Tradewinds Park and Stables Receive a WeLoveU Makeover After Hurricane Irma

WeLoveU volunteers clean Tradewinds Park Stables in Florida.

Restoring Battered Pavilions After Hurricane Irma

Florida suffered extensive damage when Hurricane Irma rocked the state back on September 10, 2017. Nine months after the storm, Florida’s landscape improved all the more after rebuilding efforts ensued.

One park in particular—Tradewinds Park and Stables—in Coconut Creek, Florida still needed some TLC. It is one of Broward County’s largest and most diverse parks. With their many activities, WeLoveU organized to restore and clean the park to its original beauty on June 24, 2018.

Tradewinds Park & Stable’s New Look

The park needed a fresh coat of paint along with leaf-raking and trash disposal. In preparation for the activity, volunteers packed paint brushes, gloves, and trash bags. Once they arrived at the cleaning site, they divided into smaller groups to accomplish the work as quickly as possible.

Many painted the structures that remained standing after the harsh hurricane. More than five gallons of paint were used on one pavilion alone. Meanwhile, the rest of the volunteers picked up leaves and trash scattered throughout the park. By working together, they cleaned the park up in no time.

As volunteers continued working despite the summer heat, one thing was made apparent about them: their smiles! You can feel their happiness participating in the volunteer service in Tradewinds Park and Stable. Park visitors definitely took notice of their positive energy, too.

The Big Picture

By the end of the event, the volunteers took a group photo together in front of the Tradewinds Park and Stable sign. Partaking in this cleanup taught the volunteers much more than what meets the eye. They left the park understanding a little more about why it’s important to organize and participate in community services. By doing so, they have the potential to kick-start a string of cleanups that better the environment.

WeLoveU believes that one person can spark change, but it cannot be done alone; it’s a group effort! Currently, volunteers in 51 countries in the world are actively preserving the environment through cleanups every year and in some areas—monthly.

2 thoughts on “Tradewinds Park and Stables Receive a WeLoveU Makeover After Hurricane Irma”

  1. Jonathan Exantus

    Painting, working together and cleaning the park despite of this disaster is incredible. I am so thankful for the Chairwoman for starting such an amazing organization.

  2. This is awesome! Words cannot explain how happy I am to see young people getting involved with society and doing good deeds like this. I hope to see more events take place and I really thank the chairwoman for such an amazing organization

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