Clean World Day Hits the Streets of Leesburg

WeLoveU volunteers join Clean World Day in Florida.

On May 21, 2017, about 140 volunteers from the International WeLoveU Foundation hit the streets in Leesburg, Florida for a special cause—Clean World Day. It’s an annual event based on the organization’s Clean World Movement. The goal is to embrace all corners of the world with the heart of a mother through volunteer service.

The Clean World Movement is five campaigns wrapped into one. The acronym “WORLD” stands for Water, Oxygen, Region, Life, and Descendants. Through this, WeLoveU aims to provide and maintain a clean and safe environment for all people. To raise awareness, the volunteers around the world annually host Clean World Day—apart from their other environmental projects.

All Hands On Deck!

The WeLoveU volunteers streamed from multiple cities across Florida including Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, and Orlando. For the city of Leesburg, this was not just an ordinary community service, but rather a large-scale street cleanup. They primarily focused on cleaning city streets and highway intersections.

Over time, litterbugs toss garbage from their vehicles while driving. Consequently, trash continuously piles up and the environment takes a hit. To resolve the situation, the WeLoveU Foundation stepped up to the plate.

Volunteers came prepared with gloves, trash pickers, and trash bags to tackle the project. Also, let’s not forget they brought their smiles, too! Despite the hot weather, they worked with their whole heart even heralding passerby’s with their signature “we love you!” chant. All together, they collected more than 3,300 gallons of trash from the city’s roadways.

Love Through Volunteerism

The WeLoveU Foundation also takes part in other initiatives besides the Clean WORLD Movement. Every country and region has different needs from one another. That’s why the WeLoveU Foundation shares love with its neighbors through various types of volunteer service. The organization carries out activities centering on blood drives, disaster relief efforts, social welfare, and international aid.

WeLoveU volunteers join Clean World Day in Florida.

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