WeLoveU’s Worldwide Blood Drive Lands in Buffalo

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Relieving Blood Shortages in Buffalo

The International WeLoveU Foundation’s 2019 Worldwide One-Two Blood Drive Movement has provided blood banks and hospitals with a global network of blood donors since its launch in June. As the need for blood is high and the supply is low, WeLoveU’s campaign aims to relieve global blood shortages. To date, more than 50 countries have participated in WeLoveU’s worldwide blood drive movement. And now the blood drive has touched base in Buffalo, NY.

WeLoveU volunteers in Buffalo, New York also joined this worldwide effort. They organized a blood drive in partnership with ConnectLife (formerly UNYTS) on Sunday, August 25, 2019 at the ConnectLife headquarters. Through their partnership, they extended their outreach by enlightening people about the benefits of donating blood. At the same time, their efforts are working to address the blood shortages in the city of Buffalo.

A Buffalo-native participating in WeLoveU's blood drive to save a life.
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As Buffalo faces blood shortages in the summer, the timing of it all was perfect. WeLoveU volunteers invited everyone from public officials to residents to participate in the blood drive. On the day of the donation, WeLoveU volunteers displayed panels about the importance of donating blood and the statistics surrounding it.

The Big Day!

Starting at 9:30 a.m. for set up, WeLoveU volunteers and ConnectLife staff set up tents, tables and chairs. Commemorating the day, they took a group photo and by noon registration opened and donors poured through the doors. 

Roughly 70 people walked through ConnectLife’s doors to donate. Not to mention, WeLoveU volunteers traveled from Syracuse and Rochester to join. Outside the blood center, there was face painting for children, families enjoying food and even dancing.

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“Being a member of this community, we would like to thank the WeLoveU Foundation for being very conscious about the problems and the issues that are going on far abroad and here at home, especially in the community of Buffalo. Even though their whole intention is international, I’m glad to hear they were also responsive in the recent emergency call in the region of Buffalo.” 

Dr. Nader, Chief of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine, U.S. Dept. of Veteran Affairs

The event concluded with ConnectLife presenting the WeLoveU Foundation a Certificate of Appreciation for their life-saving efforts. Through the donors’ collective efforts in Buffalo, approximately 117 lives can be saved through their donations.

3 thoughts on “WeLoveU’s Worldwide Blood Drive Lands in Buffalo”

  1. Azadeh T Thompson

    Very good to see the work of the International WeLoveU foundation being shared and recognized. It’s not easy to bring people together to donate these days. I really commend WeLoveU for their great efforts and inspiration!

  2. This event really brought our community together. There were many families who came, so both parents could donate and set a great example for their children who are being cultivated to give back in the future. The WeLoveU Foundation is an organization that cultivates love and the heart to serve, while setting a good example for the generations to come.

  3. This was such an amazing event! I am so happy to be a WeLoveU volunteer! I learned so much about the benefits of donating through the WELOVEU panels and saved 3 lives by donating! Thank you WeLoveU I can’t wait for the next event!

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