Earth Day 2020: Celebrating 50 Years

The activities of the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation have naturally been geared towards fulfilling the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) even before their official establishment in 2015.

WeLoveU’s passion and responsibility to achieve the SDGs has only grown since its formal association with the United Nations Department of Global Communications.

To that end, WeLoveU launched the Start Doing Good campaign to teach others how to do good together.

Graphic Novel

WeLoveU’s Start Doing Good graphic novel takes its readers on a fun and engaging path to understand the SDGs and how to fulfill them.

It’s about an avid WeLoveU volunteer named Leopold who takes his friend Kai on a global adventure to teach him about the SDGs and save a sick planet, Mr. Earth.

At first glance, the SDGs seem like an overwhelming topic. However, they are essential to solving global challenges and fostering action to create a more sustainable world.

Start Doing Good, Volume One: People

It’s a normal day in U-Shine City until a breaking news story emerges: Mr. Earth is sick and in big trouble! He’s fed up with the way he’s treated and can’t take it anymore. Join the adventure as WeLoveU volunteer and humanitarian expert Leopold teaches his apathetic friend Kai about the problems Mr. Earth is facing and the solutions through each of the SDGs.

Tag along through volume one of WeLoveU’s original graphic novel series and discover different ways to take action! Will these two friends be able to save Mr. Earth? Will Kai have a change of heart?

Start Doing Good, Volume Two: Prosperity

When disaster strikes close to home, Leopold tries to teach Kai the desperate need for sustainable cities and resilient infrastructures. But the highly advanced U-Shine City makes it difficult for Kai to relate. Accompany the team as they travel to Palm River Village and experience the challenges other communities face when difficulties arise.

Follow the journey and find out which of the SDGs can help harness technological, economic and social prosperity for all!

Stay tuned for the rest of the series, which will encompass the five Ps—people, planet, prosperity, peace and partnership—the categories of the SDGs.

Through this graphic novel, WeLoveU hopes we will work together to achieve the ultimate purpose of the SDGs: peace and happiness for humanity at large.