U.S. State Senator and House Representative Award the WeLoveU Foundation

Pennsylvania Senator and House

Pennsylvania State Senator Christine Tartaglione and State Representative Jared Solomon award the International WeLoveU Foundation with a Certificate of Recognition.

On March 19, 2019, the International WeLoveU Foundation received a Certificate of Recognition at the Pennsylvania State Capitol Building. About 30 volunteers from the organization traveling from New York, Connecticut and Philadelphia met at the State House in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania for the special occasion. 

This milestone came about as a result of years of selfless volunteerism on behalf of the volunteers. Their enthusiasm in participating in these activities stems from the Chairwoman’s example who founded the WeLoveU Foundation. Long before its establishment, Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah has personally interacted with and cared for the needs of the global village. In the same way, WeLoveU volunteers along the East Coast strive to work with the same love and compassion for its communities. 

WeLoveU Is Recognized During House and Senate Sessions

During the House Session, the WeLoveU Foundation was acknowledged on the floor as guests of Pennsylvania State Representative Jared Solomon from the 202nd District. He has history working with WeLoveU on several occasions spanning the last three years. On the House floor, he expressed his gratitude for the efforts of the volunteers during events such as tree planting, street cleanups and restoration projects of recreation centers in his district.

“I have never met a group so dedicated, upbeat, and eager to serve. They embody everything that civic pride is and should be; a zest for doing good and improving the lives of those less fortunate. If every group was like the WeLoveU Foundation our world would be a much better place. I would work side-by-side with the WeLoveU Foundation, anytime and anywhere.”

PA State Representative Jared Solomon

Once the morning session concluded, John Power, the Vice President of the WeLoveU Foundation delivered a speech. Thoughtfully, he expressed his thanks to the Chairwoman of WeLoveU for starting an organization that has impacted the lives of many people even in the Pennsylvania community. He went on to explain today’s event is in recognition of WeLoveU’s two awards from the Pennsylvania U.S. House of Representatives and State Senate for volunteer excellence throughout the state. 

In the afternoon, the Senate Session began. Pennsylvania State Senator Christine Tartaglione awarded the WeLoveU Foundation while on the Senate floor. She said, “The International WeLoveU Foundation makes a meaningful and lasting impact on the lives of those who live in the community.”

Looking Ahead

At the beginning of the year, WeLoveU volunteers pledged to make 2019 a year filled with greater happiness and prosperity for the global village, surpassing last year’s activities. Today’s Certificate of Recognition only serves as a reminder that their efforts do not go unnoticed. The foundation is extremely thankful for such recognition from the State Capitol.

The WeLoveU Foundation and its volunteers along the East Coast aspire to continue working straight ahead towards their goal of fostering a sustainable environment with love. 

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  1. WeLoveU Foundation is so consistent with the activities and volunteer services they do, I hope that the chairwoman continues to make a great impact on the world and spread the love of a mother!!!

  2. This is really cool I agree with the state representative’s comment and happy this foundation is receiving recognition!

  3. The WeLoveU Foundation volunteers truly dedicate a lot of time and effort to bettering the community by spreading a mother’s love. I’m glad to see they received appreciation at the State Capitol. Congratulations on the Certificate of Recognition! Keep up the good work!

  4. Thank you Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah and all members of the WeLoveU Foundation for always working hard to make a positive impact in this world. It truly warms my heart to see all the good deeds that come from this amazing foundation.

  5. Patience Nimely

    Wow. That’s really amazing. Thanks to Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah and all the members who are working really hard to make this global village a beter place. All your hard work has paid off. Continue the good work.


  6. Cedrick Labissiere

    Congratulations to the Chairwoman and the WeLoveU foundation, for making a positive impact in society with a Mother’s love ❤️!

  7. They are helping our community come together and cleanup all that is wrong, what an admirable thing to do!

    1. What a great organization to be apart of! Congratulations to the members of The WeLoveU Foundation & especially the Chairwoman for creating such impact on our community. Great job!

  8. Wow! The WeLoveU Foundation has done so omany great works around the world! Great people and always full of positive energy! They deserve to be awarded for their hard work for the global community!

  9. Sabrina Miranda

    So excited that the WELOVEU foundation is receiving it’s well deserve recognition. Glad to be a part of this organization!

  10. Congratulations WeLoveU ,your sincere efforts to help to global community is now being recognized , This inspires me as well to help and serve others , so this world can be a better place.

  11. Well deserved reward WeLoveU! I’m grateful to see the lives you impact through your selfless deeds are being recognized throughout the world. Keep going!!!!

    1. Congratulations to the Chairwoman who has set such a beautiful example to all the volunteers of the International WeLoveU organization, and to all members across the world. This kind of recognition only comes after countless hours of sacrifice and as as a result of the unified work of the members around the world. When our government officials watch all the efforts made by the volunteers globally, they are excited; but when they see it directly on a local level, they are moved! Please continue to be a beacon of light to the world!

  12. Vance Nwakpuda

    Congratulations, the services of the WeLoveU organization is really commendable. I can’t wait to see their future works.

  13. Sheena Williams

    Wow. I am so pleased to see the members of the WeLoveU organization being recognized in such a major way. Every time I attend WeLoveU events, their members are always so gracious and ready to serve. I can not wait to see the impact that they will make this year. Congratulations!

  14. Luis Maravilla

    We Love You Foundation is the most amazing organization and looking forward to partake in this great work Congratulations!!!!!

  15. Rebecca Ebhardt

    Congratulations on recognition from the state capitol, such thoughtful comments were made. I’m looking forward to seeing the impact WeLoveU will make in 2019.

    1. The WeLoveU Foundation has silently been serving the global community for so many years now! It’s amazing to see how the grassroot efforts of the Chairwoman has sprouted throughout the world and is now receiving well deserved recognition. A beautiful organization!

      1. Calvin Adell Farrow

        Wow this organization is so amazing I never seen so many young adults participating such good work for the world thank you Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah and the members of the WeLoveU Foundation. If everyone had your mindset the world will be a better place

    2. Barbara Johnson

      Volunteering has always been so important to me and my family. The WeLoveU foundation is so genuine and humble; they have made so much effort, serving and helping communities that may have been ignored, in the past years! From this point, I’m sure they, along with their Chairwoman, will make strides of love to continue to help the rest of the world. Really great encouragement!

    3. Great Job WeLoveU Foundation I have seen repeatedly that they have been doing so much work In the PA area! You guys truly deserve it. Thanks for such a great example of passion for volunteering!

      1. Wow that’s amazing! Thanks to Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah and all the members of the WeLoveU Foundation for helping the community be a better place and impacting the community positively through their good deeds! Extremely happy to be part of this organization. Well deserved award and many more to come. Thank you for all your efforts!

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