Massachusetts Rep. Liz Miranda Presents Intl. WeLoveU Foundation With a Citation

WeLoveU Foundation receives Citation in MA House of Reps

October 16, 2019

BOSTON, MA—State Representative Liz Miranda presents a Citation to the International WeLoveU Foundation (WeLoveU) at the Massachusetts State House of Representatives for their outstanding volunteerism. The WeLoveU Foundation volunteers heart-warming efforts through their environmental campaign—the Clean WORLD Movement—has been seen throughout Massachusetts since 2017. Their actions not only inspire those who’re formally registered volunteers, but also those who aren’t to take action and get involved in their communities.

“The world really needs more love, peace and unity,” said Rep. Miranda. “Thank you for inspiring hundreds and thousands of people across the world to remind us that we need, even in dark times like we are today, that we could still transcend that with love. Thank you for that.”

“The WeLoveU Foundation and its volunteers are keen to remaining true to the core values that it was founded on, which is embracing the world with an untiring love of a mother,” said John Power, spokesman of the International WeLoveU Foundation East Coast Region. “By selflessly working and sincerely connecting with those who we assist, the more energy and strength WeLoveU has to continuously carry out more projects that benefit the community.”

The WeLoveU Foundation has helped clean and maintain safe spaces in Boston’s Back Bay Fens, Blackstone and Franklin Squares three times, Ceylon Park, Commonwealth Avenue Mall, and McConnell Park. Cleanups in Leominster include Barrett Park, Fournier Park, restoring an abandoned trial near Babe Ruth Field and a street cleanup near Leominster City Hall.

Last month, 90 volunteers cleaned Ceylon Park alongside State Rep Liz Miranda and collected over 300 pounds of trash and spread mulch on the playground. The volunteers’ motivation to maintain a clean environment stems from their strong belief of taking care of the global village with the heart of a mother.

WeLoveU has made a firm commitment to improve the quality of life through five initiatives: Blood Drives, Disaster Relief, Social Welfare, Environmental Protection, and International Aid. Its core values revolve around promoting unity and friendship among all people of the global village—beyond nationality, race, religion, and socioeconomic status—through impactful environmental and social welfare initiatives carried out with the heart of a mother. In addition, WeLoveU believes a mother’s love is the key ingredient to inspire change and improve the lives of many throughout the global community


About the International WeLoveU Foundation

The International WeLoveU Foundation is an NGO associated with the United Nations Department of Global Communications. Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah founded WeLoveU as a vehicle to promote unity and friendship among all people of the global village—beyond nationality, race, religion, and socioeconomic status—through impactful volunteerism within the initiatives of blood drives, social welfare, environmental protection, and international aid. WeLoveU has received more than 100 honorary and presidential awards from various countries and governments including the U.S. President’s Call to Service Award for volunteerism and the Green Apple Award for best environmental practice. Today WeLoveU is located in more than 60 countries around the world. For more information, visit weloveuusa.org.