WeLoveU and Tova Community Health Partner for Worldwide Blood Drive

group photo of weloveu volunteers, Dr. Nina Anderson, and City Treasurer Velda Jones-Potter outside the Bear-Glasgow YMCA in Newark, DE

Worldwide Blood Drive Comes to Newark, Delaware

On August 25, 2019, the International WeLoveU Foundation hosted a blood drive in partnership with Tova Community Health, the Blood Bank of Delmarva and the Bear-Glasgow Family YMCA as part of a global initiative to reduce blood shortages. According to the World Health Organization’s stats, non-remunerated blood donors—who donate freely without receiving payment—are proven to donate the healthiest blood. This effort is part of WeLoveU’s 2019 Worldwide One-Two Blood Drive Movement and helps fulfill Sustainable Development Goal #3—Good Health and Well-Being.

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heroes who donated blood show their colorful bandages

Preparation for the Big Day 

To spread awareness about the importance of blood donations and to promote the drive, volunteers tabled at the YMCA, local gyms and Barnes & Nobles for two weeks before the event. Many people signed up for the WeLoveU newsletter and also registered to attend the blood drive. Staff member from the YMCA, where the blood drive was hosted, connected with WeLoveU’s mission to help people, were one of the first donors of the day.

Sharing Love Through Blood Donation ♥

On the day of the drive, volunteers gathered early in the morning to set up the gym. They helped the blood donation center setup and also prepared a children’s area. While parents donated, the children were able to have their faces painted, color, and play games.

More than 70 volunteers participated and all of them successfully donated blood. In total, 70 pints of blood (16 double red cells donations and 54 whole blood donations), which can save up to 210 lives, was collected.

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Dr. Nina Anderson, the Founder and Executive Director of Tova Community Health, spoke at the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation’s 2019 Save the World Global Forum in Seoul, South Korea. Specializing in Sickle Cell Anemia, the worldwide blood drive resonated with her.

“I was very excited about the opportunity provided by the WeLoveU Foundation to share my work about sickle cell, but also the importance of increasing the blood donors in the African American community because less than 1% of our community donates blood and since your mission is also to really try to combat blood shortages it fits right in line with your goals and initiatives.”

Dr. Nina Anderson
weloveu blood drive, tova community health, Dr. Nina Anderson
tova community health, partnership, weloveu foundation, worldwide blood drive

Velda Jones-Potter, the City Treasurer of Wilmington, DE, also commended the efforts of WeLoveU and Dr. Anderson. She explains, “Nina and I both grew up in Wilmington. Wilmington is home for us and both grew up knowing what the needs of the community are and for our own personal experiences developing a commitment to really bringing things to the community that can make their lives better. I am thrilled to support the kind of work that the WeLoveU Foundation does and that Nina does because lives of people in our community are better as a result of it.”

WeLoveU Foundation is excited to continue their work in local communities in the state of Delaware and look forward to upcoming opportunities to share the love of a mother to those in distressed communities.

13 thoughts on “WeLoveU and Tova Community Health Partner for Worldwide Blood Drive”

  1. Estoy muy contento y agradecido. Grasias a We love you foundation. Por darnos la oportunidad de participar en este evento . Una pequeña donación es más de una vida. No puedo esperar para el próximo evento

  2. Amazing job WeLoveU!! It’s always great to see people from all different kinds of nationalities come together for a great purpose. Keep up the great work!

  3. Blood drives are essential to help ensure blood is available for patients and giving blood is also among the most selfless acts of an individual. That’s why I’m really grateful I was able to participate in this event with the WeLoveU Foundation!

  4. The WeLoveU Foundation held an amazing blood drive in the small state of Delaware. Delaware is not known for anything big, but WeLoveU is making Delaware big! The entire presentation of the blood drive, the games, the volunteers, the greeters were all so pleasant and also I was very impressed to see the work they’re doing to accomplish the UN SDGs! Way to go WeLoveU keep up the good work!

  5. WeLoveU, thank you for caring where it matters the most. Shortage of blood donations in Delaware is of no secret, but due to the lack of awareness people have become hesitant to donate blood.

    It’s very inspiring that volunteers from WeLoveU Foundation took time to educate the community about the importance of blood donation and how a single donor plays a significant role for patients with Sickle Cell. One donors donation save 3 life’s, it’s remarkable!!

    I learned a valuable lesson, change can start with only one and WeLoveU Foundation you have undoubtedly become that ONE for people all around the world. Please keep up the good work and soon everyone will see the importance of the work from the Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah and the WeLoveU Foundation and it’s need in the world for a greater good.

  6. So glad to have attended the blood drive! Many people came out in efforts to bring awareness to the lack of blood in our community & the NEED for it. Can’t wait for the next event .

  7. I was taken back to hear less than 1% donate blood in the community. How sad? Articles like this give me hope for a better future because there are people who actually care like the WELOVEYOU foundation ! Thank you for sharing !

  8. I am grateful I had the opportunity to participate in this event. Beautiful display of smiling faces willing to support by donating. Great job and keep up the good work!

    1. I had the opportunity to talk to the some of the members of the We Love You Foundation and some of them told me they traveled from neighboring states to come donate blood at this event! I was so touched by their selfless deed and giving mindset. Thank you We Love You Foundation, and we hope to be able to attend your future community service events.

    2. The WE Love U always supports the community in trying to solve local problems. I cant wait to see what issue they will help with next. The Blood drives the WE LOVE U supports are always a great experience to be a part of.

    3. First time donor, and I’m so happy that me and my family had a chance to participate, it was a great experience; Thank you WeLoveU foundation for making us aware of how important it is to donate blood.
      It didn’t cost us a thing but I was able to save three lives though my donations, so for me this is the most meaningful gift I could give to other people.
      I am truly thankful for this experience and looking forward to many more WeLoveU Foundation events.

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