WeLoveU Plants Wildflowers in Philadelphia for Cleaner Air

plant wildflowers for cleaner air philadelphia

On Sunday, June 24, 2018, about 20 volunteers from the International WeLoveU Foundation in Philadelphia came together to plant wildflowers in northeast Philadelphia. The group, joined by State Representative Jared Solomon, began their morning by organizing the proper supplies. The volunteers mustered up gardening tools, trash bags, gloves and of course, wildflower seeds!


Wildflowers are hands down unsung heroes of the planet. As we know and can visually notice, they have natural abilities to beautify its environment wherever it is planted. However, what some may not know is they draw in and sustain wildlife. Pollinators like bees and other insects attract to them and help fertilize the area. Most importantly, wildflowers also reduce air pollution!

Plants have properties that take in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. Overall, this helps promote cleaner air. This defines WeLoveU’s Clean WORLD Movement 100%. The word “World” is an acronym that stands for Water, Oxygen, Region, Life, and Descendants. Through planting wildflowers, WeLoveU fulfills ‘O’ for Oxygen in its environmental initiative.

The volunteers worked together to remove weeds and plow the soil. Afterward, they strategically planted the wildflower seeds along a prominent island of soil. To top it all off, they watered the seeds. While doing so, families and locals stopped by; thanking the WeLoveU volunteers for their service.

Cleaner Air One Wildflower at a Time

State Representative Jared Solomon whose partnered with the WeLoveU Foundation on several occasions prior shook the volunteer’s hands; recognizing them for their efforts in the community. This volunteer service activity is the first step towards a larger-scale wildflower project in the city of Philadelphia.

“We have been trying to begin this project for a long time. These volunteers continue to come out and help the community. Because of their efforts today, the community will see the visual and environmental impact of wildflowers, which will lead to a larger scale impact across the whole city.”

Andrew Dalzell, Assistant to State Representative Jared Solomon

6 thoughts on “WeLoveU Plants Wildflowers in Philadelphia for Cleaner Air”

  1. Wild flowers and plants are so important for the environment! Glad to see WeLoveU not neglecting even the smallest things. Wonderful job!

  2. The WeLoveU organization has the mind to consider the areas that lack the most attention. Their impact to this particular community is noteworthy. They demonstrate that unity and dedication allow for commendable results.

  3. The volunteers at WeLoveU have earned our communities respect because of their hard work. They come out and put 100% into every project they part take in. You can really see how much they enjoy improving our communities. They are a breath of fresh air and I am happy that there are people still out there who care about others!

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