WeLoveU Partners with Robert Wood Johnson Hospital for Blood Drive

WeLoveU Partners with Robert Wood Johnson Hospital for Blood Drive

The Act of Giving Life

On Sunday, August 4, 2019, WeLoveU’s Worldwide One-Two Blood Drive Movement took place in the South Amboy YMCA in New Jersey in partnership with Robert Wood Johnson Hospital. Nearly two months ago, the International WeLoveU Foundation launched the blood drive movement on World Blood Donor Day. As blood circulates throughout the entire body, the movement has reached more than 50 countries around the world. A chain reaction of blood drives ensued and is now happening in South Amboy, NJ.

Buoyed by Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah’s message at the 2019 Save the World Global Forum that, “blood donation is sharing life,” around 150 volunteers braved the heat to share life by donating blood.

In cooperation with the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, the WeLoveU volunteers walked guests through panels explaining the importance of voluntary non-remunerated blood donation and serious blood shortages. Through the educational panels, guests became enlightened as to why donating blood is one of the most giving actions they can take.

Vice President of Operations Charles Wilson from Robert Wood Johnson attended the blood drive in the South Amboy YCMA.

He spoke to a group of volunteers about his experience and shared saying, “I’ve been to quite a bit of blood drivers over the past couple of years. And I’m not just saying this because I’m here, but this really is one of the most well-organized blood drives I’ve been to. And that’s a fact!” He continued on, “As I was driving up and see this sea of blue, the only that that outshined this sea of blue was the smile on your faces and you’re still wearing them. I’ve learned quite a bit about your organization in the past hour. An organization such as this, everyone should know about!”

The donor’s efforts yielded 93 whole blood units along with 18 units of plasma. In total, these donations can help more than 300 lives!  Not only will many of those in need receive blood transfusions, but dozens of first-time donors are inspired to participate in future blood drives and volunteer service activities. 

Working Together for Global Harmony

Formally associated with the United Nations Department of Global Communications, the WeLoveU Foundation is committed to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals with all people. The Worldwide One-Two Blood Drive Movement in particular focuses on Global Goal #3—Good Health & Well-Being. Hand-in-hand, the WeLoveU Foundation will continue working to ensure healthy living and promote well-being for all. 

To read about WeLoveU’s blood drive results along the East Coast, visit the summary post.

The 23rd New Life Family Walkathon in the United States

The 23rd New Life Family Walkathon in the United States

Giving Hope to 7 Billion People With a Smile and a Loving Heart!

That was the slogan for the relay of walkathons hosted by the International WeLoveU Foundation in Brazil, Peru, the Philippines, South Korea and now here in the United States. The New Life Family Walkathon that Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah has organized annually for the past two decades in Seoul is now taking place in multiple countries around the world. Each one bearing the same purpose in mind: to console those seriously affected by the devastating climate disasters in Mozambique.

Earlier this year, two cyclones—Idai and Kenneth—slammed the country in Southern Africa back to back, leaving it to put itself back together during this humanitarian crisis. It’s reported that subsequent flooding destroyed $1 billion of infrastructure. On top of the country’s fragile framework and people’s lives turned upside down, animals are also suffering as a result of these disasters.

>> What happened in Mozambique?

Saddened by the news of climate disaster, Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah dedicated the 23rd New Life Family Walkathon in the United States to help those in Mozambique. Together, our steps can translate to love, life, and harmony to those undergoing present difficulties.

We Are Here for You, Mozambique!

On the bright morning of Sunday, July 28, 2019, approximately 2,500 participants checked in, ready to walk! Activity booths with interactive and fun games made it easy for everyone to learn about the 17 Global Goals including a WeLoveU original comic about how to implement the SDGs in daily lives. In addition to supporting Mozambique, WeLoveU launched the #AIMfortheGoals campaign to raise awareness about the SDGs that were established to protect our planet.  

Before the opening address, there was time for a couple of performances by the WeLoveU Foundation volunteers. There were two dance pieces: one dedicated to Mozambique and another one fostering camaraderie to take care of our world together. The last performance was the WeLoveU theme song.

A Special Spotlight on Our Speakers

Right when the guest speakers took the stage, everyone was in for a special surprise visit by U.S. Representative for New Jersey’s 10th congressional district—Donald Payne Jr. Given the Congressman’s tight schedule before the August recess, everyone from the President of WeLoveU to the guest speakers and all 2,500 guests were honored to have an opportunity to hear from the U.S. Representative. Not to mention, Liberty State Park in Jersey City where this year’s walkathon was held is included in Congressman Donald Payne Jr.’s district!

The President of the WeLoveU Foundation then took to the podium after Congressman Donald Payne Jr.’s surprise visit. His introductory message reminded all participants of Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah’s message that we are one family living in a big home called ‘Earth.’ 

Therefore, as a global family, we must encourage and serve one another with the heart of a mother. This was the perfect introduction for the Ambassador of Mozambique Carlos Dos Santos followed by UN DGC Representative Felipe Queipo. 

“It’s a sense of joy and appreciation for the kind of solidarity to say, ‘Mozambique and Mozambicans, you are far away, but we are with you. We want to support you; we want to help you.'” – Ambassador Carlos Dos Santos

The next following speakers that the WeLoveU Foundation had a privilege to have speak at the 23rd New Life Family Walkathon was Climate Reality Project Leader Tim Guinee, and Lindsey Prowse from the French-American Chamber of Commerce. The more each speaker presented about the effects of climate change, the importance of an individuals role in tackling it, and so on, the moral of the volunteers were heightened as they anticipated to walk for such a meaningful cause.

One, Two, Three—Let’s Walk!

By the early afternoon, all 2,500 participants comprised of family, friends and local officials met at the starting line. On the count of three, everyone began taking their steps one by one in support of Mozambique.

To stay hydrated all-day long, all who registered received a glass water bottle. A water sponsor provided free water for volunteers to refill their bottles frequently without using plastic bottles. Reducing plastic use is good for us and our planet. In addition, a majority—if not all—carpooled for this event. Having fewer cars on the road means carbon emissions are reduced and our air quality improves.

 It was a pleasant afternoon across from the New York City skyline. Families and friends had opportunities to catch up and talk together while participating in a wonderful cause. Through the volunteers efforts, WeLoveU hopes those in Mozambique can feel refreshed and comforted knowing there are people supporting them from across the globe.


WeLoveU Volunteers in Puerto Rico Take Action and Host Blood Drive

WeLoveU Volunteers in Puerto Rico Take Action and Host Blood Drive

The Island of Enchantment Joins Worldwide Blood Drive

Nowadays, society faces frequent accidents, diseases, and natural disasters, which affects the lives of countless people. However, a big problem we face, though not commonly thought of, is blood shortages. Every year, the need for blood transfusion increases.

That’s one of the reasons why the WeLoveU Foundation was motivated to launch the 2019 One-Two Worldwide Blood Drive Movement to establish a network of volunteers to readily donate blood. From the campaign launch date, June 14, until the end of August, blood drives swept the globe. And on Sunday, July 28, 2019, WeLoveU’s Blood Drive Movement began in Puerto Rico!

Puerto Rico confronts blood shortages on a daily basis. To meet the needs of patients dealing with illnesses and other circumstances, Puerto Rico hospitals and clinics require at least 550 pints of blood. Therefore, to help maintain the blood supply, the WeLoveU volunteers participated in this global movement. 

Getting an early start, more than 80 donors arrived at the Mutual Services Blood Bank with great enthusiasm. While the institution’s staff made preparations, the members decorated the space; creating a cozy and warm atmosphere.

One by one, volunteers filled the donation beds and donated life-saving blood. Thanks to the efforts of the donors, around 83 pints of blood, equivalent to 249 lives were collected. The members of the International WeLoveU Foundation aspire to continue sharing love through dedicated volunteer services to unite the global village and save lives of those in despair. 

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Five States in the Southeast Unite for Worldwide Blood Drive Movement

Five States in the Southeast Unite for Worldwide Blood Drive Movement

WeLoveU’s One-Two Blood Drive Movement Reaches Florida

On July 21, 2019, the International WeLoveU Foundation hosted its 261st Worldwide Blood Drive. The summer blood drive took place at OneBlood’s office located in Lantana, Florida. Donors gathered together from the five most southeastern states in the USA—North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia and Florida.

The Intl. WeLoveU Foundation launched the 2019 Worldwide One-Two Blood Drive Movement on June 14—World Blood Donor’s Day—to raise awareness about the necessity of blood donations and to enlighten people’s perception about donating blood. This movement helps fulfill the Sustainable Development Goal #3—Good Health and Well-Being. 

With donations ongoing from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m., volunteers waited for their turn to donate by playing outdoor games, face painting and even wildlife observation. In total, 168 volunteers offered to donate their blood and contribute to the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation’s global initiative to reduce blood shortages.

Among those who applied to donate, 120 pints of whole blood were collected and 18 platelet donations were completed—the donation of platelets filters the blood donation out into plasma, platelets and red blood cells and takes anywhere from 40-120 minutes to complete.  As a result of this drive, the platelet donations will be used to help patients undergoing chemotherapy, and the whole blood donations offered in a single afternoon will save up to 360 lives in urgent need of blood.

According to the World Health Organization’s statistics, non-remunerated blood donors are proven to donate the healthiest blood; non-remunerated blood donors are those who donate freely without receiving payment. As such, all 168 participants in the weekend blood drive came to the event without any expectation of compensation. Instead, being moved by the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation’s emphasis on delivering motherly love to all mankind, the volunteers chose to give their time to give the gift of life through healthy blood donations.

WeLoveU Volunteers in Virginia Brave the Heat to Save Lives

WeLoveU Volunteers in Virginia Brave the Heat to Save Lives

On July 21, 2019, volunteers from the International WeLoveU Foundation, primarily from Washington D.C., carried out a blood drive at the Inova Blood Donor Services in Annandale, Virginia. The six-hour event attracted over 120 participants who braved the scorching heat to donate blood.

As part of the WeLoveU Foundation’s 2019 Worldwide One-Two Blood Drive Movement, WeLoveU chapters on the East Coast from New York to Miami carried out blood drives on the same day in order to fulfill the Sustainable Development Goals, specifically #3, Good Health and Well-Being.

Every two seconds, someone is in need of blood– from newborn babies to elderly; and about one in seven people admitted to the hospital needs a blood transfusion. The summer months are often slow for blood donation centers but WeLoveU volunteers were out in full force as they excitedly registered to donate blood.

WeLoveU Foundation volunteers educated guests about the importance of blood donation and the other SDGs. Despite the heat index reaching over 100 degrees, there was smiles all around as volunteers waited to be screened for donation.

“I’m so happy because I got to donate for the first time! I was able to save three lives,” volunteer Peta Abdul-Azeez stated after leaving the center.

The staff at the Inova Blood Donor Services were particularly thankful for the event, as a trauma patient from the previous night had emptied the hospital’s blood supply.

The total number of pints donated was eighty– ten more than originally expected. With these eighty pints, many lives will be saved in the coming days. This blood drive is just one of the many ways the WeLoveU Foundation brings awareness and action to the United Nations’ SDGs. Read about WeLoveU’s blood drive summary along the East Coast here.

WeLoveU Volunteers in Philadelphia Roll up Sleeves to Donate Blood

WeLoveU Volunteers in Philadelphia Roll up Sleeves to Donate Blood

Temperatures Rising and so Is the Need for Blood

During the summer months, many blood centers run short all throughout the nation. Many college students, who play a major role in blood donations, are on break and people tend to be much busier with their  planned vacations and outings. Although summer is the optimal time to take a break, the need for blood never takes a break, especially since people are more active during the summer, when there is a greater potential for injuries that result in transfusion.

On Sunday, July 21, 2019, around 80 volunteers from the International WeLoveU Foundation in Philadelphia, PA and local residents shared the love of life by donating their blood. The WeLoveU Foundation partnered with Miller-Keystone Blood Center, which serves 22 local hospitals in the region. This blood drive was a part of a global effort around under WeLoveU’s 2019 One-Two Blood Drive Movement

The WeLoveU volunteers are taking the lead in achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, this time in particular #3: Good Health and Well-Being.

Volunteers arrived as early as 7 a.m. to set-up for the first donor arrival at 10:30 a.m. Upon arriving, donors began a brief medical screening process. Then, each approved donor waited for their turn to to donate their blood. After each donation, donors re-energized by eating snacks and sitting in the recovery station.

From the participant’s efforts, about 50 pints of blood were collected, which can save up to 150 lives! Today’s donation helps the Miller-Keystone Blood Center provide life-saving blood to the hospitals they serve. 

Sharing the Gift of Life ♥

Blood is remarkable. It contains life and it cannot be recreated—it must be donated. Blood drives such as WeLoveU’s 2019 One-Two Worldwide Blood Drive Movement helps communities since the blood is distributed locally. This means the lives of our family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and many others can be saved. In fact, every two seconds, someone in the United States is in need of blood, and more than 40,000 pints of blood is transfused daily. [1]

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WeLoveU Volunteers in New York City Partner with Vitalant for Blood Drive

WeLoveU Volunteers in New York City Partner with Vitalant for Blood Drive

The Capital of the World Donates Blood

On Sunday, July 21, 2019, the International WeLoveU Foundation partnered with one of the oldest and largest non-profit transfusion organizations in the United States—Vitalant—for the 2019 Worldwide One-Two Blood Drive Movement. More than 100 WeLoveU volunteers participated in this life-saving movement at the Vanderbilt YMCA in New York City to supply the blood bank with donations to carry out their critical operations and transfusions. 

On June 14—World Blood Donor’s Day—the International WeLoveU Foundation announced the 2019 Worldwide One-Two Blood Drive Movement to address global shortages. Each pint of blood donated, enables us to save up to three lives. About 50 pints of blood were donated saving 150 lives!

Molly Hollister, Community Board Six Chair, attended the 2019 Worldwide Blood Drive Movement in New York, New York and shared, “I’m so happy to be here today. Amazing event, fantastic volunteers. It’s really great to have all these people coming here today to give blood. We do have a shortage here.”

Community Participation for a Great Cause

A resident saw the action taking place in the YMCA and decided to register to donate blood. Living half a block away, she said, “In the time that it takes to watch one TV episode, you can save three lives, which is why I did so today. Seeing you guys has put emphasis on why I should volunteer.”

Statistics show blood is needed every two seconds due to patients suffering from emergencies or those undergoing cancer treatments or surgeries may require blood transfusions. Newborn babies often rely on the generosity and selflessness of blood donors. WeLoveU has been organizing blood drives  since 2004 to help reduce the shortages.

Donors play a crucial role in saving lives at a moment’s notice. As a recompense, every participant felt much joy in their decision and action to help others in need. Check out WeLoveU’s 2019 Worldwide One-Two Blood Drive Movement overall results along the East Coast and internationally.

Racky, a Vitalant phlebotomist, thanks everyone who donated, saying, “Thank you for inviting us. It was a great turn out. I just want to thank you for your will to save lives.” 

A WeLoveU volunteer, Geraldine, said, “This is an amazing cause because every donation can save up to three lives. I hope many people can join to help the global village.”

WeLoveU Volunteers Revitalize Lancaster Street in Leominster, MA

WeLoveU Volunteers Revitalize Lancaster Street in Leominster, MA

Mayor Dean Mazzarella [center] supporting WeLoveU Foundation volunteers in Leominster.

Volunteers Return to Leominster for Lancaster Street Project

A heat wave sweeping across Massachusetts this past weekend couldn’t stop 70 WeLoveU volunteers from taking on a street cleanup in Leominster. On Sunday, July 21, 2019, the WeLoveU Foundation volunteers worked together to restore an abandoned trail site near McLaughlin Babe Ruth Field. The trail site, commonly known as Lancaster Street, has been vacant for twenty years. This volunteer service activity is in partnership with the Leominster Recreation Department and the Leominster Trail Stewards.

The WeLoveU Foundation displays panels about the Sustainable Development Goals and how the organization’s activities work to help fulfill them.

Due to reports of illegal trash dumping, cleaning Lancaster Street became a high priority on the city’s to-do list. Trash dumping poses many threats to the environment. For starters, piles of trash left on a property can become breeding grounds for mosquitoes. And if trash flows into rivers as a result of storm water runoff, it can impact the fish and other wildlife. The environment isn’t the only thing affected by trash dumping; it also impacts people. Litter is unsightly, but it can also welcome unwarranted activity in neighborhoods.

Strength in Numbers Leads to Great Results

With the goal in mind to restore Lancaster Street, the WeLoveU Foundation volunteers removed litter and dead branches that covered the half-mile road. Halfway through the cleanup, temperatures reached the high nineties. Despite that, exchanges between volunteers like “We can do it!” and “You’re almost there!” resonated throughout Lancaster Street. Together, they moved broken branches to a chipper truck provided by the city. In total, volunteers filled ten bags of trash, including larger items like a broken air conditioner.

According to the Leominster Trail Stewards, volunteers are needed to fulfill Leominster’s match for a grant they received from Massachusetts’s Mass Trail Program. In less than three hours, the WeLoveU Foundation volunteers fulfilled one-third of those required volunteer hours! Judith Sumner from the Leominster Recreation Department said, “They [Leominster Trail Stewards] are amazed at the amount of work you did!”

Mayor Dean Mazzarella Supports WeLoveU Foundation Volunteers

Leominster Mayor Dean Mazzarella stopped by to express his support and thankfulness to the volunteers.  He’s participated in previous WeLoveU cleanups in Leominster since 2017 in Barrett Park, Fournier Park, a street cleanup. and was a guest speaker at the 2018 New Life Family Walkathon in Washington D.C.

“I’ve dealt with a whole lot of groups, and I say this all the time. This group is the friendliest group, and I’d think everybody knew each other their entire life. We’ve done a number of cleanup projects, beautification projects in the city. This is the only event that didn’t get canceled this weekend. They’re doing a beautiful job taking this old roadway that was abandoned and cleaning it up.”

The volunteers’ efforts cleaning Lancaster Street is just one of the ways the WeLoveU Foundation carries out its Clean WORLD Movement. The global campaign raises awareness about the importance of environmental protection in the face of climate change. To see more environmental cleanup efforts from the WeLoveU Foundation, visit the Clean WORLD Movement initiative page.

The Tristate Area Hosts Four Blood Drives During Worldwide Movement

The Tristate Area Hosts Four Blood Drives During Worldwide Movement

The Tristate Area Kick-Starts the Blood Drive Movement

On Sunday, July 7, 2019, the International WeLoveU Foundation hosted 4 blood drives in the tristate area in partnership with Vitalant and the New York Blood Center as part of a global initiative to reduce blood shortages.

Oradell, NJ

East Fishkill, NY

Throughout the day, more than 200 participants registered to donate. Their efforts amounted to donating 163 pints of blood, which saves up to 489 lives! Non-remunerated blood donors—who donate freely without receiving payment—are proven to donate the healthiest blood!

Elmsford, NY

Nanuet, NY

This effort is part of WeLoveU’s 2019 Worldwide One-Two Blood Drive Movement launched on World Blood Donor Day and helps fulfill Sustainable Development Goal #3—Good Health and Well-Being.

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

The volunteers met at each location around 9 a.m. Volunteers in Oradell, NJ prepared vibrant signs promoting the blood drive on Kinderkamack Road, where the site was located. Such great efforts went a long way as residents stopped to donate blood. Despite people’s busy schedules, many spared thirty minutes of their time to save three lives!

Oradell Police Officer Jeff Peters visited the blood donation site where the WeLoveU USA Headquarters is located.

“I’m actually speechless. Until today, I didn’t even know this organization existed. The difference that WeLoveU makes in so many different areas is impressive. I’m very hopeful that the blood donated today makes a big difference in people’s lives who need it, and it’s a terrific feeling to know that you guys are helping.” 

“Blood is indispensable for life. One single pint of blood can save up to three lives,” said John Power, Spokesman of the International WeLoveU Foundation. “Through WeLoveU’s One-Two Blood Drive Movement, we hope to not only educate the public about the alarming demand for blood but enlighten everyone to take action and save lives through donating blood.”  

WeLoveU Foundation Volunteers Join Clean Beaches Week in Connecticut

WeLoveU Foundation Volunteers Join Clean Beaches Week in Connecticut

Volunteers Celebrating Clean Beaches Week in Connecticut

Clean Beaches Week (July 1-7) is dedicated to celebrating our beaches by ensuring they remain clean and safe for the generations to come. Around 130 WeLoveU Foundation volunteers from Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts came together to organize a cleanup at Hammonasset Beach State Park on Sunday, July 7, 2019. This volunteer service is in partnership with the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

Hammonasset Beach State Park is Connecticut’s largest shoreline park spanning over two-miles of beach. With Independence Day just three days’ prior, the volunteers anticipated a lot of trash. That’s because visiting beaches is one of the most popular ways to celebrate the 4th of July. In total, the WeLoveU volunteers collected 50 bags worth of trash!

I want to say thank you to each and every one of you for taking the time to come out here. It’s very rare that we have a group this size, so we are very happy to have you. We are very thrilled that you picked our location to provide a hand.

Bill Mattioli

Hammonasset State Park Supervisor

Hammonasset State Beach Park

In addition to the cleanup, attention-grabbing educational panels were on display. It described different activities the WeLoveU Foundation carries out that align with the Sustainable Development Goals. On top of that, many came to understand the harmful effects litter has on our planet and ways to counter it in their daily lives.

Overall, it was a great way for the community to ask questions and be acquainted with the WeLoveU Foundation. Not to mention, a good opportunity to learn about the Global Goals set in place to transform our planet for good by 2030. 

Through the help of many WeLoveU volunteers, Hammonasset Beach was cleaned and ready to receive the next batch of visitors. Also, for many on the beach, it was their first time learning about the works of the WeLoveU Foundation and its different initiatives including the Clean WORLD Movement, which this cleanup effort falls under. 

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