The Situation

What if you were limited by the hours of daylight? This is a reality for about 75% of Haiti’s population. Only about a quarter of people living in Haiti have access to electricity, and even that electricity is inconsistent. Vocational students trying to learn a trade have to put off their studies when the sun goes down. And sometimes, they resort to hazardous means to obtain light.

A Little Light

For students in Haiti who don’t have proper access to electricity, a little light can go a long way. A solar-powered lamp could mean saved expenses on kerosene or batteries. It could mean hours of extra study. It could mean an after-hours side-business to make ends meet. It could mean graduation, and a career. And bright minds with successful careers means a bright future for Haiti.

The #BrightHaiti Project

The International WeLoveU Foundation is working to make this a reality. We’re delivering 3,000 solar-powered lanterns to vocational students in Haiti to give them a means to extend their potential. Because bright minds need bright lights.

Get Involved

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Spread the Light

Help make the #BrightHaiti Project happen by getting more people involved. Spread the word through social media to raise awareness of Haiti’s need for light and be part of the solution.

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PHOTO CREDITS: Breezy Baldwin, Todd Huffman (Flickr).

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