WeLoveU Delivers Beaming Smiles at the 2014 Trauma Mud Run

Westchester Medical Center Trauma Mud Run 2014

The International WeLoveU Foundation answered the call, as seasoned runners and adventurists alike came out this past Sunday, September 14th, for the 4th Annual Evan Lieberman Westchester Medical Center Trauma Mud Run. The 5K race, which was held at the medical center facility, was a fundraiser event for the Joel A. Halpern Regional Trauma and Burn Center.

WeLoveU volunteers and cheerers came ready for the occasion: A race that would be as challenging physically as it would be full of emotions for runners, many of which were running in support of loved ones who passed through the doors of the trauma center. Prior to the beginning of the race, volunteers helped in every way they could, including unloading trucks and joining hands with the event staff to set up food and water stations, as well as with pre-registration for runners before they hit the track.

The race kicked off with the singing of the national anthem, performed by a member of the WeLoveU Foundation. As runners lined up, the cheering squad met them at the starting line, with cheers that were as loud as they were uplifting, to the resounding chants of “WE LOVE U!”

But the cheering didn’t stop at the sound of the first whistle. It echoed many times from the starting line, as there were multiple heats of the race which started every thirty minutes. Both adults as well as children were able to participate in the race, excited for the opportunity to run for a cause they chose and the center, or simply for the challenge of completing the 5k course.

The race itself was filled with various challenges: from running through woods and climbing obstacles, to navigating fire towers and finally plunging through some mud. In the toughest turns of the obstacle course, WeLoveU volunteers were there, with a heart full of love, to deliver non-stop excitement and encouragement to all the runners that passed their way.

“I’m so happy I was able to participate in this event,” said one of the WeLoveU volunteers. “To see the faces of the athletes light up as the passed by, gave me as much inspiration to continue cheering as it gave them to keep on running.”

WeLoveU members were not only on the opposite side of the race, as cheerers or volunteers. Three of WeLoveU’s own volunteers also participated as athletes in the race, each running for a cause of their own. Through their participation, they were able to encourage unity among the other athletes, and helped push runners forward, understanding their struggles from start to end.

As the runners approached the finish line, covered in sweat, mud, and visible exhaustion, they were met without fail by the exciting chants of encouragement from the WeLoveU cheerers. Contestants finished in good spirits, as they were pushed to the end by the love delivered from the WeLoveU Foundation volunteers. Many stopped to take pictures with the cheering squad at the finish line, and also thanked them for their enthusiasm.

A foundation that shares a “mother’s love” with the community; As a Mother extends her arms and lifts up her child, celebrating even the smallest efforts, WeLoveU volunteers made it their goal to deliver love to all the participants and spectators at the trauma mud run from start to finish. Mission accomplished!

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  1. This was truly an amazing and inspiring event. I’m happy that there was a lot of unity with everyone involved. Overall the love and effort of the volunteers and runners alike helped this event come together beautifully. We Love U! We Love U! We Love U!

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