The Island of Enchantment Joins Worldwide Blood Drive

Nowadays, society faces frequent accidents, diseases, and natural disasters, which affects the lives of countless people. However, a big problem we face, though not commonly thought of, is blood shortages. Every year, the need for blood transfusion increases.

That’s one of the reasons why the WeLoveU Foundation was motivated to launch the 2019 One-Two Worldwide Blood Drive Movement to establish a network of volunteers to readily donate blood. From the campaign launch date, June 14, until the end of August, blood drives swept the globe. And on Sunday, July 28, 2019, WeLoveU’s Blood Drive Movement began in Puerto Rico!

Puerto Rico confronts blood shortages on a daily basis. To meet the needs of patients dealing with illnesses and other circumstances, Puerto Rico hospitals and clinics require at least 550 pints of blood. Therefore, to help maintain the blood supply, the WeLoveU volunteers participated in this global movement. 

Getting an early start, more than 80 donors arrived at the Mutual Services Blood Bank with great enthusiasm. While the institution’s staff made preparations, the members decorated the space; creating a cozy and warm atmosphere.

One by one, volunteers filled the donation beds and donated life-saving blood. Thanks to the efforts of the donors, around 83 pints of blood, equivalent to 249 lives were collected. The members of the International WeLoveU Foundation aspire to continue sharing love through dedicated volunteer services to unite the global village and save lives of those in despair. 

>> Read about WeLoveU’s blood drive results along the East Coast and Caribbean and around the world!


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