MA State Rep Liz Miranda Joins WeLoveU Ceylon Park Cleanup in Boston

WeLoveU volunteers working together and cleaning Ceylon Park

Tending to Ceylon Park Near Three Public Schools

On Sunday, September 15, 2019, 90 volunteers from the WeLoveU Foundation came together to clean Ceylon Park in Dorchester, Massachusetts. Dorchester is one of the biggest and most diverse neighborhood in Boston and Ceylon Park itself is about four acres big. In addition to volunteers from the local Boston area, others joined from New Hampshire and Maine. The New England region often holds big cleanups together including the Blackstone and Franklin Square Earth Day Cleanup and Barrett Park Cleanup.

Considering Ceylon Park is nestled between three public schools, maintaining the park is pivotal for a healthy and safe environment. The Foundation organized the activity and partnered with the Boston Parks and Recreation Department as a part of WeLoveU’s Clean WORLD Movement.

Litter, trash, stairs, Ceylon Park
shovels, rakes, equipment, tools, cleaning
litter, ceylon park, trash, boston

Working Together with State Rep Liz Miranda

A great number of hands was needed for this project. Overtime, litter piled up throughout the park; leaving it only to invite more trash. Starting at 10 a.m., volunteers were raking leaves, picking up dead branches and litter, pulling up weeds, and spreading fresh mulch on the playground.

State Representative Liz Miranda also joined in WeLoveU’s cleanup efforts. She’s seen raking and picking up trash alongside the volunteers. Regarding her experience, she said, “The world really needs more love, peace and unity. Thank you for inspiring hundreds and thousands of people across the world to remind us that we need, even in dark times like we are today, that we could still transcend that with love. Thank you for that.”

State Rep Liz Miranda, WeLoveU cleanup, Ceylon Park
WeLoveU volunteers with State Rep Liz Miranda cleaning
Volunteers picking up trash. Cl
WeLoveU volunteers rake leaves in Ceylon Park
Sweeping trash in Ceylon Park

The Results and Words From Boston’s Park & Recreation Dept.

By noon, the WeLoveU Foundation volunteers filled about 75 bags of trash! Altogether, it averages to be more than 350 pounds of trash.

Rick Thompson from the Boston Parks and Recreation Department, whose worked with WeLoveU several times in the past said, “I want to give her [WeLoveU Chairwoman, Zahng Gil-jah] a shout out. People like her make people like us well motivated to do more. This is what the world needs now: more unity and more peace among everybody. So, [I] thank her very much for that and thank you all too!”

>> Watch Boston Fox 25 News coverage about WeLoveU’s Ceylon Park cleanup

6 thoughts on “MA State Rep Liz Miranda Joins WeLoveU Ceylon Park Cleanup in Boston”

  1. I love the Clean World Movement that the WeLoveU Foundation Carries out on a global scale! Make me delighted to see such happy groups of people being selfless

  2. This was so awesome! All of the residents came up after to thank us and many signed up looking forward to coming back and making Ceylon Park a staple in Boston.

  3. Awesome day and awesome volunteers. I am so thankful to be able to be part of making a difference in the community through volunteer work. All of the volunteers did an amazing job and it was so nice to have even some of the people of the community helping as well. Looking forward to volunteering again with the We Love You foundation. Amazing organization!!

  4. This was such a rewarding cleanup! This park really needed it, especially for students in the area! So glad I was able to attend 😀 Very awesome to have the State Rep join us!

  5. Seeing how moved others are from our small efforts in making this world a cleaner and brighter place is such great motivation and fuel to want to do more! 🙂

  6. Volunteering and lending a hand together makes every event I am able to participate in very exciting! Just the thought that what I am doing together with everyone is for a clean and safe world for mankind! I was thankful to be able to attend this clean up and seeing everyone take action to help!

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