State Rep Jared Solomon Joins WeLoveU Castor Avenue Cleanup

State Rep Jared Solomon takes group photo with WeLoveU volunteers

Working Together for A Cleaner World

The International WeLoveU Foundation celebrated Father’s Day with a spin! On Sunday, June 16, 2019, Castor Avenue was abuzz with more than fifty volunteers. The group met to clean Castor Avenue in partnership with State Representative Jared Solomon. The 202nd district where Castor Avenue is located is one of the busiest streets. This collective effort is part of WeLoveU’s Clean WORLD Movement, an environmental protection effort.

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“Every single day we make a decision about what our community looks like.” He continued, “If we’re going to be engaged or not, and every time we need to make a decision to pick up a piece of trash. We say ‘yes’ to our community. ‘Yes’ to a new day and our neighborhoods. Thank you so much. I love the relationship with WeLoveU.”

State Representative Jared Solomon

For some volunteers, this was their second time cleaning this area. Last fall, volunteers joined forces with the Oxford Circle neighborhood to fulfill the city’s goal of zero litter. Altogether, they collected 50 bags along Summerdale Avenue—parallel to Castor Avenue.

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Starting around 11 a.m., the volunteers and Representative Solomon walked down the street with trash bags in hand. They picked up whatever they could on their path like plastic bottles, wrappers and litter obstructing the storm drains. In total, they filled 30 bags of trash. Throughout the course of the event, those residing on Castor Avenue took notice. While some waved from a distance, others stepped out of their homes to talk to the volunteers.

The WeLoveU Foundation volunteers have completed numerous cleanups throughout the City of Brotherly Love alongside Rep. Solomon. WeLoveU is happy to honor their continued relationship with him and look ahead to more opportunities to meet the needs of the city. At the Pennsylvania State Capitol where WeLoveU received a Certificate of Recognition, Solomon said, “You cannot rebuild, revitalize a community without strong partners.”

Working together to make the global village a better place is what the WeLoveU Foundation aspires to accomplish. In fact, one of the 17 Global Goals is Partnership for the Goals, which WeLoveU encourages everyone from government agencies to companies, and from institutions to individuals to put into practice to transform our world.

15 thoughts on “State Rep Jared Solomon Joins WeLoveU Castor Avenue Cleanup”

  1. I totally agree with representative Solomon “yes” to a new day for our community! That’s what the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation is doing all the time when they volunteer their efforts to supporting our community. This organization has set a great example for others. They collected 30 bags of trash, that’s a lot. It never seems like there’s much trash since it’s scattered along the community but when we come together we can make our community a clean & safe environment for our community.

  2. It’s very inspiring and refreshing to see such a united group carrying out the clean world movement. It gives us hope for a brighter and happier future. Thank You, WeLoveU!

  3. WeLoveU Foundation is so amazing! These volunteers take the lead in making this world a better place from cleaning up the environment to sacrificing and helping people in times of disasters.

    It’s all possible because of the beautiful hearts and minds of the volunteers who sacrifice and dedicate their time with the mindset of a mother.

    Fantastic job everyone!!! I’m so thankful to see the work you did in Philadelphia and look forward to see you continue your efforts all throughout the world!!!

  4. It is really so inspiring to see the WeLoveU Foundation make a great impact on the community. Making the world a better place one neighborhood at a time. Keep up the excellent work!

  5. It is really so inspiring to see the WeLoveU Foundation make a great impact on the community. Making the world a better place one neighborhood at a time. Keep up the excellent work!

  6. Michelle Quashie

    I am very thankful for the WeLoveU foundation and all of their effectiveness of ensuring a clean community for families. Thank you!!!

  7. Travis Williamson

    The WeLoveU Foundation is making such a great impact on Philadelphia. They are always vibrant and eager to help better the lives of others. It’s amazing that State Representative Jared Solomon joined hands with WeLoveU and cleaned Castor Ave. Even locals who see their efforts are beginning to acknowledge the work they’ve done and try to maintain the area by keeping the streets clean. Truly impactful and noteworthy!
    Great Job WeLoveU!

  8. It’s quite inspiring to see these young volunteers sacrifice their time and energy to take care of their community. Also Rep. Solomon made a good point that it is about decision making. Though it seems small, but I believe their efforts will make a great impact inspiring many others. Thank you and great job!

  9. Congrats to all the WeLoveU volunteers on a successful event in the city of brotherly love.

    Special thanks goes Rep. Jarad Solomon for supporting the efforts of WeLoveU.
    We are very happy to see these good works being done one after another, contributing to the overall goal of peace to all communities worldwide. We thank you for spreading a warm heart of a Mother to the Philladelphia.

  10. The WeLoveU foundation is really making a difference in bettering the community. It’s nice to see they are working with the State Rep Jared Solomon.

  11. I’m so happy about Rep. Jared Solomon’s relationship with the WeLoveU Foundation. From my interactions with him, I can tell he is really sincere in his desire to help the community. Congrats on the continually growing relationship between himself and the Foundation!

  12. Janet Rodriguez

    I commend all the volunteers who participated, they seem so joyful to help the community in Pennsylvania! It is a positive feeling to see a clean environment and make people feel tranquility. When the environment is full of waste, people continue to add to it, if it is clean they may not feel it is acceptable to throw garbage on the floor. The We Love You and its volunteer have given the community a gift. The first step I hope everyone in the community continue to take steps to help each other to make this world a better place! It is a first step in the right direction : )

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