New England Volunteers Clean Barrett Park

barrett park cleanup

WeLoveU’s First New England Regional Event

On Sunday, November 19, 2017, sixty volunteers gathered in Leominster, Massachusetts for their first-ever regional event. The volunteers met in Barrett Park at 9 a.m. Volunteers who participated came from not only the local Boston area but also from Connecticut and Rhode Island. 

To kick-start the event, they divided into smaller groups throughout the park. Each team was responsible to complete different tasks. Members from the Parks and Recreation Department and staff from Leominster’s Department of Public Works also joined the WeLoveU volunteers. The departments provided materials like trash bags, track pickers, and wood to make wood chips.

Despite the poor weather conditions, the volunteers cleaning Barrett Park finished by the early afternoon.  Supporting one another, they worked together from beginning to end without being discouraged by the circumstances. As a result, they assembled five wheelchair accessible picnic tables and seven hiking trail posts. They used the wood to make wood chips and spread it along the playground equipment and hiking trails. Meanwhile, other volunteers collected debris tucked away in the wooded areas to provide a clearer view of the lake.

Barrett Park is a central area for the community to fish, hike and host sporting events and summer camps. The volunteer’s efforts garnered much appreciation. Especially since the park is a popular spot for residents.

“People are going to come out here year-round and really see the difference that you all made today. Even heavy rains and high winds could not slow you down today,” said Mayor Dean Mazzarella, who joined the volunteers at the cleanup.

Mayor Dean Mazzarella

The International WeLoveU Foundation continues to serve its community by raising awareness about environmental protection in the face of climate change. This cleanup effort highlights one of five initiatives the WeLoveU Foundation practices including disaster reliefblood drives,  social welfare, and international aid. The goal of each activity and volunteer service is to embrace the community with the love and warmth of a mother. By the end of the day, a mother’s love was planted in the Leominster community.

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  1. Barrett Park was an event unforgettable, despite that it was raining so hard that day I had an amazing time with all the volunteers as well who came to join the clean up. It was just a good thing to come together and help the residents in Leominster MA to have a chance and opportunity to enjoy the area. Being Part of the WeLoveU foundation has been nothing but a amazing adventure to be able to do so much to watch another person smile by just lending a hand.

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