WeLoveU Volunteers Bayonne Cleanup Copes with Climate Change

Bayonne Mayor and Council with WeLoveU volunteers in Bayonne, NJ

On May 22, 2017, the WeLoveU Foundation held a cleanup as a part of the Clean WORLD Movement to cope with climate change. Around 70 volunteers came together to clean the Newark Bay Shoreline that was in need of some attention. Contrary to how some may spend their Sundays, WeLoveU volunteers spent their morning helping their community.

Donning gloves and holding garbage bags, they made their way to the Bayonne shoreline. At first glance, the group couldn’t see much. However, as they were walking along the sand and checked near the water, it was clear all 70 volunteers were needed for the project.

Ready with their rain boots, volunteers waded into the water to clear out planks of wood and car tires that were half hidden in the wet sand. There were also plenty of bottles, bags, cups and other trash to be picked up, and they cleared the area of any unsightly pieces of wood and old logs. Around a bend at the far end of the shore, they picked up buckets, barrels and pallets that had been discarded.

Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis, as well as Council President and Council Member At-Large Sharon Ashe-Nadrowski and Council Member At-Large Juan M. Perez came to show their support. They thanked the seventy WeLoveU Foundation volunteers for using their time doing such meaningful work. They were inspired by the group’s willingness to help, and the joy they had while doing so. They took pictures together with the volunteers and encouraged them to continue setting a good example in the community.

All in all, they collected about 80 garbage bags, at least 6 tires and many other items that were littered along the Bayonne Shoreline. As far as cleanups go, this one was a great success! The WeLoveU Foundation will continue lending a helping hand throughout New Jersey for a cleaner environment.

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