WeLoveU Volunteers Kick-Off First Cleanup at Tarken Recreation Center

State Rep Solomon takes group photo with WeLoveU volunteers after a park cleanup.

Pennsylvania State Representative Jared Solomon (front, second from the left)takes a group photo with WeLoveU Foundation volunteers.

On Sunday, November 26, 2017, more than 70 volunteers from the International WeLoveU Foundation united to help revitalize the Tarken Recreation Center in Northeast Philadelphia.

This cleanup is one out of a series of cleanups that WeLoveU plans to carry out at the center and within the City of Philadelphia. Their participation aligns with Philadelphia’s 2035 plan to increase equitable access to open space resources.

The eight-acre center is a community staple with decades of history. It’s a safe-haven for the youth; allowing them to play basketball, tennis, ice hockey and ice skate.

The Power of Unity

Upon arrival, the volunteers split into several groups, each focusing on specific tasks. A group began by removing trash and scraping off chipped paint. Another group worked on painting over the graffiti-covered walls and uprooting weeds. Because of the group’s determination, the Tarken Recreation Center’s transformation unfolded within a few hours.

The WeLoveU Foundation volunteers collected more than 60 bags of trash. Also, the neighborhood’s main attraction, the basketball courts, received new nets and a fresh coat of paint on the hoops.

Visits From Local Families

Nearing the cleanup’s conclusion, families visited the Tarken Recreation Center. Many of them expressed their gratitude to the volunteers for spending their Sunday morning cleaning a center they cherish.

Additionally, a handful explained their previous efforts to create a more welcoming space. Through WeLoveU’s participation and plans to return for additional projects, they feel it is now coming to fruition.

For the duration of the day, visitors learned about WeLoveU’s message of sharing a mother’s love through its initiatives. Not to mention, the center is within State Representative Jared Solomon’s district. He also commended the WeLoveU Foundation and its volunteers for bringing the tender, love and care the center needed.

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