Dozens of Volunteers Clean Nashua’s Library Walk

library walk new hampshire

In The Heart Of Nashua

Nashua is a city in southern New Hampshire. It’s known for Mine Falls Park, that stretches along the Nashua River. A few minutes away is Library Walk. It’s a trail that leads to a bridge overlooking the Nashua River. It’s a popular area that connects the downtown area to the city’s public library.

Families and residents use the trail to take brisk walks, run, jog, and ride their bikes.On the morning of November 5, 2017, more than a dozen volunteers came to show some TLC to Library Walk. Over the years, broken glass, plastic bottles and trash plagued the trail. It has created a hazardous environment for those who use this trail, especially children.

The Solution  

The members came to help after noticing the community’s growing concern. They contacted the City of Nashua to organize a cleanup with the hope to create a cleaner and safer environment. The volunteers worked together to clear the trail’s pathways from litter. In a few hours, they collected 1,500 lbs. of debris, filling more than thirty trash bags.

John, the Parks and Recreation Associate, joined the event, too. He explained the community will greatly appreciate their community service. Seeing the results, he said he looks forward to work with the WeLoveU Foundation again.The WeLoveU volunteers renewed their commitment to serve their community. They hope to organize similar cleanups like Library Walk. Together, we can make a cleaner world—one volunteer service at a time.

The WeLoveU Foundation conducts environmental cleanups to show concern and support for neighbors. This effort is part of the Clean World Movement initiative. It’s a worldwide effort to raise awareness of the importance of environmental protection in the face of climate change. The organization also carries out blood drives, social welfare projects, disaster relief, and international aid.

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