WeLoveU Hosts Family Health and Wellness Expo in Delaware

family health and wellness expo

The International WeLoveU Foundation East Coast Region hosts Family Health and Wellness Expo in partnership with Councilwoman-at-Large Rysheema Dixon. 

Living a healthy lifestyle begins at home. With the right education and resources, several health issues affecting Americans today can be managed and in some cases, prevented. However, what happens when information isn’t easily accessible? It can stop individuals from making positive health choices, affecting not only themselves, but their family. 

Acting as a bridge, granting people access to proper health resources, WeLoveU stepped in by hosting a Family Health and Wellness Expo on March 24, 2019, at the H. Fletcher Brown Boys and Girls Club. The WeLoveU Foundation worked alongside Councilwoman Dixon, who they met last fall during the Christiana Care Book Drive; she sits on the Health, Aging, and Disabilities Committee in Wilmington. 

The Family Health and Wellness Expo

The Delaware Joint Army and Air Color Guard opened the event by presenting the Presentation of the Colors followed by the National Anthem. After the ceremony, guest speakers came forward, one after another, welcoming guests and highlighting key points about health. Throughout the day, a variety of dance performances entertained the crowd. However, their dances contained an important message to stay active. One performance in particular, “Let’s Move!” is an anti-obesity national campaign created by Michelle Obama to raise a healthier generation of kids.

“I want to thank the WeLoveU Foundation and Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah for partnering with me to hold this event, and to ensure our families and citizens of Wilmington have access to healthy events such as this. We actually did a literacy campaign at Wilmington hospital previously, where they donated over 1,600 books to the pediatric department at Wilmington Hospital. Thank you for coming out this afternoon. Enjoy all the activities that we have for you today, and enjoy this wonderful afternoon as a family, as we share in addressing health issues.”

Councilwoman-at-Large Rysheema Dixon

Hand-in-Hand Learning Together

Nearly 20 health-related organizations attended the expo, offering spinal screenings, blood pressure checks, cooking demonstrations and more. The Family Health and Wellness Expo was open for several hours. This provided visitors with enough time to thoroughly stop by each station. The vendors gladly answered all their questions, even providing free brochures and contact information.

It’s equally important for kids to lead healthy lives as their families. Children also stopped by each station to learn. When they visited each station, they then moved on to the Children’s Play Zone. At the station, kids had their faces painted, received animal balloons, and played interactive games. 

New Castle County officers and Delaware State Troopers stocked their stations with coloring books, stickers, and drawstring bags for the kids. In addition, the officers and local firefighters gave tours of their cruisers and trucks.

Senator Christopher A. Coons extended his sincere congratulations to the WeLoveU Foundation for enhancing the quality of life for people throughout the world and U.S. Although the Senator was unable to attend, a representative came, delivering a letter signed from the Senator. 

“…Today’s Family Health and Wellness Expo serves as a reflection of all the hard work that the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation has put forth this year and years prior. I am truly grateful for the work that the International WeLoveU Foundation has done in continuing to safe guard our communities through volunteerism, community service and health awareness…”

Senator Coon’s letter to the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation

“From the time I got here and I drove up, the volunteers were so welcoming. They helped me get my materials out of the car. It’s just been great to see so many volunteers and people from the community very concerned and engaged in the importance of coming together to have events like this to promote health and wellness in our community—especially here in the city of Wilmington where I was born. I would love to do some type of international or even regional blood drive with your organization.”

Dr. Nina Anderson, Founder of Tova Community Health
A group photo with City of Wilmington Council President and council members, Newark police officers and WeLoveU representatives
Group photo: City of Wilmington Council President, council members, and Newark police officers

30 thoughts on “WeLoveU Hosts Family Health and Wellness Expo in Delaware”

  1. Beatrice Ngigi

    It’s been a few months after my family and I attended the WeLoveU Health Expo in Wilmington, Delaware, however these was such a great event that my family and I were grateful we had the opportunity to attend. We continue to implement what we learned at the Expo in our daily lives, its amazing to see how small changes can make a great difference. We look forward to attending events hosted by WeLoveU in the Future.

  2. This information is so essential but not easily accessible. Thank you WeLoveU for establishing this platform and impacting lives in a powerful way!

  3. This event was so great! I had such a fun time, as did my friends and family. It was so touching to see community members engage with each other and with local officials! Thank you so much to the WeLoveU foundation for all the works you carry out, and for always uniting us as one big family! I look forward to the future events!

  4. This event was so great! I had such a fun time, as did my friends and family. It was so touching to see the community engage with each other and with local officials! Thank you so much to the WeLoveU foundation for all the works you carry out, and for always uniting us as one big family! I look forward to the future events!

  5. Shaundra Harley

    Absolutely amazing event for the WeLoveU Foundation to touch the heart of Wilmington through this Health and Wellness Expo! Really it is something that I have never seen done here in Wilmington in this community. The performances, the tables, the activities, the set up everything was spectacular, warm and welcoming from the beginning to the end. I look forward to future events!

  6. JacqueLine Anne

    I had a beautiful time at this We ❤️ You event. It was an amazing day with family. I can’t wait until the next event.

  7. Wow! What an awesome event. So thankful I was able to bring my family to this health expo. All together we learned a lot about health issues we didn’t know about and services we didn’t even know existed to maintain our health throughout our busy lives. My favorite part was the end when everyone did the “Let’s Move” dance together! So fun 🙂 thank you so much WeLoveU Foundation, for the consistent dedication in the community!

  8. This event was awesome, I had a great time! I felt like all of the volunteers were so happy and shared a lot of love! I hope there is another event like this soon.

  9. WeLoveU is an amazing organization, their work speaks for itself. I cant help but feel excited and encouraged to participate when I read about their events. I look forward to participating in the next event. Thank you Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah for putting together such a great organization.

  10. I heard about this event about a week before it happened and really commend such a great organization for making this happen. Health is so important! Not only was this a free event to attend, but so many vendors were made available to speak with. I hope the WeLoveU Foundation continues to set the example and standards of what so many other communities need. Thank you for hosting!!

  11. Sabrina Miranda

    Wish I could’ve been there! It would have been such an amazing experience! From the writing I can even feel the excitement and the great knowledge and love those who attended received. I’ll be there at the next one!

  12. Amazing feeling I have on that day, make me feel more active also more worryingly about my health,


    I’m never going to forget this beautiful day,
    Hoping soon is another event so I can attend it

    1. This event sounded amazing! I would definitely like to attend one next time. Looking forward to it. We Love You…thanks for all you do!

  13. This Event was Amazing! My Family and Friend’s were able to learn so many new things about the importance of our Health and Community! Thank you so much We Love U for making so much effort to bring our community together for such a Fun Educational Family Day! We can not wait for the Next Event!

  14. Congratulations on such a great event! The turn out and activities look engaging and informative. Keep up the good work. Your efforts and sacrifice for your community will leave a lasting impact on your community.

  15. Wow, this is incredible! I know many people whom I interact on a daily basis that want to be more knowledgeable about their health. They also want to know what to do to in order to maintain that healthy, happy lifestyle and also share that information with their loved ones. This is perfect for that! I really hope this event can take place not only where I live but also all throughout the country. It will make a very big impact and many people can benefit from this wonderful event. Great job!

  16. Brittany Lawson

    Congratulations to the WeLoveU Foundation and the city of Wilmington on a successful event. I had a great time and was glad that I came out. I can’t wait until the next one!

  17. Absolutley one of the best volunteer efforts by We Love U! This event was supported by an onslaught of happy faced volunteers ready to help and guide. All activities and vendor stations were well prepared, highly informative as well as engaging. I learned new health and wellness tips that I couldn’t wait to share with my family. I will definitely be attending the next We Love U event!

  18. To see this, it makes me want to be apart of such events. From reading alone I feel the excitement! Then the testimonies of Doctor Nina, Senator Christopher and Councilwoman Dixon shows that the WeLoveYou foundation truly makes a lot of effort to share the love. I love it! So amazing to hear about events like this, that have so much positivity it’s contagious!

  19. To the We Love You Foundation, thank you so much for putting together this amazing event. I really enjoyed the live performances and all the health information that was available. I look forward to attending more We Love You events/activities in my community.

    1. This event was very fun I’m happy I was able to attend. Thank you WeLoveU Foundation for putting this event together! I hope I can attend the next when it comes

  20. Incredible event! We Love U like always made an incredible event to bring the community together to discuss an issue that many neglect–health!
    Entertainment, knowledge and food all in one place where many came together and see the bigger picture of health! Can’t wait for the next event!

    1. This was such a beautiful event to see such a great organization provide many services across the whole world to all people is true love.the volenteers for we love you are truly amazing and shows care for everyone thank you for all you do we love you

  21. Sheena Williams

    My family and I were so excited for this event and our expectations were exceeded!!! There is nothing like the WeLoveU volunteers they really bring a smile to your face. I have learned so I much on how to keep my family healthy and happy. I can not wait to see what else they have in store. Keep up the good work!!!!!! 🙂

  22. This event was so much fun! My family and I learned a lot and would love to go to the next if they do this again.

  23. Cameron Marzola

    This Foundation really does a great job addressing the issues that matter most in the community! Awesome job!

  24. It was a great event that allowed us to remember the importance of great health. I like how the WeLoveU foundation always brings family’s together and cares for the global community with a Mothers Love.

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