Intl WeLoveU Foundation Joins the 68th UN Civil Society Conference in Salt Lake City, UT

Intl WeLoveU Foundation Joins the 68th UN Civil Society Conference in Salt Lake City, UT

The United Nations hosted the 68th UN Civil Society Conference from August 26-28, 2019, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Theme: Building Inclusive and Sustainable Cities and Communities.

The International WeLoveU Foundation participated in the conference by hosting three exhibits as well as a workshop focused on youth empowerment. More than 30 WeLoveU Foundation volunteers attended the conference from chapters in more than 10 states and from South Korea where WeLoveU’s headquarters is located. Nearly 5,000 participants from more than 700 civil society organizations and 120 countries also attended the conference.

More than 200 exhibits were on display in Halls 2 and 3 at the Salt Palace Convention Center. The United Nations Civil Society Conference allows international civil society organizations to place a global perspective on specific issues and time to share best practices at the international level through networking and participation in thematic sessions, organization-led workshops, and diverse exhibits. 

It also brings together senior UN System officials, academicians, private sectors, public opinion makers, governmental organizations, and international media to discuss issues of global concern. (Featured above: UN Chief of NGO Relations Jeff Brez and Former Under-Secretary General for the UN DGC Allison Smale)

The #BrightHaiti Experience

WeLoveU’s first exhibit out of three was the #BrightHaiti Experience. In order to create sustainable communities and enable students to study and work in the evening, WeLoveU Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah donated 3,000 solar-powered lanterns to students of the Wharf-Jeremie Vocational and Technical Training Institute in July 2018

(Featured above: UN DGC Public Information Officer Felipe Queipo and Founding Principal of KZ Architecture Jaya Kader)

More than 500 guests went on a journey to the Caribbean, experiencing a glimpse of what it’s like to be a student in Haiti without steady electricity. At first, they attempted to read a textbook by candlelight while seated in a replica of a small house in Haiti. Exhibit guides discussed the current status of the developing nation, which supplies electricity to only 25% of citizens. 

Once the solar-powered lantern was turned on, guests right away exclaimed, “Wow!” or “Oh!” because of the overwhelming difference between reading with candlelight and by lantern. They witnessed first-hand the impact of the #BrightHaiti Project and how it benefits students to achieve quality education. 

The #BrightHaiti Experience wrapped up with participants reading testimonials from the students who received the lanterns. Six months after the donation ceremony, students shared that the #BrightHaiti Project reached far beyond the 3,000 recipients. Up to 10 students in their communities were gathering in one house in order to study using the light of one lantern. 

>> Read the students testimonials

#StartDoingGood Graphic Novel Exhibit

The next booth brought visitors on an exciting adventure through WeLoveU’s original graphic novel, #StartDoingGood. Leopold, an avid WeLoveU volunteer, takes his friend Kai on a global adventure to teach him about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and save a sick planet, Mr. Earth.

The graphic novel is a fun, engaging, and creative way to familiarize oneself with the goals and learn how to fulfill them. It’s also an effective tool to teach youth about the SDGs. At this exhibit, participants were also able to take a memorable photo with life-size characters of the SDG novel, Leopold, Kai and Mr. Earth.

(Left to right: VP of PR at USNC_UN Women Vlada Yaramenko and Former Ambassador of the Republic of Mauritius John Price)

(1) Center, Political Presenter for Ariana News in Afghanistan Hamdard Ghafoorey. (2) Fourth from right, Actor and Environmentalist Luke Mullen. (3) Center, Yinka Lawanson or his stage name, Lamboginny, Nigerian singer who advocates for prison reform.

Learning About #WeLoveU

The third booth allowed guest to learn more about the WeLoveU Foundation initiatives and projects throughout the world and learn more about the SDGs. Visitors played “spin the wheel” which landed on one of the 17 SDGs. After learning some of the targets and dimensions of the SDG, participants made a personal pledge as to how to fulfill the goal in their daily lives. Guests posted their pledge on the 8-foot pledge board along with an SDG sticker to create the “WeLoveU” logo collage with SDG stickers by the end of the conference.

Empowering Youth to Fulfill the Goals Workshop

On Tuesday, August 27, 2019, the WeLoveU Foundation hosted an engaging workshop entitled, Empowering Youth to Fulfill the Goals. Over 100 guests attended the workshop, which featured a panel-style discussion with WeLoveU’s Vice President of Global Communications John Power, Red Cross Representative Sherri Van Bibber, and WeLoveU Youth Volunteer Representative Cassandra Todd.

Panelists discussed the challenges preventing youth from volunteering such as juggling school and work or establishing their careers.

Mr. Power provided some insight as to what youth empowerment looks like while Ms. Sherri Van Bibber provided examples of the youth’s impact in society. She described a recent modification to blood donor age regulations allowing young adults, as young as 17 (formerly 18), to participate in life-saving blood donations—a revision which was initiated by young adults. Youth representative Ms. Todd emphasized the importance of instilling volunteerism in youth from a young age to encourage the next generation to regularly participate in community service as a lifestyle and speak up for what is good.

Workshop attendees enjoyed the family-like atmosphere of the event, which was informative and sincere, yet fun and light-hearted. One guest called the workshop the “highlight of the conference!”

Until Next Year, #UNCSC ♥

All in all, WeLoveU board members and volunteers enjoyed attending thematic sessions and workshops throughout the course of the conference to gain insight on global issues. In this way, they can learn how the WeLoveU Foundation can address these concerns through international volunteer services. Members of WeLoveU established many networks in order to partner with other NGOs to work towards fulfilling the Global Goals.

Volunteers are eager to apply what they’ve learned through the 68th United Nations Civil Society Conference through community service activities and give hope to their neighbors. By sharing the love of a mother and treating the whole world as a global family, WeLoveU contributes towards building sustainable and inclusive communities and giving hope to the world.

WeLoveU’s Worldwide Blood Drive Lands in Buffalo

WeLoveU’s Worldwide Blood Drive Lands in Buffalo

Relieving Blood Shortages One Donation at a Time

The International WeLoveU Foundation’s 2019 Worldwide One-Two Blood Drive Movement has provided blood banks and hospitals with a global network of blood donors since its launch in June. As the need for blood is high and the supply is low, WeLoveU’s campaign aims to relieve global blood shortages. To date, more than 50 countries have participated in WeLoveU’s worldwide blood drive movement.

WeLoveU volunteers in Buffalo, New York also joined this worldwide effort. They organized a blood drive in partnership with ConnectLife (formerly UNYTS) on Sunday, August 25, 2019 at the ConnectLife headquarters. Through their partnership, they extended their outreach by enlightening people about the benefits of donating blood. At the same time, their efforts are working to address the blood shortages in the city of Buffalo.

As the city faces blood shortages in the summer, the timing of it all was perfect. WeLoveU volunteers invited everyone from public officials to residents to participate in the blood drive. On the day of the donation, WeLoveU volunteers displayed panels about the importance of donating blood and the statistics surrounding it.

The Big Day!

Starting at 9:30 a.m. for set up, WeLoveU volunteers and ConnectLife staff set up tents, tables and chairs. Commemorating the day, they took a group photo and by noon registration opened and donors poured through the door. 

Roughly 70 people walked through ConnectLife’s doors to donate. Not to mention, WeLoveU volunteers traveled from Syracuse and Rochester to join. Outside the blood center, there was face painting for children, families enjoying food and even dancing.

“Being a member of this community, we would like to thank the WeLoveU Foundation for being very conscious about the problems and the issues that are going on far abroad and here at home, especially in the community of Buffalo. Even though their whole intention is international, I’m glad to hear they were also responsive in the recent emergency call in the region of Buffalo.” 

– Dr. Nader Nader, Chief of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine, U.S. Dept. of Veteran Affairs

The event concluded with ConnectLife presenting the WeLoveU Foundation a Certificate of Appreciation for their life-saving efforts. Through the donors’ collective efforts, approximately 117 lives can be saved through their donations.

The 23rd New Life Family Walkathon in the United States

The 23rd New Life Family Walkathon in the United States

Giving Hope to 7 Billion People With a Smile and a Loving Heart!

That was the slogan for the relay of walkathons hosted by the International WeLoveU Foundation in Brazil, Peru, the Philippines, South Korea and now here in the United States. The New Life Family Walkathon that Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah has organized annually for the past two decades in Seoul is now taking place in multiple countries around the world. Each one bearing the same purpose in mind: to console those seriously affected by the devastating climate disasters in Mozambique.

Earlier this year, two cyclones—Idai and Kenneth—slammed the country in Southern Africa back to back, leaving it to put itself back together during this humanitarian crisis. It’s reported that subsequent flooding destroyed $1 billion of infrastructure. On top of the country’s fragile framework and people’s lives turned upside down, animals are also suffering as a result of these disasters.

>> What happened in Mozambique?

Saddened by the news of climate disaster, Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah dedicated the 23rd New Life Family Walkathon in the United States to help those in Mozambique. Together, our steps can translate to love, life, and harmony to those undergoing present difficulties.

We Are Here for You, Mozambique!

On the bright morning of Sunday, July 28, 2019, approximately 2,500 participants checked in, ready to walk! Activity booths with interactive and fun games made it easy for everyone to learn about the 17 Global Goals including a WeLoveU original comic about how to implement the SDGs in daily lives. In addition to supporting Mozambique, WeLoveU launched the #AIMfortheGoals campaign to raise awareness about the SDGs that were established to protect our planet.  

Before the opening address, there was time for a couple of performances by the WeLoveU Foundation volunteers. There were two dance pieces: one dedicated to Mozambique and another one fostering camaraderie to take care of our world together. The last performance was the WeLoveU theme song.

A Special Spotlight on Our Speakers

Right when the guest speakers took the stage, everyone was in for a special surprise visit by U.S. Representative for New Jersey’s 10th congressional district—Donald Payne Jr. Given the Congressman’s tight schedule before the August recess, everyone from the President of WeLoveU to the guest speakers and all 2,500 guests were honored to have an opportunity to hear from the U.S. Representative. Not to mention, Liberty State Park in Jersey City where this year’s walkathon was held is included in Congressman Donald Payne Jr.’s district!

The President of the WeLoveU Foundation then took to the podium after Congressman Donald Payne Jr.’s surprise visit. His introductory message reminded all participants of Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah’s message that we are one family living in a big home called ‘Earth.’ 

Therefore, as a global family, we must encourage and serve one another with the heart of a mother. This was the perfect introduction for the Ambassador of Mozambique Carlos Dos Santos followed by UN DGC Representative Felipe Queipo. 

“It’s a sense of joy and appreciation for the kind of solidarity to say, ‘Mozambique and Mozambicans, you are far away, but we are with you. We want to support you; we want to help you.'” – Ambassador Carlos Dos Santos

The next following speakers that the WeLoveU Foundation had a privilege to have speak at the 23rd New Life Family Walkathon was Climate Reality Project Leader Tim Guinee, and Lindsey Prowse from the French-American Chamber of Commerce. The more each speaker presented about the effects of climate change, the importance of an individuals role in tackling it, and so on, the moral of the volunteers were heightened as they anticipated to walk for such a meaningful cause.

One, Two, Three—Let’s Walk!

By the early afternoon, all 2,500 participants comprised of family, friends and local officials met at the starting line. On the count of three, everyone began taking their steps one by one in support of Mozambique.

To stay hydrated all-day long, all who registered received a glass water bottle. A water sponsor provided free water for volunteers to refill their bottles frequently without using plastic bottles. Reducing plastic use is good for us and our planet. In addition, a majority—if not all—carpooled for this event. Having fewer cars on the road means carbon emissions are reduced and our air quality improves.

 It was a pleasant afternoon across from the New York City skyline. Families and friends had opportunities to catch up and talk together while participating in a wonderful cause. Through the volunteers efforts, WeLoveU hopes those in Mozambique can feel refreshed and comforted knowing there are people supporting them from across the globe.


WeLoveU Hosts Family Health and Wellness Expo in Delaware

WeLoveU Hosts Family Health and Wellness Expo in Delaware

The International WeLoveU Foundation East Coast Region hosts its very first Family Health and Wellness Expo in partnership with Councilwoman-at-Large Rysheema Dixon. 

Living a healthy lifestyle begins at home. With the right education and resources, several health issues affecting Americans today can be managed and in some cases, prevented. However, what happens when information isn’t easily accessible? It can stop individuals from making positive health choices, affecting not only themselves, but their family. 

Acting as a bridge, granting people access to proper health resources, WeLoveU stepped in by hosting a Family Health and Wellness Expo on March 24, 2019, at the H. Fletcher Brown Boys and Girls Club. The WeLoveU Foundation worked alongside Councilwoman Dixon, who they met last fall during the Christiana Care Book Drive; she sits on the Health, Aging, and Disabilities Committee in Wilmington. 

The Family Health and Wellness Expo

Early in the morning, WeLoveU volunteers from Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New York joined forces to transform the Boys and Girls Club gymnasium. They had stations for vendors, a stage for guest speakers and performances, and the children’s play zone.

The Delaware Joint Army and Air Color Guard opened the event by presenting the Presentation of the Colors followed by the National Anthem. After the ceremony, guest speakers came forward, one after another, welcoming guests and highlighting key points about health. Throughout the day, a variety of dance performances entertained the crowd. However, their dances contained an important message to stay active. One performance in particular,Let’s Move!is an anti-obesity national campaign created by Michelle Obama to raise a healthier generation of kids. 

I want to thank the WeLoveU Foundation and Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah for partnering with me to hold this event, and to ensure our families and citizens of Wilmington have access to healthy events such as this. This is our second event together. We actually did a literacy campaign at Wilmington hospital previously, where they donated over 1,600 books to the pediatric department at Wilmington hospital. Thank you for coming out this afternoon. Enjoy all the activities that we have for you today, and enjoy this wonderful afternoon as a family, as we share in addressing health issues.

Rysheema Dixon


Hand-in-Hand Learning Together

Nearly 20 health-related organizations attended the expo, offering spinal screenings, blood pressure checks, cooking demonstrations and more. The Family Health and Wellness Expo was open for several hours. This provided visitors with enough time to thoroughly stop by each station. The vendors gladly answered all their questions, even providing free brochures and contact information.

It’s equally important for kids to lead healthy lives as their families. Children also stopped by each station to learn. When they visited each station, they then moved on to the Children’s Play Zone. At the station, kids had their faces painted, received animal balloons, and played interactive games. 

New Castle County officers and Delaware State Troopers stocked their stations with coloring books, stickers, and drawstring bags for the kids. In addition, the officers and local firefighters gave tours of their cruisers and trucks.

Senator Christopher A. Coons extended his sincere congratulations to the WeLoveU Foundation for enhancing the quality of life for people throughout the world and U.S. Although the Senator was unable to attend, a representative came, delivering a letter signed from the Senator. 

“…Today’s Family Health and Wellness Expo serves as a reflection of all the hard work that the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation has put forth this year and years prior. I am truly grateful for the work that the International WeLoveU Foundation has done in continuing to safe guard our communities through volunteerism, community service and health awareness…”

From the time I got here and I drove up, the volunteers were so welcoming. They helped me get my materials out of the car. It’s just been great to see so many volunteers and people from the community very concerned and engaged in the importance of coming together to have events like this to promote health and wellness in our community—especially here in the city of Wilmington where I was born. I would love to do some type of international or even regional blood drive with your organization.

Nina Anderson

Doctor and Founder of Tova Community

The 2018 East Coast New Life Family Walkathon

The 2018 East Coast New Life Family Walkathon

New Life Family Walkathon: A Walk for Bright Minds

On Sunday, August 5, 2018, the first-ever East Coast New Life Family Walkathon took place in the country’s capital—Washington D.C—to help our neighbors in the global village. Nearly 2,000 participants gathered on the 3rd Street Gravel at the National Mall—the long, grassy home of iconic monuments—across from the U.S. Capitol Building.

It’s been twenty years since WeLoveU’s Chairwoman, Zahng Gil-jah, began her journey to benefit marginalized populations, refugees of climate change and war, children with incurable diseases and more through walkathons. And now, her seed has taken root and blossomed in the East Coast Region of the United States.

 “I’m pleased to see the New Life Family Walkathon contributing to saving life and strengthening unity between family members. I think the greatest power in this world is love.” – Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah

Embraced by the summer rays, members flocked from all points along the East Coast—from Florida to Boston—to participate in this very special event.

Back in May, the WeLoveU Foundation delivered 3,000 solar-powered lanterns to vocational students in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. This effort known as The #BrightHaiti Project was created to provide vocational students with a clean and safe source of light. While at the same time act as a tool of hope as they study for a brighter future.

Now, the New Life Family Walkathon is the vehicle to launch the second phase of The #BrightHaiti Project. The next phase involves installing solar panels in vocational schools and donating school supplies. Under the slogan, “Bright minds need bright lights,” the WeLoveU East Coast Region pledges to take the lead in caring for our family members in need in the Western Hemisphere.

A Mother’s Love: The Power That Makes the World Go Round

At 10 a.m., the opening ceremony began with a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem accompanied by the U.S. Navy Color Guard. Next, a cultural dance followed and then the President of the WeLoveU Foundation East Coast Region, Daniel Lee, gave his opening remarks.

Mr. Lee began by reminding the participants of the purpose behind their gathering. It’s to make a bright Haiti and for the well-being of humanity, but moreover, he emphasized the unique driving force behind WeLoveU’s activities, which is a mother’s love. With this love, WeLoveU is able to see, hear and also take care of the difficulties experienced by many in the global village.

He said, “The love of a mother is the core to each and every activity, initiative and event carried out by the International WeLoveU Foundation. In this world where individualism is increasing, people in tough times are often left behind in despair. For those with such difficulties, the best solution is a mother’s love. It is only a mother’s love that has the capacity to care for and consider all people of the world.”

Following Mr. Lee, another WeLoveU speaker introduced WeLoveU’s international works to the audience. From installing water pumps, assisting entire communities in the aftermath of disasters to building schools and more, it’s clear the WeLoveU Foundation is busy working all-yearlong—just as a mother gives herself no rest until all her children are cared for.

“I could continue to go on and on about the activities that have been made possible because of volunteers like you. But I mention all these examples as a way to demonstrate that all of us today are making a difference beyond what our eyes can see,” said Rebecca Parker, Vice President of Communications.

Afterward, another representative stepped forward explaining how WeLoveU’s activities and initiatives align with the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In 2015, the UN General Assembly adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development including 17 goals to fulfill their universal vision of ending poverty, protecting the planet and ensuring prosperity for all. In a nutshell, the SDGs intend to transform the world.

Along the walkway were panels highlighting WeLoveU’s activities that contribute to the fulfillment of these goals. For example, installing water pumps goes hand-in-hand to accomplish the sixth goal of clean water and sanitation. Delivering solar-powered lanterns to vocational students in Haiti helps fulfill quality education and affordable and clean energy.

After reading the panels, members pledged their support to fulfill the goals through WeLoveU’s volunteer service projects. After signing a pledge, they placed a sticker on the world map. It’s because WeLoveU’s initiatives not only impact one region but extend a helping hand to the whole world.

“WeLoveU has been carrying out initiatives, activities, and events similar to these goals for nearly two decades. And during this time, WeLoveU has developed an approach to our humanitarian work that is driven by four major core values: humility, encouragement, love, patience, and sacrifice. In short, WeLoveU H.E.L.P.S.,” said John Casas.

To wrap up the opening remarks, a special speaker came forward—Mayor Dean Mazzarella from Leominster, Massachusetts. Just an hour outside of Boston, the mayor has been supporting WeLoveU’s Clean WORLD activities and spreading WeLoveU’s message throughout the city of Leominster.

He said, “I can’t encourage more to other local elected officials, state or federal officials across the world: this is the organization you want to team up with. The definition of community is WeLoveU Foundation.”

Walking for the Happiness of Seven Billion People!

Around noon, all participants rallied to the starting point for the main event—the walk! After the ceremonial ribbon cutting at the front line, President Lee cued by saying, “Start!” The marching band began to play and the walkathon officially started.

A sea of blue shirts paraded around the 2.5-mile course for the happiness of all seven billion people. All ages from the youngest to the oldest walked together hand-in-hand with their families and friends. And giving an extra boost of encouragement, a cheer team held signs and cheered on the walkers saying: “Don’t give up!” “Shine the Light, Make it Bright!” “WeLoveU!” “Walk for Bright Minds!”

When everyone reached the finish line, a loud ‘hooray!’ resounded throughout the National Mall. It was a meaningful time for all to reflect on the impact of their actions while also realizing once again that all people of the global village are one family. By the early afternoon, families and friends ate their lunches together enjoying the shade and summer breeze.

Through the New Life Family Walkathon, WeLoveU affirms to deliver hope and support to those affected by adversity and misfortune. This can be accomplished with acts of compassion, devotion and an unconditional love of that of a mother. The participant’s steps will reach those in overseas countries and resound throughout the whole world.

WeLoveU’s Fayetteville Cross Creek Project

WeLoveU’s Fayetteville Cross Creek Project

Let’s Make a Clean World!

Around 30 volunteers from the International WeLoveU Foundation came together in Fayetteville, North Carolina to clean Cross Creek on June 17, 2018. They arrived with an eagerness to lend a helping hand to the city. The volunteers united to clean, protect and preserve the river which was once the city’s epicenter for trade.

With local and regional partners planning to restore Cross Creek, WeLoveU is working towards that goal by removing as much litter and trash as possible. The volunteers carried this activity out under the organization’s Clean World Movement. It’s a global initiative crafted by WeLoveU’s Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah. The goal: to raise awareness about the importance of environmental protection in the face of climate change.

Every year, WeLoveU chapters in more than 50 countries around the world organize cleanups in their respective areas. Climate change and environmental pollution are becoming a big focal point for many government officials including the United Nations. Keeping that in mind, WeLoveU carries out volunteer services for the betterment of the planet.

One Cleanup at a Time

The local volunteers in Fayetteville, North Carolina could not let this opportunity pass by them.

To serve their community, they assembled together in Festival Park where Cross Creek flows. All sorts of trash and debris covered the creek’s bank. Surprisingly, they found glass bottles, fallen tree limbs, damaged signs, broken iron rods and rusted pipes in and out of the creek. One by one they began picking up all the trash they could see including bigger items that required extra hands.

For this reason, their efforts brought a great relief to city officials who otherwise would’ve had to allocate many resources and manpower to complete this project. The WeLoveU volunteers were not the only ones excited about the cleanup. Motorists driving through the park and pedestrians strolling by were also happy. One of them said, “I haven’t seen this creek cleaned in years!” Overall, the participant’s filled 34 trash bags, not including the bulkier items they found.

As a puzzle is made up of many pieces, the volunteers cleaning Cross Creek is a piece of the Clean WORLD Movement. Learn more about WeLoveU’s Clean WORLD Movement and make a difference in your community with a hands-on approach.

Volunteers Clean Seaside Park in Connecticut’s Historic Seaport City

Volunteers Clean Seaside Park in Connecticut’s Historic Seaport City

On June 17, 2018, more than 70 volunteers of the International WeLoveU Foundation joined forces with Bridgeport, Connecticut’s Park and Recreation Department to clean Seaside Park. Within Bridgeport—the largest and most historic city in the state—is the two and a half mile park bordering Bridgeport Harbor.

That is where volunteers throughout the state gathered to carry out a cleanup on Father’s Day. This volunteer service is part of WeLoveU’s Clean WORLD Movement—a worldwide effort to raise awareness of the importance of environmental protection in the face of climate change.

City & State Leaders Support WeLoveU

To kick-start, Bridgeport Mayor Joseph Ganim spoke briefly to thank WeLoveU for coming to Seaside Park. He also went on to call the volunteers heroes for protecting the environment.

“I’d like to thank everyone who is here for the Clean WORLD Movement from WeLoveU. All of you have come here to clean up Seaside Park, this beautiful, natural asset that serves so many fathers and families, especially today. Thank you for your commitment to the environment and our beautiful mother earth and for making our world a better place,” said Mayor Ganim.

Senator Richard Blumenthal, who has been serving in the U.S. Senate since 2011, also attended. Before volunteers started to clean, he presented the WeLoveU Foundation with a Certificate of Special Recognition.

He said, “Cleaning this beach is really great work. It’s so important to make sure the next generation can benefit from this wonderful natural resource. That’s why I’m presenting you (WeLoveU) a Certificate of Special Recognition from the Senate of the United States. Thank you for the great work you did today and making this beach clean.”

Cleaning in the Historic Seaport City

Volunteers combed Seaside Park’s playgrounds, picnic areas, parking lots and seashore. To their surprise, they discovered debris hidden along the harbor’s rocky shoreline like old tires, fencing and plywood, bottles and food wrappers.

To carry out the volunteer service safely, the Bridgeport Parks and Recreation Department equipped the group with supplies. All together, they collected approximately 40 bags of trash. The WeLoveU volunteers hope to not only provide a clean environment, but also an enjoyable park experience for all.

WeLoveU’s Chairwoman, Zahng Gil-jah, has led people around the world to become active volunteers to take action and do whatever we can to protect our environment. Especially as we continually see the effects of climate change become more serious. Through the areas of social and child welfare, disaster relief, and environmental cleanups, the Chairwoman’s example of giving love has spread from the east to the west and planted itself in more than 50 countries with more than 150,000 volunteers to inspire a healthy and hopeful future.

Learn more about WeLoveU’s Clean WORLD Movement.

New Jersey Volunteers Sweep the Streets of North Bergen

New Jersey Volunteers Sweep the Streets of North Bergen

On Your Marks, Get Set, Clean!

On Sunday, June 3, 2018, about 40 WeLoveU volunteers united to participate in an environmental cleanup in the Township of North Bergen, New Jersey. At the foot of 74th Street, refuse piled up due to littering and illegal garbage dumping. Upon hearing this, the members of WeLoveU jumped on board to clean the neighborhood and protect the environment.

The cleanup started around noon and volunteers wasted no time to clean. They picked up large items they found tucked in the trees like couches, mattresses, television sets and kitchen sinks. Among everything, they also collected bottles, plastic bags, and gasoline jugs. In two hours, they filled 35 bags of trash using 33 and 50-gallon bags.

This activity caught the attention of two public commissioners: Frank Gargiulo and Julio Marenco. They attended the cleanup expecting only a handful to participate, but to their surprise, 40 volunteers came together. Before leaving, they took group photos and said they will definitely notify the Mayor of the group’s effort.

Together, We Can Go Far!

Overall, everyone had smiles on their faces from seeing the result of their labor. Their hope is to continue raising awareness about environmental protection while encouraging others to get involved too. It’s because the volunteers are on a mission to make a cleaner world—one project at a time.

Especially now, since many people are preoccupied by their own daily lives, the members aim to reignite a sense of community and neighborly love. Each volunteer comes from a different upbringing and culture, yet, their goal is the same: to embrace the world with the love of a mother through volunteer service. In order to do that, they wholeheartedly put their efforts into carrying out community service activities.

The Jersey Journal, a daily newspaper that covers news and events throughout the Hudson County, featured this story here.

Commonwealth Avenue Mall Cleanup Is First of Many in Boston

Commonwealth Avenue Mall Cleanup Is First of Many in Boston

On a chilly morning on Sunday, April 4, 2018, 50 volunteers from the WeLoveU Foundation met on Commonwealth Avenue Mall in Boston, Massachusetts. All participants came from different parts throughout Massachusetts and met on Sunday, April 8, 2018, to clean up the grassy mall.

Commonwealth Avenue Mall

Quite contrary to what the name suggests, it isn’t a shopping mall. The Commonwealth’s history dates back to the 19th century. The Mall is 32-acres of grassy land that stretches along the Back Bay neighborhood. The historic avenue is usually occupied by many dog walkers and joggers. You can read more the Commonwealth Avenue Mall on the City of Boston’s official website.

Cleaning Together, Let’s Go!

This cleanup marked the first regional event of 2018 for WeLoveU volunteers in Boston. Ready with garbage and leaf bags, gloves, rakes and smiles, they paired off spreading across the greenway. After a long winter, dead branches, leaves, and trash became visible to the volunteer’s eyes. It had all accumulated during the cold season and hid under the snow. Dry grass and weeds were raked and pulled out, replacing many parts of the mall with a layer of fresh soil. They worked with determination to fulfill their task of providing a clean and safe environment for their neighbors. They cleaned a one-mile stretch along Commonwealth Avenue Mall and collected 84 garbage and leaf bags.

The Blue Shirts

Local Boston residents recognized the group from previous community service activities. Some passed by with their dogs, smiling and saying, “Thank you! Beautiful job!” Another one waved and in return, the volunteers cheered, “We love you!” Two television crews, NBC and Fox25, came and interviewed some volunteers; capturing all their efforts. You can watch the news coverage here and here. The laughter and joy coming from the volunteers brightened up the cloudy day.  Their goal to work with a mother’s love and give hope to everyone around allowed them to work with great unity. This volunteer service activity is part of WeLoveU’s Clean WORLD Movement to have a clean world not only for ourselves but for future generations.

WeLoveU Volunteers Complete Tarken Park Revitalization Project

WeLoveU Volunteers Complete Tarken Park Revitalization Project

Tarken Park and Recreation Center: Mission Accomplished!

On Sunday, March 18, 2018, 60 volunteers from the International WeLoveU Foundation returned to the Tarken Park and Recreation Center in northeast Philadelphia for round two of their revitalization efforts.

Initially, the group turned their attention on the park in November of 2017. With nearly 70 volunteers, they repainted graffiti-covered walls, uprooted weeds, replaced basketball nets and collected trash.

The community really appreciated the volunteer’s hard work and showed it by maintaining the improvements during the winter season. Not a single basketball hoop was broken. Freshly painted walls on the recreation center remained graffiti-free. Litter and other trash once found scattered throughout the park were kept under control. Now, the WeLoveU Foundation returned to the neighborhood to complete the remainder of the project.

The volunteer’s focus switched to removing poisonous vines and invasive plants. Over time, the unwanted greenery grew around the park’s playgrounds, tennis courts, and baseball fields. To counter this, the participants began digging and uprooting vines that crept up the sides of the tennis courts and fences. Surprisingly, each vine reached 12 to 15 feet above the ground’s surface! By removing them, all visitors can be sure to enjoy a safe park experience.

Meanwhile, the rest of the volunteers grabbed shovels and rakes. They bagged up loose wet leaves unearthed since winter. Also, they cleared pathways blocked by dirt and debris to make a safer walking trail.

Altogether, volunteers removed close to 2,000 pounds of trash, leaves and other hazardous debris from the park and recreation center. Many families happened to be visiting the park or passing by. They encouraged the WeLoveU group by saying words like, “Good job,” “Thank you,” and “Keep doing what you’re doing!”

During the course of the event, local media outlets came to report WeLoveU’s efforts at the Tarken Park and Recreation Center. Philadelphia’s ABC6, NBC10 and Fox 29 spread out throughout the park recording all the progress made.

Learn more about the Clean WORLD Movement and get involved. 

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