WeLoveU Volunteers Clean Key Biscayne’s 70-Year-old Beach Park

WeLoveU volunteers clean Virginia Key Beach Park in Florida.

A Historic Beach Welcomes WeLoveU

A barrier island across the Rickenbacker Causeway from Miami is Key Biscayne. It is there where 35 volunteers from the WeLoveU Foundation met on Sunday, July 15, 2018, for a cleanup.

While most people may have just begun their day, WeLoveU volunteers met early in the morning at the Historic Virginia Key Beach Park. Fully supporting WeLoveU’s efforts, the park provided the necessary materials needed for the cleanup. Their goal was to completely remove trash that’s around the park and floating along the shoreline. Volunteers quickly got to work without wasting any time.

“W” Stands for Water

WeLoveU’s partnership with the Historic Virginia Key Beach works toward fulfilling the foundation’s Clean World Movement. It’s a worldwide initiative to provide a clean and safe environment for people across the globe in the face of climate change.

The word “World” is an acronym that stands for Water, Oxygen, Region, Life, and Descendants. Through this cleanup, volunteers focus on cleaning around the beach to improve water quality, enhance ecosystem resilience and ease droughts.

It’s important to encourage these type of activities as it’s all connected to the world’s climate. The Clean World Movement is in place to organize cleanups whether big or small because it impacts not only this generation but also future generations.

This beach cleanup, for instance, seems relatively small compared to the global issue of pollution, but it’s working towards helping the overall condition. Every cleanup counts when it comes to our environment and community.

Closing Remarks

After the event, volunteers began sharing with one another how they felt about the day’s activities. One volunteer mentioned, “I love to participate in events like these because it makes a difference in the environment. Many people don’t realize how much trash piles up until we stop and look at it. I want to inspire others to help not only their communities but the world so it can be restored to its original beauty.”

WeLoveU volunteers yearn to accomplish the foundation’s initiatives and deliver the message which the Chairwoman has set forth which is sharing a mother’s love with all people through volunteerism. To this end, WeLoveU volunteers in Miami aspire to continue helping neighbors and communities to make the world a better place.

17 thoughts on “WeLoveU Volunteers Clean Key Biscayne’s 70-Year-old Beach Park”

  1. Beach cleanups are my favorite! They often receive most of dirt and litter from around the world so it’s just wonderful to see the WeLoveU Foundation not neglecting them. I can’t wait for the next one!

  2. Wow, since when people get together and clean up parks? I have to admit without a shadow of a doubt this organization is truly filled with love, please continue to show this amazing example to the rest of the world, we love U!

  3. Anthony Martinez

    Wow! I never seen people so active to clean. At first I didn’t think they were going to make a big impact, but to my surprise I was very impressed. They did an awesome job! If the world were to come together like this we love you organization, this whole world would be changed. All their hard work was completed and they did it with smiling faces. Thank you so much We Love you Organization for the love and compassion your members put in to this clean. You guy’s are amazing.

  4. Truly an aww inspiring foundation. The love & sacrifice of mothers world wide is far to often over looked. This foundation, through their deeds, are reminding the whole world how the love & sacrifice of mothers is what truly changes the world for better.

  5. There are still people who care about the world and their neighbors by taking care of their community with constant smiles and so much love. We do not see this often and am so happy the We Love U Foundation does this worldwide!!!

  6. This is very inspiring.
    This kind of activity doesn’t only mean community service,for this someone need to give up their day of rest..want to give big applause!

  7. It is impressive to see people work like this to help others and the environment. Seeing this, I would like to do more myself.

  8. This is such an uplifting message! It really brightens my day to see people like the volunteers from the We Love You Foundation,who make such efforts to make a better world for all of us! Thank you to the organization for developing great citizens of the world! Great job!

  9. Wow. It is great to see that there is still a group of people who still cares greatly about the environment. Keep up the good work!

  10. Wow this is so amazing that there are people who care and actually are willing to spare their time to help the community. Great job!! We love You Foundation for setting the example I hope that this generation will do this also.

  11. The We Love You organization is wonderful and inspiring others to change the world. You can see that they really care about the people in the world. Keep up the great work.

  12. It’s beautiful to see many people come together to help the community when they could be enjoying the day themselves. Keep up the amazing deeds you do! The world needs it!

  13. I have been observing the We Love You Organization, and every Volunteer is not afraid to do hard work, or the things normally people would not want to do, and they always work with a smile on their faces.

  14. Do they ever stop smiling? Great example WeLoveU truely shows love by deeds not just words. 👍👍 we need more pleople like them. keep the good work up!

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