. Both parties look forward to working together again. 

In addition, WeLoveU’s Clean World Movement continues to spread awareness around the world the importance of environmental protection in the face o climate change. 

Read more about WeLoveU’s environmental cleanups


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