The Heart of the Community

A countless number of families in Norristown, Pennsylvania turn to the George Washington Carver Center for recreation, education, and as a place for the youth to learn good character. The long-standing community center has been serving the community for about 60 years as it draws near to its anniversary this June.

To ensure it remains as a neighborhood staple for many more years to come, over 50 WeLoveU volunteers banded together on Sunday, March 10, 2019, for a cleanup. This activity differs from previous cleanups as it marks the beginning of a series of volunteer service activities at the community center.

Many Parts Working Together

Since the George Washington Carver Center is dear to the hearts of the residents, WeLoveU volunteers set out to bring it back to life through their efforts. The large group came prepared to tackle the tasks. They came with brooms, shovels, rakes, trash bags, and gallons of paint.

Before starting the multi-step cleanup, the participants split into smaller groups. The first thing on their to-do list was to then remove all signs of trash and litter around the community center. Other groups stepped in to fix a hefty list of things: cleaning and replacing gutters, repainting the front lobby, repairing roof leaks, and replacing ceiling tiles in the bathroom and leading up to the outside pool.

While joyfully working, WeLoveU volunteer’s efforts ran into the late afternoon. In total, they filled 60 bags of trash and leaves, summing up to about 1,700 pounds of trash. WeLoveU happily reported these results to the directors and staff members, who were on site at the time of this cleanup.

India, a director at the George Washington Carver Center said, “People say they want to volunteer, but I [now] see people here who care about this facility and the community!”

Future Projects in Norristown

The WeLoveU volunteers left feeling a sense of accomplishment. However, they’re not done yet, as they plan to return for another big project at the center this summer. This isn’t the group’s first time carrying out a multi-step project in Philadelphia. Last year, WeLoveU volunteers completed a two-stage revitalization project at Tarken Park.

The foundation continues its environmental protection efforts under the Clean WORLD Movement. To date, the movement is carried out in more than 500 regions. To provide a safe and sustainable environment, WeLoveU encourages people across the globe to work together.

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