WeLoveU Volunteers Help a Hampton Resident with Yardwork

Volunteers painting Ms. Monroe's white-picket fence

The Intl. WeLoveU Foundation heard about a Hampton, Virginia resident in need of some help with yardwork. Ms. Celestine Monroe, a 92-year old resident, has lived in her Hampton home for the past 47 years. Due to some difficulties, Ms. Monroe has been unable to take care of her yard. To assist her around her property, 40 WeLoveU volunteers came ready to help on Sunday, May 26, 2019. When they first arrived, Ms. Monroe was shocked to see so many volunteers. “Forty-seven years I lived here and it’s the worse it’s looked,” said Ms. Monroe.

With a sense of urgency to help Ms. Monroe, volunteers began working right away. A few started painting the fence, cleaning out the gutters and power washing the house. Still others began refurbishing her swing, pulling up weeds, and bundling dead branches from the back yard.

These cleanup efforts grabbed the attention of neighbors on the block and drivers. As Ms. Monroe was monitoring the work, she said, “I am so grateful, I love it! [I] love it that there are so many people, young people that care about the elderly in Hampton. This is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.”

The Hampton Community Coming Together

Hampton Mayor Donnie Tuck heard about this cleanup and stopped by. He shared many words of encouragement and thanks to the WeLoveU volunteers. Likewise, Ms. Spragen, City Development for Hampton representative, who also helped coordinate this group effort arrived as well.

She was moved to see WeLoveU’s enthusiasm to assist Ms. Monroe. The WeLoveU Foundation finds it very important to help its neighbors, especially to those who have devoted their lives to building today’s society through their hard work like Ms. Monroe. She reiterated numerous times how amazing it is to see people from all backgrounds express their love for the community through actions.

“When I turned the corner, actually it was breathtaking, overwhelming, jaw dropping, all of that. And I think it is a wonderful thing and hope you continue to do good work. Thank you all so much. The hardest thing to do is the right thing, so please continue to do the right thing.”

Ms. Spragen, Hampton City Development

7 thoughts on “WeLoveU Volunteers Help a Hampton Resident with Yardwork”

  1. This is awesome and is such a unique way to serve the community. I can’t wait to see what WeLoveU does next!

  2. Aww, this is so sweet! I’m so glad she was happy and was comforted through this event 🙂 it must have been tough for her, good job everyone!

  3. Oscar A Guzman

    This is another great example of what young people can do when they come together to help those in need. Great job WeLoveU Foundation.

  4. Janet Rodriguez

    When I see this it brings tears to my eyes, i live in the Bronx and in the area I live in is very crowded and people are just rushing all the time. It is nice to see the volunteers of the “We Love You Foundation” taking the time to make a difference. It must have taken the whole morning but the results of their efforts are so immensely appreciated by Celestine Monroe. Now when she looks out her window she will remember the compassion she received by the volunteers of the “We Love You Foundation”. Im certain it touched her heart deeply to see her yard look new again and must bring a smile to her face. One morning these volunteers took to make a difference and acknowledge the elderly need to be cared for and the elderly matter. Thank you We Love You Foundation, I love you.

  5. Great job WeLoveU Foundation! Elderly people have a much harder time to do things because of their advanced again. But to volunteer to help can truly make them feel very grateful!

  6. Victor Averos

    The family that received the help from the young WeLoveU members look so happy to be given a hand. Its inspiring to see young people do good deeds for the elderly.

  7. This is so touching. It’s nice to see young people out doing this. And it really sends a message to other young people in this country—to not forget about the elderly in their society. Love this event. Good work!

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