70 WeLoveU Volunteers Clean Boston’s Back Bay Fens

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Inside the Emerald Necklace

The Back Bay Fens, otherwise known as The Fens, is located in Boston, Massachusetts. The Fens is one of many parks that form the Emerald Necklace: a 1,100-acre parkland extending from Back Bay through Franklin Park in Dorchester. Since its establishment in 1879, the park offers an eclectic mix of community gardens, athletic fields, picnic sites, memorials, and historic structures. To further conserve Back Bay Fens, WeLoveU volunteers participated in a cleanup.

Round Three!

It was here that 70 WeLoveU volunteers came together in Boston for their third regional cleanup on August 26, 2018. Volunteers traveled from New Hampshire, Connecticut, Maine and from the local Boston area.

Beginning early in the morning, the group was joined by the Boston Parks and Recreation Department, whom they’ve partnered with before on other projects. They supported the WeLoveU volunteers and supplied leaf and trash bags, rakes, trash pickers, and shovels.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

The large group divided into four teams to break down the work. One team was responsible for cleaning the benches, another the athletic courts, scoreboard and water gates.

Also, volunteers also stopped by the World War II Memorial, located southwest of the park, and cleaned for an hour. During that time, volunteers picked up dead branches, debris, waste, and raked leaves. By noon, volunteers returned to the meeting area with a total of 75 bags—estimating 750 pounds. During the cleanup, people visiting the park noticed the volunteers and thanked them for keeping the park nice and clean.

“I am a neighbor and I live across the street. I walk these parks every day and just really appreciate you all being out here. This really makes a huge difference. Thank you very much.”

Boston Resident

In addition to cleaning, a WeLoveU information tent was set up near the basketball courts by Jersey Street. Panels depicting how WeLoveU’s activities align with the Sustainable Development Goals were also on display.

While wrapping up the day’s activities, the Boston Parks and Recreation Department expressed their gratitude to the volunteers. In return, the department received an enthusiastic “We love you!” cheer from the volunteers.

Through this cleanup, volunteers hope to continue sharing their care and support for the neighborhood. Their goal of making a difference and promote cleanliness was accomplished through the unity of the volunteers.

WeLoveU volunteers clean Back Bay Fens in Boston, MA

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  1. I’m very thankful to have participated in this clean up with the We Love You Foundation. It was definitely fun! I’m happy that the residents of the area felt this cleanup made a difference and that they felt the love from their neighbors 🙂

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