WeLoveU volunteers cleaned the McVeigh Recreation Center to make a pleasant and bright environment for their neighbors.

In the Suburbs of Philadelphia

The summer heat couldn’t stop 70 WeLoveU volunteers from traveling to the McVeigh Recreation Center for a cleanup on August 12, 2018. The center hosts after-school activities like arts and crafts, and outdoor activities. WeLoveU volunteers found it important to clean this space because it’s frequently used by children. The day’s agenda included collecting trash and removing graffiti around the building.

Graffiti’s Footprint on Society 

In Philadelphia, the spring and summer season report an influx in graffiti. In 1984, the city’s former mayor established an Anti-Graffiti Network to combat the spread of graffiti. It dampens the city’s reputation when it’s seen on businesses, parks, and schools. Environmentally speaking, graffiti is also toxic and emits fumes into the air, which promotes global warming.

By participating in this cleanup, WeLoveU is improving the center’s safety by removing graffiti and litter. This revitalization project serves to fulfill the organization’s Clean World Movement. It’s an environmental campaign aiming to provide a clean world not only for this generation but future generations.

Volunteers Working Together

Prepared and ready to go, volunteers brought with them shovels, trash bags, and supplies for removing graffiti. To tackle the big work ahead, volunteers split up into teams. One team removed the graffiti along the recreation center’s walls. 

Meanwhile, another team pulled up weeds and picked up the trash surrounding the playground and baseball field. Volunteers collected 35 bags of trash including metal, broken glass, and wrappers. 

The day isn’t complete without meeting the community members whom WeLoveU is directly impacting. Neighbors stepped out of their homes and spoke with some volunteers. They began thanking the volunteers after learning about WeLoveU and the motivation to clean the McVeigh Recreation Center. The volunteers certainly grabbed the attention of drivers with their signature blue shirts.

The WeLoveU Foundation will continue its efforts in Philadelphia to provide and maintain a clean and safe environment, inviting the community to participate in this global movement. Click here to read about other activities WeLoveU volunteers carried out in Philadelphia. 

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