More Than 150 WeLoveU Volunteers Clean Wolf Creek

ridgefield wolf creek beautification

Ridgefield’s Wolf Creek

On October 22, 2017, more than 150 volunteers from WeLoveU’s New Jersey Chapter came together for a great cause—a cleanup! They joined forces with the Borough of Ridgefield’s Department of Public Works to clean Wolf Creek. The creek cuts through many neighbor’s backyards. The borough asked for WeLoveU’s help to clean the one-mile stretch of the creek; it has remained unattended for several years.

This cleanup highlights WeLoveU’s Clean WORLD Movement initiative. The movement raises awareness of environmental protection in the face of climate change worldwide.

The volunteers assembled on Veterans Park Field near the creek’s entrance at 8 a.m. Despite the early start, coffee and snacks, prepared by the DPW Community Coordinator, awaited them. Afterward, everyone divided into teams to distribute the supplies for the event. These included gloves, trash pickers, trash bags, and rakes. The borough supplied all the tools necessary to carry out the activity safely.

The volunteers, whom a majority reside from the North Jersey region, pruned trees first. They also collected litter, which affects the ecosystem. They formed assembly lines in their locations along the creek to remove larger items.

In a few hours, the volunteers collected three tons of dead branches, weeds, and debris such as rusty pipes, desks, and chairs submerged in the creek. This brightened up the scenery and promoted quality of life for the animals who dwell in the creek as well.

The Community Supports WeLoveU

Councilman James Kontolios who grew up playing around Wolf Creek also joined the volunteers.

“To the Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah, you command a lot of respect; people follow your message, your movement and the foundation you created. Thank you very much. Your initiative in New Jersey is helping this part of the world. You have a lot of fans, me included,” he said.

Ridgefield Councilman James Kontolios

Michael Sciacovelli, who lived in Ridgefield for about 50 years, commended the efforts of the participants. Mildred Rojas, the Community Coordinator of the DPW, admired the volunteer’s efforts saying:

“I see how passionate you are in everything you do. When you start something you won’t leave it alone until you finish and you showed us that today.”

WeLoveU volunteers clean Wolf Creek in Ridgefield, NJ.

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