For a happier and healthier society, the International WeLoveU Foundation promotes unity and friendship among all people of the global village—beyond nationality, race, religion, and socioeconomic status—through impactful environmental and social welfare initiatives carried out with the heart of a mother.

Sharing the Love of a Mother

The International WeLoveU Foundation believes a mother’s love is the key ingredient to inspiring change and improving the lives of many throughout the global community. By nature, mothers are nurturing caregivers who deliver sincere love and consideration, without expectation. Throughout history, the power of a mother’s selfless devotion and hard work for her children has accomplished many miraculous feats and even saved lives.

Our Work

Through acts of kindness, selfless volunteerism, and various social welfare projects, more than 290,000 volunteers of the International WeLoveU Foundation are putting the love and devotion of a mother into practice, and making a difference within the global village.

Our Initiatives

Our current initiatives on the East Coast of the United States

About Us

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Our Founder

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Our History

From one country to the world

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