WeLoveU Volunteers Clean Boston’s Historical Franklin Square Park

franklin square cleanup

The Story

Thirty volunteers from WeLoveU’s Boston Chapter came to beautify Franklin Square Park. The iconic park, located in the South End of Boston, opened in 1849. Many adore and often visit the two-acre park.  For instance, local residents walk their dogs or chat around the fountain during their day. A picturesque scenery of fall, with leaves covering the ground, welcomed them.

In the beginning, the volunteers split into designated sections and started raking leaves. Next, they collected dead branches and garbage that covered the park. Despite the chilly weather, volunteers worked together for about three hours.  

Blackstone & Franklin Neighborhood Association

Little by little, their efforts enhanced the appearance of the park. It caught the attention of those strolling by. One, in particular, was Toni Crothall. She is an At-Large Board Member of the Blackstone and Franklin Neighborhood Association. It’s an association dedicated to the upkeep and improvement of Blackstone and Franklin Squares. The WeLoveU’s volunteer service activity surprised her, to say the least.

“I cannot tell you how much it means to us that you did this this weekend. We love these squares and they are the biggest green spaces in the South End.”

Toni Crothall, Blackstone and Franklin Neighborhood Association At-Large Board Member

The Results

By the afternoon, the volunteers collected 175 bags of leaves and debris. The dead branches, stacked on top of each other, remained by the parks shoulder, for the city to collect. The goal to maintain the park’s beauty and cleanliness was definitely accomplished. The volunteer’s hard work and community support made it all possible.

The International WeLoveU Foundation, Boston Chapter, hopes to continue working with local neighborhoods. This effort is part of the Clean WORLD Movement. The initiative promotes a safe and healthy environment in the face of climate change. It’s a reminder to neighbors of the impact we can have on our environment when we work together.

1 thought on “WeLoveU Volunteers Clean Boston’s Historical Franklin Square Park”

  1. Joanna Ketnouvong

    Looking back at this event, brought a huge smile on my face. I’m so thankful to be a part of such an amazing organization where we can actually make a difference. Even was moved by this event. When we arrived at the park, at first glance it looked like it would take a way bigger team to clean up both parks. But by the end I was so impressed with how much better the park looked. We were able to accomplish our goal at the park because we worked together with a joyful mind.
    That is the exact example that our chairwoman gives us, we can see great results when we put it into practice.😃

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