WeLoveU Visits #BrightHaiti Solar-Lantern Recipients

WeLoveU Visits #BrightHaiti Solar-Lantern Recipients

Visiting Vocational Students Who Received Solar-powered Lanterns Through the #BrightHaiti Project

After donating 3,000 solar-powered lanterns to students from the Warf Jeremie Vocational and Technical Training Center in May, the WeLoveU Foundation touched base with the students who received them. WeLoveU is already in the midst of planning phase two of the Bright Haiti project to improve students lives and progress their education. 

A Spark of Change

The results were incredible and the feedback from the students was promising. They expressed their gratitude to the foundation and Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah for thinking of them and providing a solution for a problem they face daily. Many students mentioned how the lanterns have become a vital source of light for them at night.

It increases their productivity after sundown whether to complete schoolwork or other activities. It also positively impacts their families lives and the community directly. They can travel to the outer cities where there is little to no power with their lantern to visit their families. Some even choose to send their lantern as a gift to less fortunate family members who have no access to electricity at all.

“Thank you, WeLoveU Foundation! I can now stay later at school to finish my homework and use my lantern to light up the path to go back home when it gets dark,” said one student.

I study accounting. I want to thank WeLoveU for thinking of CEFPROTEC for the distribution of the lamp. We used to have so many difficulties to study or run our regular errands around our neighborhood.

Because electricity is so rare in Haiti, it was difficult for us to walk around, especially at night and function well. This lamp changed our whole lives and represents so much for us.

The lamp helps us study even in groups. We help other people in the area so they can benefit from the lamp as well and we are sometimes 10 people studying together with the lamp.

I’m from the countryside, and when I have to go there, I always take the lamp to do my chores. When I get to the countryside, many people congratulate me on such a beautiful gift. I don’t have the words to express my gratitude towards WeLoveU for such an incredible gift.

Wismail Pierre Louis

Like this, many good reactions came out from the students who were thankful for the brighter future they can now have because of these solar-powered lanterns.

I am studying accounting and English. Before the lantern, I always had difficulty studying, especially at home since in Haiti we don’t have much electricity. Now that I have this lamp, it is very useful to me. This lamp helps my household. When we didn’t have electricity before, we had to put candles out every day. Now with the lantern, we no longer need candles.

We want to thank the WeLoveU Foundation so much. Not many foundations do such great work or think about us, and we want to truly thank WeLoveU on behalf of CEFPROTEC university.


Sharing a Mother’s Love by Spending Time with Students and Donating School Supplies

Upon hearing such touching stories, the WeLoveU Foundation organized a light show with the students and prepared to donate schools supplies such as notebooks, pencils, and pens to each of the participants to further encourage their education.

Thus, on Sunday, October 28, 2018, 100 of the best students from the Warf Jeremie Vocational and Technical Training Center gathered together. They stood in formation spelling “WeLoveU” while holding up their lanterns towards the night sky shining brightly.

After the light show, students were treated to snacks and beverages. Then, WeLoveU distributed the school supplies as well as warm meals for each student to enjoy. They served the students with the love of a mother as it’s one of the foundation’s core teachings.

The students were excited to participate in the event and were very thankful to receive materials to facilitate their education.

“This foundation is very different. All of you are always smiling and so kind. Thank you WeLoveU for thinking of us and our needs when we feel sometimes abandoned by our own country,” said another student.

The principal also shared his gratitude towards the foundation and looks forward to collaborating with WeLoveU again in the future.

I am a student at CEFPROTEC. They say that gratitude is the memory of the heart. So we want to take this time to thank the founder of WeLoveU for thinking about us. Often when we come home, there is no electricity and we cannot work. Since as students, we always have so much homework and research, it was difficult to study. Thanks to the lantern, our lives became much easier and now we are able to do what was impossible in the past. In the name of all students at CEFPROTEC, we want to take this time to thank you so much for thinking about us. We hope that we will hear from you soon again and share many great things together.

Clemard Junia

The Streets in Suffolk County Are Abuzz With WeLoveU Volunteers

The Streets in Suffolk County Are Abuzz With WeLoveU Volunteers

It’s especially important to keep those areas clean and presentable as it attracts residents and out-of-town visitors into the area. Determined to spread love through volunteerism, WeLoveU planned this community service to provide a better environment for all.  Councilwoman Gordon says that this was only the beginning of our ongoing relationship between the Town of Babylon and the WeLoveU Foundation as she kicked-off the event. She then shared a few more words thanking all the volunteers for sacrificing their Sunday morning to attend this cleanup and help the town. She continued by saying, “My hat goes off to you, I salute you.”

Starting The Week Off Right

The town of Babylon was bustling with volunteers from the WeLoveU Foundation Sunday morning on October 28, 2018. Fifty volunteers gathered in Babylon—a town in Suffolk County—that’s located in Long Island, New York. They came together for a street cleanup along Acorn Street from Deer Park Avenue to Straight Path. The total distance averaging about one mile. According to the town’s Chair Councilwoman Jacqueline Gordon, who attended the event, Acorn Street is an economic area.  A number of businesses are located there that generate commerce.

Working as One

The cleanup started at 9 a.m. and the group raked leaves up and down the street, collecting garbage until about 11 a.m. Working together brought great results. To clean efficiently, the work was divided into three parts. The volunteers filled roughly 170 bags of trash, leaving the street spotless. While cleaning, people came to the WeLoveU tent to know more about the foundation. The volunteers played a brief intro video about the organization that depicts its history, diversity, and number of volunteer activities worldwide.

 After watching, she extended her words to WeLoveU’s Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah saying, “I was completely amazed of the numbers of people you’ve been able to mobilize, and the number of people you have involved in the WeLoveU movement has exponentially impacted millions of people.”

In addition to Councilwoman Gordon, Chief Robert Macaluso from the Deer Park Fire Department, and Ambassador Genine Rigney from Deer Park’s Beautification Department also joined the event. The fire chief expressed his gratitude as he believes such an event helps everybody. He added words of encouragement saying, “I think you guys are doing a great job.”

WeLoveU Donates More Than 1,600 Books to Christiana Children Hospital

WeLoveU Donates More Than 1,600 Books to Christiana Children Hospital

WeLoveU hopes to plant the love of reading books and learning which will last a lifetime.

Did you know?

Did you know more than 1 in 3 American children enter kindergarten without the basic skills they need to learn to read?

Children deserve an inclusive, equitable, and quality education as our next generation. The building blocks to a successful future start at an early stage of life. Luckily, one of the many tools a child needs in order to develop the foundation of learning may be found in our own households: books. Books contain words that children may never hear in everyday conversation. Also, those who read often express their joy in learning overall.

Power of Reading

The Christiana Care Hospital in Wilmington, Delaware fosters this type of environment by incorporating books into pediatric care. They do so by partnering with the Reach Out and Read program that provides new children’s books to children—starting from ages six months to 5 years old—during their well visits. They also encourage families to read aloud together often. The program also provides families with strategies to develop literacy for all stages of a child’s life.

However, the demand for books increases over time as patients walk in and out of the pediatric wing.

Plan of Action

When WeLoveU heard about the hospital’s need for children’s books, they sprang into action right away. They connected with Barnes & Noble about hosting book drives which they gladly agreed to help. So, for a little over three weeks from September to October, WeLoveU raised awareness about the cause and asked for book donations at local Barnes & Noble’s and on social media.

Many shoppers purchased books when they learned about the group’s effort and donated them. More so, about 250 WeLoveU volunteers purchased books from Barnes & Noble, other retailers, and online distributors.

The Big Day

On October 19, 2018, the big day came to deliver the books. Volunteers met at the Christiana Care Hospital’s pediatric clinic. With their blue WeLoveU shirts, they brought with them exactly 1,618 children’s books.

Forty-five people in total attended the event. Even children in the hospital came and picked a book of their choice. One child excitedly grabbed a book and held it tightly. This is a telling sign that the fundraiser and the Reach Out and Read program will continue to touch the hearts of all who participate. WeLoveU is hopeful the youth will grow up with greater opportunities for success and happiness.

Along with the books, WeLoveU presented a plaque to Dr. Amanda Kay, the Medical Director of the Pediatric Practice Program.

Dr. Kay tearfully accepted the plaque saying, “This is one of the most caring and inspiring events I’ve ever had the opportunity to be a part of.”

She also gave many other words of thanks and encouragement.

Councilwoman Rysheema Dixon from the city of Wilmington also attended the book ceremony.

She presented the WeLoveU Foundation with a proclamation saying, “Today’s event was amazing. I am extremely, extremely excited for all the work the WeLoveU Foundation is going to continue to do [in] our city.”

WeLoveU Volunteers Tackle Philadelphia’s Litter on Summerdale Avenue

WeLoveU Volunteers Tackle Philadelphia’s Litter on Summerdale Avenue

Philly’s Efforts For A Cleaner City

Philadelphia—the city of brotherly love—launched a Zero Waste campaign to study the litter patterns and conditions of the city’s streets, vacant lots, transit stations, and other areas to name a few.

The city published an interactive litter index map online to illustrate neighborhood litter ratings throughout the city. In particular, the Oxford Circle section scored a litter index of four; the survey rating scale measures from one (cleanest) to four (most littered). In order to resolve this, a large cleanup effort is required or the use of heavy machinery to remove debris.


To help the city fulfill their goal of zero litter, 60 WeLoveU volunteers joined forces to clean the Oxford Circle neighborhood on Sunday, October 14, 2018. Specifically, they planned to clean a two-mile stretch along Summerdale Avenue.

This isn’t the first time volunteers have cleaned Philadelphia either. Recently, volunteers carried out a cleanup and revitalized the Tarken Park & Recreation Center and planted wildflowers for cleaner air. These activities were also carried out alongside Pennsylvania State Representative Jared Solomon who supports WeLoveU’s initiatives.

On Sunday morning, volunteers came ready with their brooms, shovels, and trash bags to tackle the task. Their goal was to restore the neighborhood streets by removing all the litter and trash. By doing so, the residents can enjoy a clean and safe area.

During today’s efforts, the WeLoveU volunteers filled 50 trash bags with litter, metal, glass, and other debris from the streets and sidewalks.


Dozens of neighbors came out of their homes to show their appreciation and thank the volunteers. Seeing the teams of WeLoveU volunteers in their signature blue shirts, commuters stopped their cars as they drove by to thank them for their hard work and care.

The WeLoveU Foundation will continue its efforts in Philadelphia to provide a safer and more sustainable environment. By working together with community leaders, WeLoveU hopes to encourage all people of the global village to make united efforts to achieve and maintain a clean environment.

The revitalization efforts are part of a global campaign called the Clean World Movement. WeLoveU launched this initiative and is seen in more than 500 regions worldwide. Click here to learn more about the Clean World Movement.

Lockport’s South Street Is Spruced up by WeLoveU Volunteers

Lockport’s South Street Is Spruced up by WeLoveU Volunteers

Thirty minutes east from the Niagra Falls is the city of Lockport, New York. It’s named after a set of Erie Canal locks found in the city. Within the friendly community with historic roots are seen volunteers from the WeLoveU Foundation. Forty volunteers traveled north from Buffalo, New York to participate in a cleanup on October 7, 2018.

How It All Began

Arriving in Lockport by 10 a.m., they drove to South Street where they stopped in front of an abandoned building. Next door neighbors refer to it as an eyesore because of its unpleasant graffiti on every wall as well as the weeds and dead shrubs that surround it.

Because of their concern, the building was brought up in recent town hall meetings. Residents asked for assistance to clean up the area. However, at the time, resources were limited and coordinating enough volunteers became a challenge. 

When the WeLoveU Foundation heard about their concern, volunteers sprang into action. They saw this as a golden opportunity to bring happiness to the Lockport residents.

With bright smiles and bright blue shirts that read WeLoveU, the volunteers covered the unsightly graffiti with a fresh coat of paint. Another team pulled up the weeds and removed the dead shrubs. They brightened the atmosphere by planting colorful perennial flowers. Also, volunteers picked up trash and litter along the walkways.

A Special Guest From Lockport Council

Among the volunteers came a special guest—Kelly VanDeMark, Lockport’s Alderwoman of the fourth ward. She wore a WeLoveU shirt and helped alongside volunteers. Afterward, she shared a heartfelt message with the group.

“I’m proud to be an Alderwoman for the fourth ward for the city of Lockport and we’re definitely fortunate to have this organization here today to beautify 232 South Street and I’m absolutely amazed by the positivity and sense the of community that I felt in just a short time so thank you again for all your volunteerism and your hard work and I definitely look forward to seeing this spread in our community.”

Ron Tuohey—an Assistant Store Manager at a Lowe’s in Williamsville, NY, who lives on South Street—expressed his appreciation by bringing landscaping materials. He also participated in beautifying the area with the WeLoveU volunteers.

Overall, it was a meaningful event bringing residents, local store managers, and Lockport officials together. Everyone had the same goal in mind: beautify South Street and share neighborly love through volunteerism. The WeLoveU Foundation plans to continue working with the city of Lockport on future projects, including building a playground in the neighborhood.