The Capital of the World Donates Blood

On Sunday, July 21, 2019, the International WeLoveU Foundation partnered with one of the oldest and largest non-profit transfusion organizations in the United States—Vitalant—for the 2019 Worldwide One-Two Blood Drive Movement. More than 100 WeLoveU volunteers participated in this life-saving movement at the Vanderbilt YMCA in New York City to supply the blood bank with donations to carry out their critical operations and transfusions. 

On June 14—World Blood Donor’s Day—the International WeLoveU Foundation announced the 2019 Worldwide One-Two Blood Drive Movement to address global shortages. Each pint of blood donated, enables us to save up to three lives. About 50 pints of blood were donated saving 150 lives!

Molly Hollister, Community Board Six Chair, attended the 2019 Worldwide Blood Drive Movement in New York, New York and shared, “I’m so happy to be here today. Amazing event, fantastic volunteers. It’s really great to have all these people coming here today to give blood. We do have a shortage here.”

Community Participation For a Great Cause

A resident saw the action taking place in the YMCA and decided to register to donate blood. Living half a block away, she said, “In the time that it takes to watch one TV episode, you can save three lives, which is why I did so today. Seeing you guys has put emphasis on why I should volunteer.”

Statistics show blood is needed every two seconds due to patients suffering from emergencies or those undergoing cancer treatments or surgeries may require blood transfusions. Newborn babies often rely on the generosity and selflessness of blood donors. WeLoveU has been organizing blood drives since 2004 to help reduce the shortages.

Donors play a crucial role in saving lives at a moment’s notice. As a recompense, every participant felt much joy in their decision and action to help others in need. Check out WeLoveU’s 2019 Worldwide One-Two Blood Drive Movement overall results along the East Coast and internationally.

Racky, a Vitalant phlebotomist, thanks everyone who donated, saying, “Thank you for inviting us. It was a great turn out. I just want to thank you for your will to save lives.” 

A WeLoveU volunteer, Geraldine, said, “This is an amazing cause because every donation can save up to three lives. I hope many people can join to help the global village.”

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