WeLoveU Visits #BrightHaiti Solar-Lantern Recipients

bright haiti recipients

After donating 3,000 solar-powered lanterns to students from the Warf Jeremie Vocational and Technical Training Center in May, the WeLoveU Foundation touched base with the recipients. WeLoveU is already in the midst of planning phase two of the Bright Haiti project to improve students lives and progress their education. 

Students Express Their #BrightHaiti Experience

The results were incredible and the feedback from the students was promising. They expressed their gratitude to the foundation and Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah for thinking of them and providing a solution for a problem they face daily. Many students mentioned how the lanterns have become a vital source of light for them at night.

It increases their productivity after sundown whether to complete schoolwork or other activities. It also positively impacts their families lives and the community directly. They can travel to the outer cities where there is little to no power with their lantern to visit their families. Some even choose to send their lantern as a gift to less fortunate family members who have no access to electricity at all.

I am studying accounting and English. Before the lantern, I always had difficulty studying, especially at home since in Haiti we don’t have much electricity. Now that I have this lamp, it is very useful to me. This lamp helps my household. When we didn’t have electricity before, we had to put candles out every day. Now with the lantern, we no longer need candles.

We want to thank the WeLoveU Foundation so much. Not many foundations do such great work or think about us, and we want to truly thank WeLoveU on behalf of CEFPROTEC university.


I study accounting. I want to thank WeLoveU for thinking of CEFPROTEC for the distribution of the lamp. We used to have so many difficulties to study or run our regular errands around our neighborhood. Because electricity is so rare in Haiti, it was difficult for us to walk around, especially at night and function well. This lamp changed our whole lives and represents so much for us. The lamp helps us study even in groups. We help other people in the area so they can benefit from the lamp as well and we are sometimes 10 people studying together with the lamp. I’m from the countryside, and when I have to go there, I always take the lamp to do my chores. When I get to the countryside, many people congratulate me on such a beautiful gift. I don’t have the words to express my gratitude towards WeLoveU for such an incredible gift.

Wismail Pierre Louise

Spending Time with Students and Donating School Supplies

Upon hearing such touching stories, the WeLoveU Foundation organized a light show with the students and prepared to donate schools supplies such as notebooks, pencils, and pens to each of the participants to further encourage their education.

Thus, on Sunday, October 28, 2018, 100 students from the Warf Jeremie Vocational and Technical Training Center gathered together. After the light show, students were treated to snacks and beverages. Then, WeLoveU distributed the school supplies as well as warm meals for each student to enjoy. They served the students with the love of a mother as it’s one of the foundation’s core teachings.

Recipients of The #BrightHaiti solar-powered lanterns
Students stood in formation spelling “WeLoveU” while holding up their lanterns.

The students were excited to participate in the event and were very thankful to receive materials to facilitate their education. The principal also shared his gratitude towards the foundation and looks forward to collaborating with WeLoveU again in the future. One student said,“This foundation is very different. All of you are always smiling and so kind. Thank you WeLoveU for thinking of us and our needs when we feel sometimes abandoned by our own country.”

I am a student at CEFPROTEC. They say that gratitude is the memory of the heart. So we want to take this time to thank the founder of WeLoveU for thinking about us. Often when we come home, there is no electricity and we cannot work. Since as students, we always have so much homework and research, it was difficult to study. Thanks to the lantern, our lives became much easier and now we are able to do what was impossible in the past. In the name of all students at CEFPROTEC, we want to take this time to thank you so much for thinking about us. We hope that we will hear from you soon again and share many great things together.

Clemard Junia

18 thoughts on “WeLoveU Visits #BrightHaiti Solar-Lantern Recipients”

  1. This is so moving! I never realized how much students and families were affected by a lack of electricity. This is so beautiful, especially since they shared so earnestly with others feeling such gratitude. Thank you for such amazing work WeLoveU!!

  2. It’s really awesome to see the impact of the solar lanterns that were donated by the WeLoveU Foundation. Though these lanterns seem small, this little bit of light on an island that is nearly in complete darkness once the sun goes down will go a long way. I am excited to see the works these students will achieve through this. WeLoveU Haiti!

  3. The International We Love U foundation has continually open many opportunity to nations all over the world . As a Haitian American, I am very happy and touched by the efforts of helping many Haitian students to advance. I am thankful to the foundation and to the Chairwoman.

  4. Not having access to electricity not only makes your environment physically dark, but it creates a feeling of despair. I am honored to have been able to help shine the light in Haiti even in a small way. Animo Haiti! We Love You!

  5. The Intl. WeLoveU Foundation is really like a light in the darkness. They’ve made such a change in the lives of the students in Haiti that are working and studying so hard for brighter futures for themselves and their family. You’ve made a huge impact and thanks to your donations the world will become better and brighter, starting with the students in Haiti.

    I hope to also take part in the next venture for the foundation because it is such an amazing feeling seeing the results and the change one person can make in the world.

  6. It’s amazing to see how the WeLoveU foundation has made such an amazing impact and has changed so many lives. It brings so much joy to my heart after reading these articles of the students. Thank you Zahng Gil-jah for creating such an amazing, impactful foundation and showing a Mother’s love through this beautiful foundation.

  7. It makes me happy to see and hear of such a wonderful organization doing great deeds such as this one. You’ve touched the lives of so many people all over the world. Through all of your community service efforts such as the donating of water pumps in several different countries to the rebuilding of damaged schools due to earthquakes, you make a difference in the world we live in. Congrats to the students who received an opportunity to continue in their studies through the lamps that were donated by the WeLoveU Foundation and congrats to everyone who took part in making this happen. Great job!

  8. Wow I’m so glad We Love U allowed us to see how the solar powered lanterns positively impacted the lives of many in Haiti!

  9. It touched my heart reading the feedback of the students in Haiti. I didn’t realize how difficult it was to be without electricity. I am glad that the solar lamps made such a positive impact in their lives.

  10. Wow! I felt a warmth in my heart while reading this article. We love u is such an amazing foundation touching the lives of many people around the world!

  11. Wow!! Words cannot express how amazing and touched I was after watching the response of those affected by the Solar Powered lanterns, it’s one thing to read the story of the events that took place but here how the students were affected and how much their lives have changed through the WeLoveU Foundation really brings a sense of peace to my heart!! It’s good to know amazing people still exist in the world. Thank You Zahng Gil-Jah for creating a such an impactful Foundation 🙂

  12. I’m so touched by the wonderful deeds of the We Love You Foundation. It’s always great see positive news coming Haiti!
    L’union fait la force!
    Bravo , We Love You Foundation!!

  13. Wow, There are no words to explain how amazing this event is and what is more moving is that nothing is asked in return from the organization but to see the students succeed and make a difference in the world; that is the greatest reward.

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