We believe in family

Families form the foundation of society. Through our family, we develop our moral compass and learn the values that carry us through life. Our family affects the way we live and the way we love. And how we pass on that love to others, even as we continue to grow our own family.

Rather than reserve the goodness of families to ourselves, WeLoveU wants to unite the whole world as one family through the Then, Now and Forever campaign.

Then, Now and Forever represents the love families experienced then, feel now and will feel forever. Just as we help our immediate family in times of trial, WeLoveU wants to do the same for the global family.

All of WeLoveU’s local volunteer activities serve the greater purpose of raising awareness of the needs of our global family and working to provide them with sustainable environmental solutions, such as water pumps and storage tanks, and financial support for medical expenses and disaster relief.


Campaign Launch

On July 9 at New Jersey Performing Arts Center, WeLoveU hosted a special event under the same title to launch the campaign.

The Then, Now and Forever performance was a play in three acts that depicted the immeasurable love and devotional sacrifice of mothers, as told through the story of one family, using theatrical, dance and musical performances. 

Get Involved

Embrace the whole world as family by supporting WeLoveU and Then, Now and Forever.

Donations will fund the necessary activities to help family members in different countries. Strengthen the global village by caring for others and move the world that much closer to fulfilling WeLoveU’s mission of establishing a healthier and happier society.

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