Central Park Revitalization Project Kick-Off

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Local Kick-Starter Project

The Hampton Clean City Commission (HCCC) in Hampton, Virginia is planning to rebuild Central Park along Newmarket Creek Trail on Freeman Drive. To help facilitate this, WeLoveU teamed up with the HCCC to take the first steps into making this a reality.

Central Park has been on the city of Hampton’s radar for a couple of years and was held up by a large amount of trash and low manning to take the job. Then with these volunteers, Hampton could start the next phase of beautifying the park, improving the overall appearance and recreational area for citizens and visitors.

“We were not able to find any local volunteers who wanted to clean this area. Thank you for stepping in.”

Christine Ausink, Hampton Clean City Commission Representative

Sixty volunteers from the International WeLoveU Foundation stepped in to help on Sunday, March 18, 2018.  They kick-started the city’s project to rebuild the park for local residents by removing all of the trash and debris. This volunteer service activity is part of WeLoveU’s Clean World Movement to raise awareness of the importance of environmental protection.

City Councilwoman Moved by Volunteers Efforts

Participants worked together in unity picking up broken glass, bottles, plastics, wood, and metals. They quickly filled 145 bags and gladly gathered more. Even broken old furniture, old linen, tires, and shopping carts, which they used as wheeled trash containers.

Within a few hours, they managed to clean approximately eight acres including areas around the parks trails, creek, and local streets. Meanwhile, the volunteers received a visit of encouragement from the city Councilwoman.

“It almost brings me to tears to see different people come together having unity. Seeing young people want to come and help out the community does away with all the negativity affecting our community.”

Hampton Councilwoman Teresa L.V. Schmidt

More Projects to Come

Members of the community will soon have opportunities to help with the restoration of Central Park, too. Support is needed in carrying out more cleanups in the spacious terrain. WeLoveU’s determination to help the global village has sparked people to become active volunteers who take action to protect the environment. Even smaller projects help neighborhoods, towns, counties, states and over time—countries.

3 thoughts on “Central Park Revitalization Project Kick-Off”

  1. The works that this organization does is so great! I’ve seen them in other states also participating in helping the community. From fundraisers, to cleanups, to entertaining senior citizens. What the weloveu foundation does is amazing and they do a great job following the example of the Chairwoman. Great job everyone!!

  2. So thankful for this organization and all the work that they do. I was able to be part of this cleanup and see how the small efforts of just a few can transform the community. Great job WeLoveU Foundation!

  3. This organization is always so involved in the community and always leaves neighboring communities with a genuine feeling of love. Keep up the good work!

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