WeLoveU’s Worldwide One-Two Blood Drive Movement touched down in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Blood Is Life

At a moment’s notice, you or a loved one could need blood. Whether it be for a medical procedure or an unforeseen accident, blood donations are essential for proper treatment and recovery.

Recognizing the growing need of blood, the WeLoveU Foundation recently launched the 2019 One-Two Worldwide Blood Drive Movement—a movement to create a consistent network of blood donors around the world.

These unique blood drives have now reached more than 50 countries and multiple states in the United States. And on June 23, 2019, the Worldwide Blood Drive reached Utah! The 159th Worldwide Blood Drive that took place in the Salt Lake City Donation Center was in partnership with the American Red Cross.

WeLoveU volunteers got an early start and prepared snacks, beverages and signs to welcome participants and donors to a warm and cheerful atmosphere. The blood drive lasted for six hours and a total of 41 pints of blood were successfully donated. With those donations alone, around 123 lives can be saved!


“Without blood types A, B and O, we can’t save anyone.” This was the Red Cross’ message the WeLoveU volunteers helped convey as well through the blood drive in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

As part of the partnership with the American Red Cross, WeLoveU joined their Missing Types Movement—a campaign created to shed light on the issues surrounding blood shortages. People are encouraged to donate their blood to fill in the missing blood types A, B and O.

“Only 3 out of 100 people give blood in the U.S. However, backed by the active cooperation of WeLoveU, we expect to recruit more blood donors,” said Sherri Van Bibber, Blood Donor Recruitment Department at the American Red Cross.

This blood drive is just one of many that WeLoveU has organized around the world to help assist in the ever-increasing demand for blood. WeLoveU will continue to ensure good health and well-being for all people.

Visit the summary post to learn more about the status of WeLoveU’s blood drives on the East Coast.

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