Durham Welcomes WeLoveU Volunteers for Cleanup


On Sunday, June 25, 2017, thirty volunteers cleaned a half-mile stretch from Railroad Avenue to Elizabeth Street in Durham, NC. It’s a city known for its booming technological companies and institutions. This time around, the group focused on Durham’s suburbs.

It’s Cleaning Time!

Early in the morning, volunteers gathered at Railroad Avenue ready to get to work. They brought their gloves and garbage bags ready to take on the day. Residents, who live on the streets the group was cleaning, came outside. They watched them as they picked up trash from sidewalks, bushes, and corners.

One neighbor said, “I just moved to the area and I noticed it is very dirty. I am glad to see someone out here working to clean this area.” In a few hours, the pile of trash bags accumulated into bigger piles. The volunteers collected thousands of pounds of debris. This included old tires, metal scraps, and recyclables pulled from the roads. For only cleaning a half-mile stretch, it was shocking to see how much trash there was.

The members felt happy to help their community in a way all can enjoy. “I started to feel more appreciative of the world that I live in. After joining this event, I realized when you do something for the community, it helps yourself and others around you,” said Andrew, a Durham resident. Also, a clean environment links to a community’s happiness and well-being. Not to mention, these activities protect animals, birds, and plants in the ecosystem from harm, too.

The Big Picture

This event falls under WeLoveU’s Clean World Movement initiative. It’s a worldwide effort to raise awareness of the importance of environmental protection. Especially in a time when we are in the face of climate change. The WeLoveU Foundation focuses on various activities. Starting with disaster relief, blood drives, social welfare, international aid and environmental protection. The bigger picture behind each activity is to embrace the world with the love and warmth of a mother.

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