WeLoveU Volunteers Tackle Philadelphia’s Litter on Summerdale Avenue

summerdale avenue cleanup

Philly’s Efforts for a Cleaner City

Philadelphia—the city of brotherly love—launched a Zero Waste campaign to study the litter patterns and conditions of the city’s streets, vacant lots, transit stations, and other areas to name a few.

The city published an interactive litter index map online to illustrate neighborhood litter ratings throughout the city. In particular, the Oxford Circle section scored a litter index of four; the survey rating scale measures from one (cleanest) to four (most littered). In order to resolve this, a large cleanup effort is required or the use of heavy machinery to remove debris.

Tackling Litter Together

To help the city fulfill their goal of zero litter, 60 WeLoveU volunteers joined forces to clean the Oxford Circle neighborhood on Sunday, October 14, 2018. Specifically, they planned to clean a two-mile stretch along Summerdale Avenue.

This isn’t the first time volunteers have cleaned Philadelphia either. Recently, volunteers carried out cleanup revitalizing the Tarken Park & Recreation Center and planting wildflowers for cleaner air. These activities were also carried out alongside Pennsylvania State Representative Jared Solomon who supports WeLoveU’s initiatives.

On Sunday morning, volunteers came ready with their brooms, shovels, and trash bags to tackle the task. Their goal was to restore the neighborhood streets by removing all the litter and trash. By doing so, the residents can enjoy a clean and safe area. During today’s efforts, the WeLoveU volunteers filled 50 trash bags with litter, metal, glass, and other debris from the streets and sidewalks.

Community Support & WeLoveU’s Resolution

Dozens of neighbors came out of their homes to show their appreciation and thank the volunteers. Seeing the teams of WeLoveU volunteers in their signature blue shirts, commuters stopped their cars as they drove by to thank them for their hard work and care.

The WeLoveU Foundation will continue its efforts in Philadelphia to provide a safer and more sustainable environment. By working together with community leaders, WeLoveU hopes to encourage all people of the global village to make united efforts to achieve and maintain a clean environment.

The revitalization efforts are part of a global campaign called the Clean World Movement. WeLoveU launched this initiative and is seen in more than 500 regions worldwide.

Learn more about the Clean WORLD Movement.

WeLoveU carries out Summerdale Avenue cleanup

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  1. I hope there is another clean-up so I can participate. After recently moving to Pennsylvania, I noticed there is a lot of litter in Philadelphia and a big problem which needs to be addressed. I’m really happy to see people willing to do something about it.

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