Fournier Park Summer Cleanup

fournier park clean up

On the first day of July and the hottest of the summer thus far, volunteers from the International WeLoveU Foundation came out to Fournier Park. The park located in Leominster, Massachusetts is a popular site in the summertime attracting children and parents for its splash pad and playgrounds.

About 45 volunteers met in Fournier Park with a target to beautify the park’s entrance. Leominster’s Recreational Director, Judith Sumner, guided volunteers providing them with tools, water, and snacks.

A Quick Touch-Up

Numerous weeds and trash have taken over the entrance that it even blocked visitors sight of the parks’ sign.  The first order of business was to remove the weeds and spray herbicide to prevent them from growing back.

Volunteers then spread mulch and planted flowers to embellish the entrance. Mulch is spread over the surface of the soil to protect it. It also helps retain moisture in the soil, subdues weeds, keeps the soil cool, and makes spruces up the parks’ appearance. Fresh mulch was also laid outside the baseball field and around the playground. An average of 4,800 pounds of mulch was spread throughout the park.

Mayor Mazzarella Supports WeLoveU

Leominster Mayor Dean Mazzarella also joined the volunteers. “I’ve been mayor for 25 years. If you were just around, my life would be a lot easier,” he stated, thanking the volunteers for their unyielding efforts. Mayor Mazzarella is an avid supporter of the WeLoveU foundation and has joined volunteers in earlier community service activities. Just last week he invited volunteers to appear on his community TV show to speak more about the organization and its latest projects.

The one-hundred-degree weather could not stop or delay the volunteers from working. Residents in the neighborhood took notice and thanked them as well for their efforts. Many mentioned that the park was due for a cleanup and some care.

Results & Future Plans

By noon and three hours of work later, Fournier Park looked refreshed. The parks’ entrance, playground, and baseball field all appeared more welcoming and ready for use. Volunteers filled 30 bags of trash. They concluded the community service with their signature, “We love you!” cheer, giving a farewell to the mayor and recreational director. With a united mind to show the love of a mother to their communities and neighbors, volunteers are scheduled to return to Leominster for a street cleanup next week.

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  1. The before and after photos really capture the hearts of the volunteers. I really love to see examples of people taking pride in their communities like this!

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