WeLoveU Volunteers Kick-Off 2019 with Albemarle Road Cleanup

albemarle road clean

It’s Go Time!

More than 30 volunteers in Charlotte, North Carolina set out to conquer their first cleanup of 2019. On January 20, the group of volunteers, who prepared to clean despite the cold weather, met on Albemarle Road.

The busy intersection in East Charlotte showed signs of heavy littering. The volunteers walked the mile-long stretch on Albemarle Road. Along the way, they picked up glass, plastic bottles and debris from previous car accidents. In total, they filled up more than 20 bags of trash.

They lightened the neighborhood by removing trash from in between the bushes, the grass, and from the street curbs. The path they walked on Sunday in unity, paved the way for a greener neighborhood.

All of their efforts are in order to beautify the streets of Charlotte while creating a cleaner and safer environment. This volunteer service activity also caught the attention of local residents. Given the high volume of drivers, residents asked the group what they were doing exactly.

Cleaning One Area at a Time

Essentially, the WeLoveU participants were taking the first steps in purifying the world. The WeLoveU Foundation tackles five areas in environmental protection: clean water, oxygen, region, life, and descendants. Each facet is equally important to maintaining a Clean WORLD. In fact, the Clean WORLD Movement is WeLoveU’s worldwide initiative to raise awareness of the importance of environmental protection in the face of climate change.

Volunteers across the board enjoyed participating in this activity. The weather in Charlotte ranging between 40-50 degrees could not deter them from accomplishing what they set out to do. A local TV station also aired the volunteers Sunday afternoon cleanup. Cleaning up the local streets is no trivial deed. A beautiful community is only possible when we make efforts to clean our neighborhoods hand-in-hand. Whether it’s cleaning streets, parks, or public facilities, WeLoveU encourages family and neighbors alike to participate in environmental cleanups.

16 thoughts on “WeLoveU Volunteers Kick-Off 2019 with Albemarle Road Cleanup”

  1. These day, I have heard good news about this organization, weloveu.
    I really want to know why many members in the world practice good deeds all over the world.

  2. I love that WeLoveU does things as special as this! You all make this earth so much better to live in! Great job!

  3. Love to see the efforts made in cleaning up the community. Thank you for sharing love of with all locally and internationally!

  4. This is so amazing! You don’t see many people doing things like this every day. Then to know that its a worldwide movement; even more amazing!

  5. No way! I have seen this WeLoveYou foundation everywhere. This WeLoveYou Foundation must have really amazing people that actually put their time and effort to make the earth beautiful. Awesome job WeLoveYou Foundation.

  6. Great job to the WeLoveU foundation. It’s great to see how the youth get involved in their cities and communities to make the world a better place. Keep up the good work!

  7. Nicolas Basurto

    I love seeing these people do the tremendous work they do for the better of the community. I remember when they came to my neighborhood one time, man did they not clean it so nice! Really we need more people like them, or have more people join the We Love U Foundation. Awesome work guys!

  8. Wow! Its great that there are some willing to clean and take care of our environment. I hope the clean world movement spreads all around the world!!!

  9. Good job! What moves me the most is how happy they are while helping our environment. Most of us do not realize the effects of throwing garbage on the streets. It causes land pollution, which affects human health and causes serious health diseases. It’s nice to see the Intl WeLoveU foundation taking the lead in making the world a better place!

  10. The We love you organization is the best thing that could have happened to this world full of people who don’t take care of earth. I admire all the volunteers who make time among their busy schedules to help the organization with communities duties.

  11. It’s great to see people giving back to the community. The whole world should participate in the WeLoveU’s Clean WORLD movement. It’s amazing that they are improving the quality of our environment! Thumbs up!

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