Planting 30,000 Marsh Grass Plants in Sunset Cove Park

WeLoveU volunteers carrying cartridges of marsh plants.

Marsh Grass Planting in Queen’s Wetland—Sunset Cove Park

Sunset Cove Park in Jamaica Bay, Queens is undergoing a transformation one marsh plug at a time. The urban wetlands received extra attention this weekend when 140 WeLoveU Foundation volunteers planted 30,000 plugs of marsh grass in partnership with the American Littoral Society on Sunday, June 30, 2019.

Planting marsh grass benefits the environment in many ways. It improves the water quality by absorbing pollutants, storm water retention, and adds nutrients to the Bay Area. This part of NYC remained untouched for two decades. However, after Superstorm Sandy slammed the tristate area in 2012, plans to restore Jamaica Bay began. The wetlands restoration project started in 2014 and was completed in June 2019.

Visit by New York State Senator

Before volunteers could start planting marsh plugs, they received a special visit from Senator Joe Addabbo. The Senator’s district includes Sunset Cove Park that’s part of Broad Channel, a neighborhood in the borough of Queens. It is the only inhabited island in Jamaica Bay. Senator Addabbo’s encouraging message was a great way to kick-start the marsh planting activity.

“Jamaica Bay is a jewel to me. Thank you so much for taking care of it. Not many people would be here on a Sunday morning. You could have been anywhere else.”

Senator Joe Addabbo

After the Senator’s visit, Don Ripe from the American Littoral Society explained a few pointers the volunteers should keep in mind. For many, if not all, it was their first time participating in this kind of activity. Corporate volunteers from SMBC and IBM also joined the WeLoveU Foundation.

This is my first time volunteering with this group. I’m enjoying my time here. To the Chairwoman, I would like to say thank you. There is no better satisfaction than helping the community and taking action.

Pepe, IBM Corporate Volunteer

On Your Marks, Get Set, Plant!

Despite the hot weather, volunteers carried the cartridges of marsh from one distance to another. One by one, teams began digging holes deep enough to bury the roots. It involved a lot of ‘elbow grease’ as it’s said, on behalf of the volunteers.

Great Results Brought Forth From Unity

In just three hours, the group of 140 volunteers finished planting 30,000 marsh plugs of grass! Great things can be accomplished when everyone works together having the same goal in mind. Marsh grass planting in Sunset Cove Park is just one example of how the WeLoveU Foundation works to fulfill the Clean WORLD Movement. At the same time, the volunteers’ terrific efforts align to fulfill Global Goals #14 and #15—Life Below Water and Life on Land.

Group photo of WeLoveU Foundation volunteers at Sunset Cove Park
Group photo of WeLoveU Foundation volunteers at Sunset Cove Park

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  1. What an amazing feat for the International WELOVEU Foundation! Thank you so much for saving this planet one heart at a time!

  2. This kind of activity is so important in our changing climate. We really need to replenish natural environments, thank you for the inspiring example!

  3. Jillian LaFond

    Great work WeLoveU Foundation! Small initiatives and unity can produce such great and amazing impacts. Keep up the good work!

  4. Awesome job to the WeLoveU volunteers! I have learned of so many ways I can improve the environment around me through their volunteering works! Something so simple such as marsh grass planting will be able to help the environment so much! The works of WeLoveU organization really allow the phrase “make the world a better place” come into action. Great work WeLoveU foundation!

  5. The variety of volunteer services carried out by WeLoveU is amazing! Even senators are moved and give acknowledgement! Keep up the good work!

      1. Awesome work!!! Really impressive project. I’m so glad to hear corporate volunteers joined in on the action with WeLoveU to make a difference!!

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