WeLoveU Volunteers Sweep the Streets in Hempstead


A Clean Community—One Project at a Time.

Hempstead, New York is an active and populated town. It’s common for streets to become cluttered due to the hustle and bustle of commuters. It’s here that volunteers from the International WeLoveU Foundation chose to clean on Sunday, July 23, 2017. The Mayor of the Village of Hempstead joined forces with the group. The goal was to keep the streets clean and polished for local residents.

A clean community brings many benefits. It sends a message to visitors and perspective residents of a well-kept town. It also protects animals, birds and plant life from trash and pollution.

Everybody In!

About fifty volunteers rolled-up their sleeves to embrace the day. They dispersed throughout the neighborhood, beginning with the areas surrounding Village Hall. The volunteers grabbed gloves and used trash pickers and brooms. They started collecting trash found along sidewalks and corners.

In the downtown area, you can see the bus station, that is swarming with many people in their daily commutes. While walking along the road, the townspeople greeted the group. They acknowledged them for their efforts saying, “Thank you for what you’re all doing!”

Those interested in the group’s work approached the WeLoveU tent for more information—even asking if they can join the next local cleanup. The participants’ efforts collected 54 bags of trash. They left the streets cleaner and safer for the residents of the Village of Hempstead to enjoy. Mayor Don Ryan also awarded the WeLoveU Foundation for their dedication and hard work. The members, who take pride in their work, were thankful for the opportunity to help the community.

The mayor said he looks forward to continue working together. This will ensure the village is clean and comfortable for residents and visitors. This event was rewarding and definitely an unforgettable time for all who joined.

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