Humble Beginnings

The Intl. WeLoveU Foundation launched in 2001 and was initially called the New Life Foundation. It was revitalized to the International WeLoveU Foundation in 2007. Since its inception, WeLoveU has made remarkable strides worldwide and is now found in more than 50 countries across the globe.

WeLoveU activities began taking place in the East Coast of the United States in 2012, became an official NGO in 2016, and then formally associated with the United Nations Department of Global Communications in 2018.

WeLoveU is determined to improve the living conditions of the global community—beyond the borders of nationality, race, socioeconomic status and religious background—through impactful volunteerism within the initiatives of blood drives, social welfare, environmental protection, emergency relief and international aid.

International History

9/28/2001 – New Life Foundation changed name to New Life Welfare.
Twenty years before its establishment, Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah helped those around her.

7/23/2007 – Foundation name changed to International WeLoveU Foundation

*WeLoveU branched out to 51 countries throughout the world*
10/16/2016 – Officially registered NGO in the East Coast of the United States

12/01  Street Cleanup with PA State Rep Jared Solomon | Philadelphia, PA

11/24  Two Lakes Cleanup | Orlando, FL

11/17  The 317th Worldwide Blood Drive with America’s Top Hospitals | Boston, MA

10/16  MA House of Representatives Honor the WeLoveU Foundation | Boston, MA

09/15  Ceylon Park Cleanup with MA State Rep Liz Miranda | Boston, MA

09/09  Comfort Tyler Park Cleanup and School Supply Drive | Syracuse, NY

08/26  The 68th UN Civil Society Conference | Salt Lake City, UT

08/25  Tree Maintenance Project on 200 Trees| Charlotte, NC

08/25  The 361st Worldwide Blood Drive | Buffalo, NY

08/25  The 360th Worldwide Blood Drive | Newark, DE

08/18  Newark Bay Shoreline Cleanup| Bayonne, NJ

08/05  The 355th Worldwide Blood Drive Movement | South Amboy, NJ

07/28  The 23rd New Life Family Walkathon | Jersey City, NJ

07/28 The Worldwide Blood Drive | Puerto Rico

07/21 The 273rd Worldwide Blood Drive | New York City

07/21 The 261st Worldwide Blood Drive | Lantana, FL

07/21  The 251st Worldwide Blood Drive | Rhode Island

07/21  The 243rd Worldwide Blood Drive | East Hartford, CT

07/14  The 231st Worldwide Blood Drive | West Orange, NJ

07/07  The 208th Worldwide Blood Drive | Oradell, NJ

07/07  The 207th Worldwide Blood Drive | Elmsford, NY

07/07  The 203rd Worldwide Blood Drive | Nanuet, NY

07/07  The 201st Worldwide Blood Drive | Fishkill, NY

07/07  Hammonasset Beach State Park Cleanup | Madison, CT

06/30  Sunset Cove Park Marsh Planting | Broad Channel, NY

06/23  Rosedale Park – Mercer Meadows Tree Planting Project | Pennington, NJ

06/16  Castor Avenue Street Cleanup | Philadelphia, PA

05/26  Senior Citizen Home Assistance | Hampton, VA

05/26  North Phoebus Community Garden Cleanup | Hampton, VA

04/29  Blackstone and Franklin Square Earth Day Cleanup | Boston, MA

04/26  Ridgefield Nature Center Project | Ridgefield, NJ

03/25  Family Health and Welness Expo | Wilmington, DE

03/21  US State Senator and House Representative Award Received

03/18  McAlpine Creek Park Cleanup | Charlotte, NC

03/14  George Washington Carver Center Cleanup | Norristown, PA

03/03  Sawgrass Nature Center and Wildlife Hospital Cleanup | Coral Springs, FL

02/07  Joseph M. Sanzari Children’s Hospital Book Drive | Hackensack, NJ

01/27  North King Street Cleanup | Hampton, VA

01/20  Albermarle Road Cleanup | Charlotte, NC