Since adopting Comfort Tyler Park, WeLoveU volunteers collected 62 bags of leaves, 30 bags of weeds, and shoveled five inches of snow.

Syracuse—a city tucked in the corners of New York State—is home to the Erie Canal Museum and its well-known educational institution, Syracuse University. The city frequently implements new programs to better the lives of its residents and the community. One of those programs is the Clean-up ‘Cuse Trash and Litter Program, otherwise known as the “Adopt-a-Block” program.

Earlier this year, Mayor Ben Walsh announced the program to inspire residents to pick up trash year round. This sparked the interest of local WeLoveU volunteers who feel strongly about serving their neighbors through volunteerism. The group adopted Comfort Tyler Park in July that’s nestled by Comstock Avenue and East Colvin Street. Adopting a street or park requires monthly cleanups for two years.

“Make this world better, we’ve got this together!”

Since its adoption, WeLoveU volunteers visited the park to clean and maintain it regardless of the weather conditions. Because of the changes in season, volunteer’s tasks varied as the park required different types of maintenance. For example, in the summertime, volunteers picked up trash, pulled up weeds, and laid down fresh mulch. Meanwhile, in the fall, the group raked up leaves and shoveled snow in late November. Before cleaning, volunteers huddle and cheer together saying, “Make this world better, we’ve got this together!”

1) Volunteers are seen removing trash intertwined in fences and removing dead branches on August 26, 2018. This effort is part of WeLoveU’s Clean WORLD Movement, making a pleasant and bright environment for neighbors.

2) Thirty WeLoveU volunteers cleaned Comfort Tyler Park for the first time on July 22, 2018. Teams split up to pick up litter, remove weeds, and lay fresh mulch. A handful of volunteers traveled from Watertown and Rochester, New York.

3) More than two dozen volunteers were raking leaves and pulling up weeds on the playground in the fall. Volunteers typically spending 2 hours at each cleanupA local TV station covered the volunteer’s efforts.

4) WeLoveU volunteers braved the cold weather to shovel five inches of snow for the safety of the community. Unexpected snowfall in November covered the sidewalks encompassing Comfort Tyler Park.

5) During the last cleanup of 2018, volunteers diligently raked up leaves. Mayor Ben Walsh and Maria Maldonado-Lewis, the Director of Constituent Services, stopped by to greet the group. Read more about this cleanup on Localsyr.com.

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